50 Cent Says Jay-Z's Image Is A Collision

September 26 [Sun], 2010, 10:38

At the MTV awards ceremony held in September, Kanye West, the great rap star, took the microphone from Taylor Swift, a young female singer, and made a moving speech. How to NOT Wear ed hardy : Varied Ways When interviewed by BBC, Jay-Z, also a great rap music star, was asked that, if Kanye West would rush onto the stage and ruin his happy moment if 50 Cent was the award-winner. Salma Hayek’s ed hardy , Take a Look and Make a Comment Jay said, there was no one afraid of 50 Cent, and he himself had the stronge opinion on Kanye would be expelled from the stage.Make an Inventory of the Reasons of the Popularity of ed hardy

Later after this, 50 Cent responded that, the interview made Jay-Z looked like a Punk, and he said that, Jay-Z was "the coolest Punk in the Rap field." After the flattering of these two people, the topic was mentioned by the reporters during the interview by Complex. When asked what he will do if Kanye West stormed on to interupt him in the MTV Awarding, 50 said in certain," He won't do this. Pubilc or Kanye himself cannot be persuaded that he can be guaranteed not do things like this, if he dares to do this to me, I can have a fight with him on the stage. So, if he not losing his mind, I don't think he will do this."

At the same time, 50 expressed his opinion on Jay-Z's public image during the interview. He thought Jay-Z caught a conflict of himself. [His image is actually kind of simple ones, so you can`t have your cake and have it. You can`t be a evil bandit gang leader at one moment and a good man at Opra`s at the next moment. These two cannot be processed at once. If you come from a shanty town, you will have the smell of it around. People feel safe in the environment they are familiar with. That`s why he would make everyone, to whom he talked, believe that he fears no one."