Reduce to a field manual measurements and check the battery

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:30
Most of the batteries used in communications power supply is an advanced VRLA battery, the battery section monomer voltage of 2V, a series composed of 48V or 24V systems, it plays to protect communications equipment and facilities and to protect the network running smoothly two functions. Protect the communications power supply facilities, the battery and the UPS, switching power supply system to play a prevent the mains voltage Bay, the role of waves, the peak (fall) and the transients, undervoltage, overvoltage, the effective protection of communications equipment, prevent Dan stations accident. To protect the network running smoothly, the battery and the UPS, switching power supply system together play a utility power interruption to maintain the normal operation of the system, but also play to filter out the noise voltage to maintain the functionality of the communication quality.

These batteries installed in the communications base stations in operation, does not involve the replacement within a few years, thus strengthening the maintenance of the batteries, to improve their situation, thus effectively extend battery life, is of great significance. Battery online testing unattended play in the maintenance of the communication power should not be ignored missing

Second, the communication system battery state of technology

The battery pack is an important part of the base station DC uninterruptible power supply, is roughly equal to the amount of investment and switching power supply equipment. VRLA batteries are used by mobile base stations developed in the late twentieth century (referred to as VRLA batteries). VRLA structure do not need to add acid, add water, maintenance, no acid mist leaking out of the engine room installation and equipment. Due to small size, light weight and small self-discharge, low maintenance, long life, easy to use, safe and reliable features, welcomed by users. But we must see, on the one hand, this battery of basic electrochemical principle remains the same, and thus its inherent requirements of the electrical characteristics of not only not changed, but requires more stringent; the other hand, the battery early in the promotion, the manufacturer instructions sometimes more or less the battery called the "maintenance free" batteries, resulting in part of the maintenance personnel that the battery does not need to maintain, making the battery maintenance and testing not given due attention yet, this misleading have a profound effect.

The base station battery from the situation currently in use, the prevalence of battery capacity decreased too fast, short life, out station accidents occur frequently. In terms of the quality of the several large domestic valve-regulated sealed battery manufacturers battery should be able to meet operator requirements, the manufacturers producing battery quality, performance differences. The quality factor of the battery should not affect the battery capacity of each operator base station fell too fast, shorten the life of the main reasons. From the valve-regulated sealed battery product mix, product performance, the base station battery using the process of site investigation, and a combination of factors such as view, combined with the use of exchange stations, VRLA battery after 1-4 years under normal circumstances, the capacity decline should not be so fast, causing the base station battery capacity fell too fast, shorten the life of the main reason for its base station using the environment as well as maintenance-related.

Causing the base station battery capacity fell too fast, shorten the life of the main reasons are:

First, base stations, frequent power outages, power outages for a long time, the outage time without the law, so that the battery charge and discharge frequently, according to the battery manufacturer base station waste batteries and anatomical point of view, leading to the battery end of life because the battery negative plate sulfation This is a typical phenomenon of the battery early capacity failure (PCL).

Discharge cause the battery negative plates of sulfation of the reasons are as follows: the base station blackout frequency times too high, and power outages several times a day, or even a continuous power outage a few days, so that the base station battery discharge has not been fully charged, the battery charge less phenomenon . Continuously on many occasions to charge less, battery capacity will result in a cumulative loss, the battery capacity of the base station in a relatively short drop, faster termination of their service life. In general, the rate of decline of battery capacity and the base station battery charge less the number of consecutive a positive relationship. The intrinsic reason is that the battery capacity decline, in the case of not fully charged, discharge the battery discharge, the positive and negative lead sulfate generated after the discharge can not revert to lead dioxide and metallic lead is negative plate discharge, the batteries produce less filling, repeatedly charge less negative plates gradually sulfate, resulting in irreversible crystallization of lead sulfate, especially batteries in depth over the discharge, the battery negative plates sulfate of more serious, sulfate would be faster, causing the surface of the negative plate shield, its function gradually decreased until failure, leading to decline until the termination of battery life.

