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November 16 [Sat], 2013, 18:02
aims to allow the research community such timberland work boots as scientists and teachers to share knowledge and findings on biological diversity by the model of "citizen science", similar to Wikipedia. Brazil has strong IT infrastructure to do the project, said the Ministry. The project was proposed by Mercadante after he visited earlier this year the forest reserve Adolpho Ducke, an experimental base of research and development on sustainable exploitation.U.S. researchers timberland nellie boots have found an association between three gene variants and migraine, a move that may help scientists better understand the cause of migraine. Inheriting any one of the three gene variants raises risk for severe headaches by 10 to 15 percent, the researchers reported in a study appearing in the June 12 online edition of the journal Nature Genetics. The three genes are TRPM8, LRP1 and PRDM16. The first Cheap UGG Boots UK plays a role in sensitivity to cold and pain, while the second is involved in the transmission of signals between neurons. "While migraine remains incompletely understood and its underlying causes difficult to pin down, identifying these three genetic variants helps shed light on the biological roots for this common and debilitating condition," the study's lead author, Dr. Daniel Chasman, assistant professor UGGs Clearance in the preventive medicine division at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said in a hospital news release. The researchers based their findings on analysis of genetic data from more than 23,000 women, including over 5,000 migraine sufferers. Although the study authors said the findings are encouraging, they noted that more research is needed to better understand exactly how each of these three UGG Outlets genes is associated with migraine. Migraine headache, an abnormality in the response of nerve cells to stimuli, is characterized by recurring severe headaches, which often result in nausea as well as sensitivity to light and sound.Australian researchers on Tuesday said 36 percent of marine turtles are affected by marine rubbish, with soft plastic being the major villain. Scientists from the University UGG Outlet UK of Queensland surveyed turtles washed up in the eastern areas of Brisbane's Moreton Bay over a period of four years. The latest research was released at a launch for the Earthwatch program - "Turtles in Trouble" in Melbourne's Federation Square on Tuesday. Marine scientist Dr. Kathy Townsend, who is part of the project, said the results of the project show the impact marine rubbish has on the death of Cheap UGGs UK turtles is more than 17 times higher than the two percent previously suggested. "Turtles have been found to have eaten most plastic items, but the most common items eaten are soft plastics, such as plastic bags and lolly wrappers, and pieces of hard broken-down plastic," Dr. Townsend told ABC News on Monday.
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