Babies diapers

October 16 [Thu], 2014, 17:50

Babies diapers

When deciding to choose disposable baby diapers, the first thing you will notice the size of the problem. Currently on the market a variety of large and small size, it can reusable bamboo nappy be said quite complete, even our boy's products as well as specifically for a male baby, female baby design colors.

In addition to the selection of sizes and styles on, we must also pay attention to some personal, intimate small details.

1,absorbing more rapid absorption:

Absorb more, you can reduce the frequency of replacement; absorbed quickly, can reduce the time the urine and skin contact. In addition, the surface of the material but also the selection of diaper dry without seepage back, so let the baby sleep in wet diapers are not confused can not sleep peacefully.

2,breathable, not hot:

Baby diapers use a comfortable, moms can napkins themselves in the physical period used to do one imagine: If airtight, particularly one summer, will make people extremely ill, ill at ease. So, the baby's diapers, too, delicate and smooth plastic material, the material is not really breathable than cotton? You need to observe from the baby's little ass properly!

3,feel comfortable whether:

Touch, the baby is the most important part of his understanding of the world; has good tactile experience allows him to develop a better sense of security. And establish a sense of security, the development of behavior has a direct impact on the future. Baby's skin is very sensitive, as long as there is a little bit of stimulus, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. This is worth savoring.

4,dry without leakage:

Market sales of diapers in fact have reached the standard does not leak, so this point, Mom and Dad Snaps Cloth Diapers can compare relieved! But necking design baby legs and waist are due to leakage and tight, the material used to make the baby is uncomfortable, it touches our attention!

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