North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

April 02 [Tue], 2013, 15:27

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, 29, responded, "liquidate"jordan shoes 2011 for sale
the time has come to in the United States, ordered the Strategic Rocket Forces preparing, ready to fight against the United States and its overseas military bases, goals against South Korea and Japan. However, of DPRK "declaration of war" declaration of the 30th, the South Korean government does not seem to take it seriously. This threat is actually not new, just part of a series of provocative threats, "South Korea's Unification Ministry said bilateral economic and trade cooperation projects in Kaesong industrial park operating normally in the morning, the ROK side still allowed to enter the park.South Korean Defense Ministry said North Korea has recently been threatened remarks Korea and undermine the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.South Korean Defense Ministry said the military in the border areas between the two countries did not find the DPRK transaction. The U.S. government made a similar assessment.Most political analysts believe that the DPRK "declaration of war" lip service, not real hands-on, just the Korean peninsula had already fallen into a critical situation, any "miscarriage of justice" may trigger tensions quickly escalated.

Mansfield Foundation Executive Director Fleck long been concerned about the situation in North Korea, agree with the judgment of the South Korean government. DPRK word games in the past few weeks has become the performing arts, "he told Agence France-Presse reporter," They have declared that the Armistice Agreement is invalid, in my opinion, a declaration of war is nothing new. "KCNA site allotted two pictures , showed Kim Jong-un sitting at his desk, seems to review the documents. A picture display 4 the military generals stood around jinzhengen behind. The picture is displayed on the top left side of the house hung a drawing, heading for the United States of 'strategic forces' attack plan. Figure within marked lines, it seems that the missile flight path. Another picture shows Kim Jong-un a person sitting in a desk, the background for a drawing on the wall. Some military analysts speculated, this picture seems marked the route of the track or predict the cheap air jordan 2012 shoes
actions of the U.S. Navy 7th Fleet in the Pacific.
The ROK side apparently carefully studied the picture released by the North Korean media, found the drawings in the picture marked some specific armaments data. The Yonhap reporter noticed, drawings marked 40 submarines, 13 landing craft, six minesweepers and 27 support ships, 1,852 aircraft, some of the data was blocked by military generals figure.

South Korean military officials said, part of these data and the ROK have consistent estimates of North Korea's military power system equipped with, and also differ. The North Korean government, political parties and groups said in a special statement, announced that the inter-Korean relations into the wartime state, to handle all issues between the DPRK and the ROK will be based on the wartime state.The statement said that the inter-Korean relations from this moment into the wartime state to handle all issues between the DPRK and the ROK will be based on the wartime state. "Non-war non-state has ended the Korean Peninsula. In the the Korean Revolutionary Armed Forces into actual jordan shoes for sale
military operations, inter-Korean relations will also be automatically in the wartime state, between the two Koreas, the event of any provocative acts that infringe upon the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK, the DPRK will not do notice immediate "physical The nature of action "to counter it mercilessly.
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