Temple trip! 

2006年01月22日(日) 9時45分

Hi everyone! Or just me since noone really knows I have this...

But I woke up at 4:50 AM this morning and got ready to go to the temple up in Orlando. It was the most exciting things I have ever experienced!

Although I could not take pictures inside, I took plenty outside!

the three cute llittle ladies!

Wahhh its usss! I look really fat in these pictures....gomen! >_<

here is another group picture!

Well since this is the limit for photos i guess i better get going :(

It was a fun fun trip and the girls were just amazing!


and another!!!

targEt, SchooL, Light the NiGht! 

2006年01月21日(土) 11時01分
Well here was my wonderful day at Target, Light the Night, and school!!!

OMFG....hello kitty shoes....for 12 bucks! MAN IF THEY ONLY HAD MY SIZZZEEEE!

This is me and Jesus at the bounce house...he looks very drolly *shrugs* oh well! I still look really dorky and nerdy!

WAHHHH its me and sushi cupcake!!! KAWAIIIII!!!!!!

Its Nozomi, Heather, and Dana! Go sexy girls!

Well thats all for now, but I assure you that there will be a pt 2!!!!

Trip to the thrift store baby! 

2006年01月21日(土) 8時38分
Well about 2 weeks ago I went on a shopping spree...to the THRIFT STORE!

It was flipping awesome...now I am going to share my pictures with ya!

I bought this elepahnt tea cup for 5 bucks O_O hot damn!

old antique monkeys O_O KAWAII!

hankies.....ONE DOLLAR!!!!

Hmmm....that was fun...i still have many many more photos to upload! Here i goooo!

My day with Jenster at walmart 

2006年01月09日(月) 5時17分
Yeah! Me and Jen Glen went to Walmart yesterday! It was ultra fun!

Now I Will show some photos of our...''JOURNEY TO WALMART!"

Why do i look like a monkey holding ramen noodles?!

running down the boys underwear lane is sheer bliss!

shady shades....

and us wannabe japanese :P

THats all for now! bye!

Bowling last night 

2006年01月07日(土) 3時32分

Last night, me and a few of my good friends went...bowling! It was fun and in the end I won yippie! Here are some pictures I took!

this was me before I left to bowling...why s my nose so HUGE?!

this is a picture of our shoesies! cute right? I have on my gold shoes with plaid socksies!

Well thats all for now! Bye

Yippie! I got one! 

2006年01月06日(金) 16時01分
Well...i got a camera two days ago which means...MEGA PICTURES!

Today I went bowling. It was so-so but alright! I want to go to thrift stores~

Serious pose one lol:

Serious pose 2:

(I had to use a self timer and hurry up and jump on the bed! lol it was hilarious!)

Okay Serious pose...3:

I'll do the bowling thing later okie pokie? Bye bye! And this is the first post ever!!!!
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アイコン画像jen glen
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アイコン画像Jen glen
» Bowling last night (2006年01月09日)
アイコン画像Jen glen
» Bowling last night (2006年01月09日)
» My day with Jenster at walmart (2006年01月09日)
アイコン画像Jen glen
» My day with Jenster at walmart (2006年01月09日)
» Bowling last night (2006年01月07日)
アイコン画像jen glen
» Yippie! I got one! (2006年01月06日)
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