as if fortune if Qingyun the shield month

January 15 [Tue], 2013, 10:31
Suddenly, Xiao morning face sudden changes, because he found the the Prince wind actually exposed trace of evil offsite smile. Whole person actually almost transparent, through the issue of extremely bright light. The body like cracking a general. Road a criss-cross cracks appear in his body, and as soon fragmentation open to the porcelain! Xiaochen make every effort to retreat. Body into an electro-optic. An incomparable majestic terrible forces in the forest. Broke off. "Boom!" Along with terrible energy crisis. Prince Wind's body cracked open, a large surrounding the ground forest is the impact of lodging! Xiaochen body shrouded in dimly glorious, but it is still hard to resist the inverted out continuous severing several strains of towering trees to fall to the ground. Xiao the morning wiped off the blood of mouth, struggled from the floor and sat up. He relieved smile, a firm intention to kill. To act decisively. He finally exterminate two powerful enemies. Solve the threat of life and death. Glowing cliff above, spreading waves of terrible heat wave, even melt the top of the cliff. Bursts piping hot places magma flowing under! The fire burning from the endless cliff, near the forest areas beast roar constantly. All the beasts began to is in turmoil flee. Spread the fire in the forest fires raging. Exceptionally dazzling night! Xiao morning dragged his injured body. Picked up the the Prince Wind Lost sword, a retreat not far from the rivers of waters, waiting to see a burst of fire sky. Then the river began treatment hurt the body. After half an hour less, thunder and lightning continued. Lowered but still not a drop of rain. Near the original forests have been burned to a large. Xiaochen HUO Di opened her eyes. At this time, he felt a terrible murderous! Shimizu River. A peerless beauty Pina, if fleeting the general ethereal, like FuGuangLveYing. Immortal Pro dust generally elegant, curl Nana came. Like the picture out of the ground fairy. Zhao Lin children! "Xiao Chen did not think Zhao Lin children actually appear at this time, will certainly be a red earth fire to her here. The veil has long been lost. Skin if Ningzhi. The pupil of the eye, if youthful, Joan nose is quite Alice, lips moist, Beichi jade. Royal Ten women Allure pour country color dreamy, breathtaking Yosemite. Just like in that nine days Xuannv befall the mundane. Zhao Lin children the hearts softened hailed first beauty of Kyushu. But xiaochen face Beauty so Fengzi masterpiece. Only reluctantly uttered a sigh, because a Shengsizhizhan is about to begin! Red earth to fire mapping the river banks on both sides of a brightly lit. Zhao Lin children stood quietly. Really is such Roselle clinical world in general, as if fortune if Qingyun the shield month, fluttering Come wind flow back to snow, far and we hope. Jiao if the sun rose Asaka; forced and the police. Sunburn if Furong Lu wave. Xiao morning Shouzhu the sword stood up to. The face of The Royal sieboldii. Calm authentic: "did not expect Royal Highness also entered the longevity industry. Come see this wild island earth homeland, it is a blessing." Zhao Lin children FengHuaJueDai. Curl Nana came. Gestures, filling the elegant and refined state. Qingli Sin Yen hint of sneer, said: "You would prefer to speak. Could I cherish the love of his native. Rather than kill you? Do not forget how we came here land!" Xiaochen clenched his hands to the sword has already done the preparation of the battle, he was helpless smile. Said: "into the longevity industry can be considered a day margin, since ancient times, few can do that? Maybe Royal Highness to eternal life in this world. Then look back at the present this grudge operator. "" eternal life in the world? I can not see I see here Xiongshou haunt. Brutish rampant, the sight of the school of prehistoric times. if banished to a desolate Badlands culprit is you! let me say goodbye to Fairview mountains, to leave a prosperous society. Farewell Fu Huang queen mother! "intended to kill Zhao would indifference staring at Xiao Chen, elegant and above ground face emerged Ralph Lauren Stripe Polo. The forest. Firelight beating. The night as bright as day. Moment high days, thunderous more intense, a channel electro-optic across the sky, to constantly chop dance in the sky. Rolling clouds of fast pressure fell to the ground. Seeing a heavy rain is going to come down. Xiao Chen looked at Zhao Lin children. Seriously authentic: "at the top of the island, the evil beasts rampage infested and full of mystery. Now only two of us and we are all from the human world, Your Highness, opposite you really want life and death? If so I feel very regret, after all, we come from the same to an old haunt, ah, really should not be killing in different places. since it has entered the longevity industry I would like the world to those grievances, can not put down it? everything and start again at the top of this desert island. many places places need to take care of each other. "Zhao Lin the children laughter as silver bells. Clear and melodious Canada Goose Thompson. But intended to kill the attendant opened to diffuse. She sneered: "If there is no earthly grievances. Coexistence continues, but now was impossible. Stay on top of the island, as Yanghuweihuan. Yet you are but because of serious injury in the body before such a perfectionist only. If you are at the moment living in the pinnacle of the state. might well have ruthlessly shot. "Xiao Chen has nothing to say, they are smart people, some things are more than just words, or only significantly redundancy. Royal sieboldii already found not far from the two bodies, she looked xiaochen Road: "you are injured because they now why there will be other people on top of this desert island, who are they?" Evil Wang Dan Zhixuan the descendant! "heard remark, Zhao Lin children instantly absence. Outbreak of the xiaochen body a gorgeous glow. Generally prance into the sky like a dragon, to escape away toward dense Lin Zhongfei. He really can not fight the Zhao Lin children. The Prince wind last Mogong cracked body canada goose parkas 2012, it surging to life vitality caused xiaochen the terrible impact. Although the retreat and defense are still timely. But also that he was seriously wounded. Zhao Lin children moment back to God. The the limbo the wind, like skimming over the surface generally chase it down. She knew that this is a rare opportunity or wait until xiaochen, recovery skill, she probably will not be able to suppress live in each other. "Boom!" After the thunder, heavy rain finally torrential down. The endless water curtain enveloped between heaven and earth. Forest fire quickly extinguished.
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