Finally,I`m going to NZ!! 

December 24 [Sun], 2006, 11:38
Finally!!!I`m going to NZ!I`m so excitking about it!This 6 monthes ,I saved the money for going to NZ!I feel likes it short time but long time.My working time in factry was really good experience for me.It was really hardBut!!I enjoyed it
anyway.I arrived at NZ,my flight was so long!I was in air plane for 12 hours!!NZ is far...I realized it.When I arrived at NZ,my host familiy waited for me!they looked so kind!and they have 1 year chaild!!He is so pretty----!!I`m really lucky girl!!


November 14 [Tue], 2006, 11:00
Huu...I drank too much last I have a hangover today.Usually,I don`t drink alcohol.But yesterday,we hold party and we are very closed,we spent very exciting time together but,it` too much.I woke up this morning and I suffer from hard headache and nausea.Next time,I will take medicine before I drink.But,I think it is no use to taking medicine because we drink too much everytime if we get together.and yesterday,I reconfirmed, nothing is more comfortable place than gathering with closed friends.


November 11 [Sat], 2006, 10:46
wa~~~oooThis is `kinnkakuji`.May be you have heard this name before if you are interested in Japan.It is temple and historic building.As you see,very very very~~~beautiful~~~this day`s weather is rainyBut it`s also good because kinnkakuji maches rain too.This picture is arowof houses and street in kyouto.Kyouto`s street is very good atmosphereMay be you feel like being old Japan.If you come to here in autumn,you will see very beautiful colored leaves. Like this pictureIt is really good.I took this picture in `kiyomizu temple.If you wanna see colored leaves,you must go here!and there are temple for love god in kiyomizu temple,they say`it is good for your lovewould you like to try it??

summer party!! 

November 10 [Fri], 2006, 13:05
hello~~!!it is very good weather todayso,we hold summer partythis is tropical beach in okinawa and this is my friendso!!my friend is nice body~~~I envy her~~~today,I go to the sea with my friends play tennis together when I`m high school student.sea!swimwear!and...alcohol!!!so,we feel so goodand spended very good time.we are very good relationso!this time,I work hard to train my body for wearing swim wear and for my boyfriend!!because he likes thin!!so,for him I train my body everyday,for example,yoga,sit ups,control my meals,so,my abdominal muscle developed very very strongso,my friends was so surprised


November 10 [Fri], 2006, 12:11
hellomy name is yumeho I study English,so I introduce myself in English.but!may be, you know, my English skill is very poor so you see alot of misstake in my sentence,please allow it.firstI`m girl and I`m I`m colleage student.MY hobby is tennis walking,!!Recently I `m stuck on YOGAIt make me healthy!from playing yoga,my body condition is very good!!and I like cookingAlthough,I`m beginner and I`m naturally all thumbsI try to get good cooking skill!!!and Iwanna be good mother infuturenice to meet you
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