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January 27 [Mon], 2014, 10:40
Today i voted proudly in spite of it all

I like the tradition of voting.Walking to my polling place, casting my ballot in public.Receiving my voted sticker and wearing it all day.A non-Partisan reminder that we all have a responsibility and right to have our say.

My polling place has never seemed quite right to me.The booths are not well hidden, people can stand there and see exactly how you're voting.I complained to the registrar once, they said they would look into it.I'm sure they never did.Though i like to vote in public, i believe in the importance of my vote remaining private.Otherwise, it opens the door to a corrupt voting mechanism, and none of us needs that.Things are corrupt enough as it is.

The school that hosts my polling place was having a bake sale.In the polling place.At a 45 degree angle from where i was casting my ballot, about 15 feet away.I don't want to be a bummer, but it seems pretty inappropriate.I deals on jordans shoes know they're struggling, but some other time.

They've switched to the dreaded computer now.I handed my completed forms to the nice lady, she took them out of the folder facing her, looking right at them.I don't think she was looking that carefully, but she could plainly see how i had marked off my selections.

In my neighborhood, we all vote just about the same.We voted 90% Air Jordan 12 for obama, and 90% against prop 8.I'm pretty certain the woman inserting my ballots into the machine didn't mind my vote for open lesbian mayoral candidate rebecca kaplan.And i don't mind whoever reads this knowing.It's my choice to tell you.But the act of voting needs to remain private, and with no commercial enterprises attached, no matter how wonderful the volunteers or enterprises are.

All that said, i am grateful these people volunteer.Everyone was nice and welcoming.I didn't feel intimidated.I just worry about preserving the sanctity of the process jordans shoes for sale that still can work from time to time.

And in spite of all the frustration i feel about how today will go, i walked away with a smile, a bit of pride that i could vote for kaplan and the awesome gavin newsom.Win or lose, these are people i am pleased to show my support for.

And if someones' vote is opposite mine, that's ok, though it kind of kills me to admit.In the privacy of voting, we speak our minds and hearts.The more people that turn out, the more we support a process that supports each other and our country.

No matter how things go today, i hope that sacred process is respected and continued, and i hope no matter who wins, we work at repairing the giant rift that's been cut through our country, the broken soul of the america.

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