Lianhui require all open Qin Ting

September 12 [Thu], 2013, 16:41
Qin Shou move into the coffin house, looked North Face Gloves Sale around, watch the son does not seem to want to imprison their meaning, feel first ask the sentence: "This is what you like to catch me, I see but rather to ask me like to eat. "" Oh, son No wonder, then, I had no intention to arrest you, but after last night in every city on the continent as a whole family in power all received the command, if you encounter a stranger into the city, going to the cross-examination, If the opposition is always caught up and I also were forced to, had to be invited to this Fuchu son just told, I have sent Imperial, Imperial man as long as I will be one to muddle "That son smiled. Qin Shou hearts of a sudden, he had just sent a notice Imperial, should not stay here, it seems that I need to leave here as soon as possible, the mouth saying north face clearance sale so it is, that son toward agility flash immediately. Have rushed forward to seeing Tong Jia Wei, Qin Shou shadow rippling water, seeing that the son went to the near to behold, the son of a Han dynasty hand side of the pages, a pure gold elephant jīng soul emerges out immediately Qin Life as a back, this meal, Qinshou Li Tong Jia Wei engraved on again surrounded shook his head, ready to forcibly break the Qin Shou But at this moment, I do not know who loudly shouted: "Stop Stop it all step down "That turned out to be the son of his hands Lianhui require all open Qin Ting Tong Jia Wei also somewhat surprised that brawny son looked at, it seems that some turn, but turn to. Qin Shou also surprised a moment, is preparing to cast mine wing sword, there is no surface, but kept running thunder soul force, look at this son gourd sell what medicine "have to step down did not understand what I say do ? "That son seemed anxious. Soon all Tong Jia Wei left the yard, then facing two brawny son North Face Down said: "You have to step down," "This, Mr Chong ordered us to take good care of son, we still leave it." A brawny answer Road. "For half the time of incense can be, so I could not even do something for all Zuobulezhu? My son and I suddenly discovered that this knowledge is very similar to the old one, is likely to be his relatives, I intend to ask about it in detail immediately withdraw "That son looked at two brawny. Two strong men looked at each other, reluctantly left the yard. Just shut the door, and that son raised his hand immediately, Qin Shou see the above clear handwriting wrote with blood, mind is surprised that the palm of a hand had written to kill the men Qin Shou somewhat surprised to see with the son, but the son did not indicate any other, nor speak, nor do other forms of interpretation. Soon, those two brawny back to the hospital again, we see the two men did not move, but also a little strange, and immediately went to that son walked beside. The son saw the look of disappointment, Qin Shou mind is some can not bear this son definitely hiding something, worth mentioning, I'll help you once, anyway, I do not care much looking back two lives constantly asking that the son of the two Han Qin Shou Sharp soul force, moment, two gray sè light flashed. That two fundamentally did not think Qin Han Shou suddenly shot, so there is no time to inspire the soul of the soul crystal beast jīng soul. In addition, Ray wing speed and power of the sword is that they can not compete. Suddenly, two huge heads they rolled away, dead stumble aside. Qin Shou not even assured King refers added two wings of the sword back in the mine, all shè rolled into the inside of the skull. Qin Shou dissipated soul force fluctuations, looking at what this son below. I saw this son, began to be incredible, and then began to get excited, can breathe, the entire chest like bellows floating up and down violently, Qin Shou even think that this son is not sick ah? Finally, it seems that what the son, even thump kneeling on the ground, facing the Qin Shou knock three ring head Qin Shou completely ignorant of this, and this son is five soul soul repair, is not it also the impact of over-soul division fails , into a zombie ah but with words about the man behind the son, Qin Shou finally understood why. "Well if you are on the public to help me at the Shamu revenge, my this life, all is not well under several lifetimes Chores for your drive and will never go back a cent" Qin Shou one, that looks Unlike sick ah, immediately asked: "Shamu revenge? Who is your mother?" "Well male intrinsic capacity, I was the son of Sun Ray grandson forget. childhood saw his mother is killed, his father imprisoned, their Mother of slain enemies away hatred that six year old child ah "That son immediately runny nose, out of Qin Shou know what to do. However, a remark, Qin Shou understand some of what was going on, but there are still a lot of questions. "You say you are the son of Sun Ray? Have you any evidence?" Qin Shou asked. When rì mother died, although I am only six years old but has been sensible, wanted desperately Competing, but I do not know my father in what ways, even directly know in my soul told me, "You can not die, you want for your Mother revenge, is also likely to take revenge for my future from now on, you forget renamed grandson called efforts to improve strength. rely on one person you may be unable to take revenge, I will give you can be trusted to find a person to help you take revenge, as long as Your golden react, then that proves that this person is can help you complete the wish of the people. "" My father finished immediately become much older, and then I really forbear in the enemy's side, pretending Shamu revenge did not understand the way That enemy seems to really believe it, and saw my talent is good, surprising for my practice, until today. "Sun Do not forget to stop sobbing, but with a pair of fiery eyes looked Qin Shou. Qin Shou nodded his head: "I've just about to close to you, you have a golden body reaction, so only the following scene if I am wrong, then that is your enemy three brawny also The emperor Zhuang Longsheng is now placed in the eyes and ears around you, so you will ask me to kill them recognize good with me. "" It is so, my golden childhood with me, will grow up unable to remove the , so in order to have my side, just golden react when I almost completely stunned, but immediately decided to recognize with you, "Sun Qin Shou forget seemed to be waiting for orders. Qin Shou thought, nodded his head: "do anything you have to bite the bullet, to the young mind carries so much hatred." Seems to think of his childhood things, Qin Shou also some sad, "Do not worry, I have promised Master complete this wish, I will make every effort to kill the Zhuang Longsheng's. "" Great, army massacre should be the benefactor of the city as it? "" Be it, coincidental. "" Great, can kill sword five hundred people dead benefactor can definitely help me at this blood feud "Sun loudly seems finally to smile and laugh out laughed till tears filled cheeks. Qinshou Li engraved continue to ask: "What you are sent a third brawny Where?" "That I thought about it, he really is to inform the Imperial City, but Imperial does not know you're looking for, Up to a few people would be sent to interrogate it, we simply lamb "Sun loudly made a gesture of cutting head. Qin Shou shook his head, this kid hold for so long, it will not have any psychopath but really only one way to silence it. "In addition to these three brawny, there is no Zhuang Longsheng eyes and ears?" "It should not, not far from here to the Imperial City, and I was just five soul soul repair it. Did he just leave me here for a house, I would often play with some flowers. Unexpectedly, this turned out slowly developed a lot of people come here to live. That Zhuang Longsheng altogether built a city here, gave me dozens of Tong Jia Wei, let me Manage this city "" In addition, most of the master then told me to stay in the Imperial possessions secret location, where do you know? Maybe we avenge need it. "" I know, just need day mourning soul can open thunder , grace the public will be able to "" Do the old benefactor benefactor, and your father was my master, and I a big deal than you are old, you called me brother Qin bar "," Qin brother "Forget Sun seems to have finally found forward in the direction of life
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