Second, the switching power supply to set the parameters of the unreasonable, the base station battery undervoltage protection is set too low, the voltage and reset voltage is set too low, the battery overdischarge even the depth of the discharge phenomenon, on the other hand exacerbated the negative battery plate sulfation.

At present, the base station combination of switching power supply are set to a low voltage isolation protection or secondary under the power function. When the battery discharge to a set voltage, switching power supply system will automatically cut off the supply of heavy load the power supply on the part of or all of the load, to protect the battery discharge, however, ensure that the battery life.

Such as the minimum battery undervoltage protection value is set too low, the battery will discharge many times over discharge and over-discharge failure to supplement the insufficient electricity or charge will seriously affect the battery life; such as switching power supply reset voltage is set too low, the battery will discharge repeated several times during the discharge process; the lowest specific battery under-voltage protection value set should be set depending on the size of the load current, and the current minimum base station battery undervoltage protection value is generally set in each of the single cell voltage 1.8 V, and some even set up for each 1.75V. According to the actual load current of the discharge of the VRLA battery performance combined with the base station (currently most of the base stations, the actual load current is less than 0.1C10A), the lowest base station battery under-voltage protection value should be set above each of the battery voltage 1.8V.

Therefore, the current base station battery undervoltage protection setting the reference voltage is too low, such as base stations, an extended power outage, the battery will over-discharge, and even the depth of the small current over-discharge, over-discharge of the battery is fully charged, required to restore the capacity charge a longer time, the depth over the discharge of the battery in the base stations existing constant voltage charging conditions, the general is difficult to fully recover its rated capacity. Switching power supply parameters set unreasonable the other hand, intensified the battery negative plate sulfation, resulting in the decline in battery capacity, shorten the life.

Third, the base station to poor use of the environment. Base station power outage, no air conditioning, so the base station ambient temperature gradually increased. Or due to air conditioning failure, the base station indoor temperature is high, thus reducing battery life.

The indoor base stations are equipped with air conditioning, the configuration of air conditioning for the general Guiji or split air conditioning, long uninterrupted part of the base station air conditioning failure, shut down, air conditioning damaged and sometimes lack of timely maintenance, and indoor base station is a closed room, air conditioning increased substantially after the shutdown, the base station indoor temperature, color plate room of the indoor temperature can even reach more than 70 ℃.

Hand, even if the air conditioning to normal, while the base station due to power outages, no AC power, air conditioning is not cooling, especially in the summer, will enable the base station indoor temperature increased sharply, thus affecting the normal working of the battery. This allows the valve-regulated sealed inside the battery water loss and increase electrolyte saturation decreased (glass fiber cotton diaphragm electrolyte decrease) in reduced battery capacity and shorten the battery life.

On the other hand, the indoor temperature is too high, will allow the battery thermal runaway effect intensified, resulting in increased corrosion rate of the battery positive plate, the plate deformation expansion, battery shell bulging or cracking, and finally lead to a rapid decline in battery capacity, shorter battery life. Accelerated life tests showed that the ambient temperature of 10 degrees, and does not adjust the charge voltage, the battery life will be shortened by half.

Fourth, the base station power outage, the battery discharge termination voltage is not timely supplement call, will also lead to the decline in battery capacity and shorten the life.

Part of the base station is located in the suburbs or remote villages and other places, the mains supply situation worse, the power cut more often and longer outage time, often once the mains failure, battery discharge termination voltage, electricity has not yet recovered. one hand, this may cause the battery to over discharge the other hand, the battery discharge and then can not get the timely replenishment of power, according to the relevant data indicate that the battery discharge if not timely supplementary charge will enable the battery capacity gradually decreased after several cycles, The battery life will be shortened significantly.

Other base stations, switching power supply output float voltage value is smaller than the set value and display value 1V, causing the battery to long to charge less.

Despite these problems of the communication station batteries, but the maintenance of major telecommunications operators in our current system and the nursing staff equipped can not guarantee timely detection of battery problems, and its maintenance in a timely manner, in a timely manner will be behind the battery replaced to avoid the out station accident. Battery on-line monitoring system is in such an environment came into being.

