Chen busy to go straight to the TV drama space channel

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 12:50

Before the space channel, is a quite spacious open space, the open space around the space Canada Goose Constable Parka, distorted unbearable, apparently Danta strong cast means forcibly build a space stopover point, such a means of handwriting, touches quite remarkable, unusual forces, even if that glacial valley, I am afraid that is not even Chuzhe Deng ability and courage On this piece of open space at the moment, already has a lot of silhouette, all breath does not sit or stand! ! Contingent took the lead through contestants of illusion checkpoints. These shadows mostly respective dispersed and open another guard on the visual, only a handful of people, just get together in twos and threes, but they look to other people's eyes , is filled with the color alert a place like this, no friends, only competitors Xiao Yan suddenly appear naturally attracted the attention of everyone in the open space, the moment a Road Qin Zhao is the eyes of all kinds of feelings of guilt projected on the former over the body. feeling faint metaphor with some malicious eyes these alert the Xiao Yan touches Mianbugaise, the sight slowly swept open space, turned out to also find out Cao Ying, Song Qing two human figure. saw Xiao Yan Cao Ying, SONG Qing-duo, the latter two are also aware of his eyes, the Cao Ying touches slightly hesitated soon lips surface touch so many men around the mind shaken enchanting smile, and that Song Qing, is implied the wrinkled brow. facing two emblem do smile from a distance, but Xiao Yan did not went closer, but moved away some distance to find an open space sat down cross-legged, he does not want to be involved with this duo too close, and he does not understand that they have, if cooperation, and finally it will be sold, and who do not know, all these years of experience Xiao Yan seen such a thing a lot, the natural hearts to be more alert. Moreover, the test of this Dan profession, although clear surface that only go to enter which according to the task requirements to find the number of days the material to treasure, but anyone can know that this second round of tests, to be will is essential, this game, to be millions of people will be to filter out alone this, but it can be seen that the difficulty of this test, Xiao Yan heart clearly second round of tests, the biggest enemy is not the other, it is the presence of competitors, so similar to the cooperation of such a thing, in this case, if not completely by giving trust, or acting alone to be more sensible see such acts Xiao Yan, Song Qing heart heaved a sigh of relief, but the Cao Ying Daimei but could not help the slight tuft, this guy, time and again whisk her face, no matter how good temper will have a little anger . Xiao Yan is naturally not know, sat down cross-legged, his gaze is turning that space not far in front of the channel, that channel before, with an old man dressed in ordinary clothes, old man beneath Works like a whole body bend black black iron-like giant tortoises creeping, while the old man is sitting cross-legged in this giant turtle's back from the old chest at a badge of view, it is clear that he is Danta personnel, but for Dan Tower of when there are so 1st person comes in really few people have heard of Xiao Yan eyes swept over the bulk of the old man of this yi, my heart is a cold, because he actually completely see through this ride The turtle strength of the old man. Old man opened his eyes glanced faint Xiao Yan a, then eyes glanced at the field, task prescriptions Dan sector map and a space rock, drugs alone you must look for herbs, herbs collected only on complete, it would only be able to count smooth passage hurdle. off when space stone crush, then you is will automatically send Dan profession crush space stone, however, is a symbol of you lose eligibility to continue participating, know everything yet? elderly is not unusual for the elderly. right? , will each be careful not to have lost his life, because no one will rescue you, that you should be mentally prepared, Dan will play games, not, nor is it some unusual game here real shopping arena! the voice of the old man, obviously becomes many lengli. which is not a few brushes, how could he remarks is jumped back shortly after the fall of the old man riding a turtle voice that has a surface of the middle-aged man dressed in refining pharmacists robes stood expressionless then went to the former front, something took over, the footsteps of a step, is straight into the slowly rotating space channel, and then quickly disappear but not ... Following the middle-aged man, and after another start the artificial ago, took things stone a deft line into space channel Xiao Yan did not rush to enter, but to sit on the sidelines, listening to the old man riding turtle said that Dan sector is obviously not what is good ground, but consider also normal, this place enough to those - from outstanding refining pharmacists grudge and the mainland in all directions of the brush down, if not dangerous, then, afraid no one will believe a place like this, they let the front of those guys to lead the charge it when lasts nearly a hundred people into space channel, that Cao Ying and Song Qing stood up and took the things from riding a turtle old man there, then it is the line into the channel also turned his head into which Na Yaonv the ferocious stare Xiao inflammation of one, so the latter is quite helpless. shortly after Cao Ying duo enter which Xiao Ting is stood up, Gang Yu space left for not far behind is thrown burst fluctuations, and soon a young figure slowly emerge. figure entering Wan Road, Xiao Yan is if sleep, Pianguo Tou, soon dark Mouzhong, and suddenly swept touch of Senleng the color, because this person is not someone else, is the day in refining pharmacists Fair and Xiao Yan had a conflict, and later sold to his intelligence Mu bone elderly Chen busy at this time, Chen busy, still a white hands holding a two-edged purple Tieshan, looks sell touches extremely the Yes, but at the moment in his chest, but it is more a level badge that badge, seven Zijin stars shining bright shiny Obviously, this guy actually is a seven intermediate goods the master of mixing drugs. Chen busy enter here, moving eyes, swept away under the same pause in the not far in front of Xiao Yan, who, at first slightly Yizheng soon face set off a hint of teasing smile. gently hands purple Tieshan beating the palm, Chen busy to go straight to the TV drama space channel line via Xiao Yan beside footsteps meal, smiled and said softly: A shot is never take your life. if, Xuanming were in respect of non-repeatable a ... Purple Tieshan heavy falls palm Chen idle daylight, Senleng staring at Xiao Yan, after a moment, nodded slowly and said: I caught Otherwise Men North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Clearance, I will let you understand, what is called the living death! busy disappear back into space channel, Xiao Yan smiled, but this smile, a trace of awe-inspiring intention to kill, Chen busy life, his current close set ... hands, that would be too boring, - its shadow slowly disappear .... ~ ~ ~ Monthly passes update to catching some behind aggressive role too, the bucket broken brothers and sisters, worship please monthly support to keep the position we fighting broke! ! ! ! ! ! Everyone reading the updates, trouble moving statue hand click below the [recommended monthly support of]! Come on you a lot Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Outlet! ! !

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