tidy up my room^^ 

July 03 [Tue], 2007, 21:42
Today, I wake up at 1:00~ HAHA I am very lazy ne... I cook the lunch myself and it tastes quite good! And I wash the dishes and fold the clothes. HeeHee~ Am I very well-behaved?! But my mother seems not think so, she scolds me not helping her to clean the cups and wash the floor. Poor ne~ I'm not a superwoman I'm quite unhappy that she doesn't praise me for the housework I did. >< After that, I tidy my own bedroom. It's really a hard job 'coz there are so many things The desk is very smelly, I hate the smell very much!! I clean it with the alcohol and water, I hope there will be no bacteria la~ When I finished cleaning the desk and the self above my bed, I am really very happy. My bedroom now is very clean and tidy~ YEAH And then I eat bread and drink lemon tea because I'm very hungry ne... ive took the photos of my bedroom, I think it looks good!

ps. The next task is to tidy up my notes, i hope i can finish tidying them soon la~
pps. I want to ride bicycle ar~ But I want to have cycling with Carmen them more than Sum them...I don't know why
ppps. Today is Clare's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ar!!
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