Three, the need for battery monitoring

From the above analysis, communications, power communication network, spare battery and the entire communications the last bulwark of the power supply, battery, especially the communications room of the battery caused the accident occurred, it will cause huge losses! Therefore, all communication operators to ensure the smooth operation of communication networks, have strengthened the communications room battery maintenance and testing, while the introduction of the IEEE1189-2005 strict maintenance procedures. The current maintenance procedures depends mainly on the regular, mandatory check-discharge to monitor the health status of the battery and charging status. However, due to the maintenance of technical staffing constraints, to maintain a remote location, dispersion, detection takes a long time factors, the low completion rate of the communications industry as a whole battery maintenance. Now the only viable, there is no test blind maintenance technical means is a battery monitoring system. The battery monitoring have the advantage compared to the traditional regular monitoring;

Reduce to a field manual measurements and check the battery required for the artificial time.
? data provided by monitoring systems plan to understand the battery state of health, without subject to the calendar to the site inspection, thereby saving costs.
Line continuous battery system monitoring, improve the reliability of electricity supply, can reduce system downtime.
? the battery before expiring battery affect the same group will be replaced to avoid the interaction, thus extending the overall battery system life.
Grasp what battery to replace the time, which has a bigger battery procurement initiative, while reducing the bulk to replace the battery situation.
? increased risk of customer satisfaction and uptime by reducing the power supply to power outages.
? Avoid the annual revenue loss caused by power outages.
? monitoring system to identify signs of damage, the battery's ability to enhance the reliability of the system, thus increasing production capacity.
? use of our patented impedance measurement techniques, and the beginning of the battery there is a failure, reliable trend data will display correctly to the battery problem.

? does not depend on rely on measuring voltage to determine the status of the battery voltage measurement value is not precisely show the battery is good or bad, and availability.
? Battery monitoring and management system with remote monitoring, data collection and trend analysis can be multiple sets of batteries of the remote monitoring system to improve management efficiency.
? You can predict when and where power outages caused by power companies, the battery system is unable to provide the DC power supply.
Accurate track record of real-time performance of the battery during a power outage.
? Accurate monitoring of all projects that have a direct impact on battery performance:

Install batteries on-line system will be a one-time increase the expenses of operation and maintenance costs, the charge but the battery life of 30%, reduce maintenance workload of 75%, 80% lower maintenance costs, to reduce the incidence of out station accident, improve communications customers the return of the satisfaction of view is totally worth it.

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The owners of this protection

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:28
Lead-acid battery scrap reasons can be divided into three types: one is caused by recurrent in the water shortage, overcharge or overdischarge serious. Such as day and night driving a taxi, its battery is often in the absence of water, work, driving the generator to its float caused by battery heat, plate bending short-circuit the battery end-of-life; battery in charge of the electrolyte warming, serious, like boiling, rolling up and down the electrolyte scour the plate, will it lead powder off, a long time, and shedding of lead powder is piled higher and higher, high-touch stereotype put the plate short-circuited, so that the battery scrap. Traditional lead-acid batteries with sulfuric acid solution in the process of vehicle solution washed plates, are likely to cause the plate off the lead powder, is no way to repair this scrap battery, battery scrap from the cab more than 90% of repair. The second battery of shoddy products, brand-name batteries refurbished batteries, not according to national standards. The plate and the solution of such cells are highly defective, not to mention quality, can give some electricity when it was new, but by itself can not last long, and therefore scrap can not be saved. The third case is a sealed lead-acid battery, this battery two plates sandwiched between the isolation plate, such as sheep blankets and the like, it is to suck in the electrolyte. Battery plates will not be affected by shock and fall off, their retirement, often because of the plates caused by the phenomenon of irreversible curing, this plate of white lead sulfate crystals, so that the plate the effective area is getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, so that the battery capacity, meaning that the original charge of a battery electric bike can run 40 kilometers, then only run 20 kilometers, and the last 1 km, not run, can only be scrapped.

