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March 05 [Tue], 2013, 16:20

Wildfires are a feature of the California Summer but it's unusual adidas predator lz trx fg for them to break out so close to major centers of population. It's hot here and getting hotter which is driving the brush making it all the more in cindery, and forecast is such that there has been a speculation it could take firefighters a week to bring this blaze under control. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is pleading with people in the path of the flames to evacuate as soon as they're told to do so. Most of the main opposition parties in Sudan are withdrawing from all the elections this month — the first multi-party elections since 1986. They won't take part because of concerns about fraud and security. On Wednesday, the presidential candidate for the former southern rebels Yassir Arman pulled out. President Obama's Special Envoy General Scott Gration has been in Khartoum trying to save the elections. James Copnall sent this report from Khartoum. Several major opposition cheap soccer cleats 2013 parties have announced they will boycott the Sudanese elections at every level. Earlier today, they told the BBC they would boycott the presidential elections in protest of what they believe will not be free and fair polls. Now several of the parties have decided not to compete in the parliamentary or state elections either. The decision strikes a real blow at the credibility of elections which were meant to hold the democratic transformation in Sudan. In what's been seen as a significant step towards peace in Darfur, the Sudanese government has signed a temporary ceasefire agreement with JAM, one of the main rebel factions. The other main rebel group has so far refused talks with the government. James Copnall reports from Khartoum. The deal is believed to include a temporary ceasefire and a framework agreement for future talks. The Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir said the death sentence against the JAM fighters convicted of attacking Omdurman cheap nike mercurial had been quashed, and 30% of them had been released as a goodwill measure. His act details of the agreement are not yet clear, but the fact has just been signed is a significant step forward in the peace process in Darfur. United Nations estimates that 300,000 people have died in Darfur, but the Sudanese government puts the figure at 10,000. The authorities in Saudi Arabia say they've arrested more than 100 militants suspected of links to Al-Qaeda who were planning to attack oil installation in the kingdom. The Saudi Interior Ministry says half of those attained are Saudis and the others are from Yemen, Bangladsh, Somalia and Retrea. Official say security forces seized weapons, cameras, computers and documents. Shahzeb Jillani has more. The latest round of arrests suggest militants are crossing from neighbouring Yemen and using Saudi connections to block attacks. The Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Mansur al-Turki said that the two cells discount soccer cleats dismantled by the security forces were cooperating Al-Qaeda and Yemen. In addition he said a network of militance specializing and targeting security personnel has been broken. Mr. Turki said that militants from network and the two cells would be in contact with Al-Qaeda and Yemen and planning to attack oil facilities.

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