his confidence soon enough

November 04 [Mon], 2013, 13:01
The 749th chapter each step back Xie Wei for originally booked early box, also arranged everything, wanted to face old classmates like to make a good showing, can not think of Denon Le Grand Large Hotel is so suck, only later to twenty minutes, the box was given to others. "I told you, all the boxes are already in use, you can not let me to catch the guests?" The manager said. Denon Le Grand Large Hotel box, unless it is familiar, or general guests book box to keep only until six p.m.. And today is the weekend, more guests, do not take CANADA GOOSE MENS YUKON BOMBER this thing. Today Xie Wei is an six twenty when arrived at the Denon Le Grand Large Hotel, after he is here, just know this Convention hotel. For the hotel a provision that, he felt ridiculous, since the hotel can make booking, would not have such provisions. When they were arguing, Zhu Daidong has come to the lobby. He looked carefully Canada Goose Hybridge Xie Wei for around a few people, Rosa and Wu Guwen are in, they have changed little, Rosa even more beautiful mí people, standing in a few, have stand head and shoulders above others feel. He immediately went past, walking, say gladly: "Rosa, Wu Guwen" "Dai Dong, you?" Xie Wei for seeing Zhu Daidong, overjoyed, Zhu Daidong came, his confidence soon enough, the backbone is found. "Xie Wei struggle, since there is no box, we change a place is, no need to make everybody is not happy." Zhu Chao Xie Wei for Daidong gently waved, smiled and said. Just eat a meal, no need to make such emotional dispute. "The gentleman is sensible, I represent the hotel says one hundred thousand apologies to you." The manager heard Zhu Daidong said may compromise, smiling to say. If not because of a sudden important guests to dinner, the hotel will not do this. "Zhu Daidong, I say you have how still so small? The box was our first set of wrong, now is the Denon Le Grand Large Hotel, why should we make concessions?" Rosa was always be rash and too much in haste, she now South daily when the reporter, the most used to look at this is that's going too far. Thing, since his party rational, of course have to argue. Silence, only people like Zhu Daidong to do such a thing. "My Sister Rosa, we are here to eat, not to fight, take a step as boundless as the sea and sky. Professor Ho's birthday is today, no need to get so many non." Zhu Daidong said with a smile. "I said to Zhu Daidong, graduated eight years, your other skills not long recoil in fear, the personality is more and more strong." Rosa said with a sneer. "Rosa sister, I just tell the truth, if CANADA GOOSE MENS TREMBLANT JACKET today is not the professor's birthday, you again how to make big things, I will not say half not word." Zhu Daidong hey hey laugh, until now has not a little change of Rosa forceful personality, this personality is very suitable as a reporter. "I didn't think you mouth. Also a lot of long, when I was in school, always be your sister, OK?" Rosa says unhappily, although she admits that Zhu Daidong said was very rational, but.
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