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August 10 [Mon], 2015, 11:59
so I came back to Akita!
actually, I am from Akita and moved to Yokohama because of my university when I was 19.
I always come back here on vacation :)

let me talk about Akita a bit.Akita is a prefecture at the Sea of Japan coast in the northern Tohoku Region. lots of snow in winter,freaking cold....i hate that. anyway, i am from the city which is the famous Akita dog "Hachi" born. (probably you know Hachi's statue at Shibuya station. ) sooooo today's my blogs subject is "dogs".

as you know, dogs are man's best friends.they are so friendly, cute and loving.many people have
dogs as pet. pet boom has heated up year by year in here, and business related pet seems to be rapidly growing.

yesterday,i went to pet shop to buy my dog Tabitha's new collar. at there, they take dogs bath,haircut, and mud pack for dogs. also they have pet hotel for owner who have to go somewhere and nobody take care their dogs.
and look at this picture i took.

these are cakes for dogs!(not for humans)
they sell not only dog foods but also sell these kind of desert/'s really cute,huh ?

as you can see, Japanese people are really likes dogs and that is why pet business is growing.
but there are something i can't understand....clothes for dogs and buggy.

dogs have fur, so if they wear clothes it getting hot and it seems uncomfortable.
and I see dogs which riding buggy like baby often. I can understand if their dogs are old, difficult to walk so take them outside with buggy but nope.they just take care of their dogs like baby.
dogs loves walk, you know?my dog get sooooo excited when i tell her "who wants wanna go walk!" take them outside with buggy are stupid.(in my opinion)

anyway, it would be interesting to go pet shop and see those cute cakes or freaking expensive dogs clothes when you come to Japan.

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