CCSP isn't so powerful as you thought 

June 19 [Sat], 2010, 12:24

Many persons who participated in the Cisco certification exam holding unrealistic expectations usually got a frustrated ending. Many people owned the following expectations before participating in certification exams:

  • CCSP certification is only way to get a job successfully;

  • CCSP certification is my golden key to success;

  • CCSP will bring my dream job to me;

  • CCSP certification is the industry rules of IT industry,

  • CCSP is a gold mine.

Does the certification of CCSP really have such a big function? Maybe such unrealisitic expectations are results from the misunderstanding of certification.

In fact, the certification exams, for example Cisco 642-524, is used to assess candidate's knowledge about a certain software, logical thinking ability as well as ability of problem solving, but almost all the clients and employers want you to have sufficient experience and skills. You know that certification exams can not increase your work experience.

Further more, 642-524 is mainly concerned with technical skills, you can not able to acheive success in the IT industry only by skill. Therefore, if you want to succed in the IT industry, you must master certain skills and know more other knowledge-interpersonal relations, negotiation skills, teamwork spirit, etc.

All in all, you should have a clear idea in your mind and then go for the test, with the sufficent time and resources to complete it. You may get more practical experience from the media, the Internet or even your boss.

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