but it has a county office director

November 04 [Mon], 2013, 11:44
Xiao Guan night about Liu Min eat a meal together. Don't go to the lotus hotel. He personally drove, carrying on Liu Min. The Tian Gan Xiang Mi Er, not in the township government, in the past three CANADA GOOSE LADIES KENSINGTON CG55 or four years, to a farmer's yard. Although Xiao Guan is very familiar with, the car, the boss came to say hello, very affectionate, Liu Min even saw, Xiao crown in her curls upwards the buttocks touch an. But the boss just in the Xiao crown hand hit, then twist our away. Xiao Guan took Liu Min to a box, the end, go immediately eyes a bright, its unassuming exterior of a farm house, inside the decoration was less Hibiscus Hotel rooms. Carpet, color TV, air conditioning, goods are available in all varieties. Turning the tables, and even a restroom, Liu Min looked at, not by nodded slightly, the boss here seems a lot of thought. , "Liu boss, here is not convenient said post, please forgive me Xiao Guan grinning says, in fact privately, they are not called" book "Zhu and Liu, the general is a big boss and the two boss. , "never mind, I is it right? Must also call you boss Shaw, Liu Min Mimi said with a smile, Xiao from the crown just drove a common brand car down, he knew the meal today, I do not have the intention. , "Xiao Guan smiled and nodded, since Zhu Daidong to lotus county, the county Party committee deputy party" he book "records, seems to have become a decoration, as a county deputy" book "notes. He presided over the daily work, but it has a county office director Hu Zhenhai is responsible for. At the same time, he is also responsible for the organization of the work of the Organization Department of Changfeng Yong Jun, but only to Zhu Daidong, he except when standing in the one hand, with lotus county fast it doesn't matter. Since Liu Min came Canada Goose Trillium Shop to lotus county. Xiao Guan how to cooperate with Liu Min, of Liu Min in the county government practices, Xiao crown is not to regard it as right. Liu Min didn't catch what the essence, also want to challenge Zhu Daidong, is simply the fond dream. As a county magistrate. But the agency heads. How can the human ear, "". The problem of hand, this is not to have a short, to attack Zhu Daidong's strengths? To tell the truth "Xiao crown when Zhu Daidong came here, don't put him in the eye, but in the day he took office, Shaw crown just knew he was wrong, but is completely mistaken Zhu Daidong just to lotus county office cadres at noon, dinner, put Sun Jiangong please out. That is the real lotus county overlord. Lotus county county Party committee, the original book. Qu Youcen and Wang Qiming County, because it is not the good relations with Sun Jiangong, even without a single success. But Zhu Daidong had with Sun Jiangong no relationship, but he is a newcomer to the young man, was able to get Sun Jiangong "at this point, Xiao Guan Zhu Daidong admire. With Zhu Yi than generation. Liu Minke is poor far, Xiao Guan clearly remember, Liu Min took office. Sun Jiangong did not participate in, Liu Min after not just to visit Sun Jiangong. As this is not related to a man. At this point, it was not wise. And Liu Min took office after. Always want to through his bottom seat, and make people have the fear of him, but others Timberland Work Boots which will sell his account? Several times down, Liu Min hit me. But this a
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