Lead-acid battery plates of lead sulfide crystallization because there are many up to see that the batteries do not have long-term placement, such as new cars automobile factory long-term did not sell, parked in the garage, a long time to sell when the car beat the fire, bad battery, the plates has generated a large area PbS crystallization. If the private car, the masters of long-term business trip, came back will find the car to beat the fire, open fixed. Another example is a serious over-discharge, lead-acid battery plates also make the large area of ??crystalline lead sulfide was scrapped, such as forgetting to turn off the lights, open the whole night, is fatal to the motorcycle battery. Anatomy of the sealed lead-acid batteries, you can see the white lead sulfate crystals have two plates glued together tightly, pull dragged not open, then the original two volts per division (12-volt battery is composed by the 6 cell in series), is now close to zero volts.

Whether sealed or not sealed battery, all the reasons given above to be scrapped, can it recover. The pulse of modern technology enables this "irreversible curing" phenomenon into a reversible phenomenon. March 15, 2005, by the German engineer Bingle and proud Chi Power Engineer Ray after six months, developed a new generation of battery protection products: battery repair instrument equipment, done six months of actual test results are very good anatomy to be repaired had sealed lead-acid batteries, you can see the plates of white lead sulfate crystals have disappeared, close to zero volts before the battery voltage from the repair back up to normal battery voltage, the regular charge and discharge its charge and discharge, then the capacity has been restored to 90%, even more than 100%.

According to U.S. data reports, this pulse technique to repair the battery, its life can be extended more than five times, we did not do the test in this regard, and the quality of our domestic battery did not dare to have this measure, but I think the formal factory production electric bicycle battery, repair, and then double the life expectancy is sure.

In order to extend the life of lead-acid batteries in 2005, we also developed a battery protector, battery life extension, which is connected to the battery at both ends of battery-powered electronic products, it is low power consumption. Because there must be a nuclei for each crystal before its arguments into the job, if not this will not form crystals. The principle of electronic products is to use pulse continuously added to the plates, it can not form nuclei, and can not produce white lead sulfate crystals, popular, some say, that the pulse wave to wash the plate, so that the battery can given sufficient power. The owners of this protection, are full of power. In the northern region due to the cold morning, cars are often beat the fire with such protection, life extension, in addition to this you can avoid drawbacks.

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Lion power target market is mainly Europe

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:27
The Guangdong lion Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise based R & D, production and sales of various types of batteries, and national standards of China's motorcycle battery, battery gel electrolyte national standard lithium-ion battery, such as the national standard draftingone of the units.

Over the years, the lion power has complete control of lead-acid battery production technology, and independent research and development and reserves a number of advanced battery technology, the main products of nano-high-energy maintenance-free motorcycle starter battery starter battery consuming countries in the world's leading high-end motorcycle gradually establish a market position as a high-tech new generation product. During the reporting period, sales in Europe and the United States and other high-end battery replacement market continues to grow.

Lion power target market is mainly Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and other Asian countries, high-end motorcycle battery replacement market, the company adhere to market-oriented product development model, keeping up with market trends, and timely information on market demand , and the development of market demand for potential new products. The company has R & D center is responsible for new product development and reserves at the same time with the Technology Department is responsible for R & D achievements in process improvement and enhancement of skills, has developed a unique market information delivery, technology research and development follow-up and conversion of a timely new products R & D system, the company in the industry to maintain a research and development and technological advantages.

Currently, the lion of power has a strong R & D team, the company's annual R & D expenditure of more than 3% of sales. R & D center in 2008 by the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Department and other departments identified as provincial engineering technology research and development center ", and the crown to the title of" Guangdong Province modern power engineering technology research and development center ", in 2009, Guangdong Province Economic and Trade Commission The department identified as the "provincial enterprise technology research and development centers. In 2008, the Guangdong Province Science and Technology Department and other departments identified as "high-tech enterprise in 2009 by Guangdong Province Science and Technology Department and other departments identified as" innovative pilot enterprises in Guangdong Province.

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The current lead-acid battery industry

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:26
In late March, nine ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document required to continue to purge lead contamination and heavy metal contamination. Cao Guoqing, deputy secretary general of the China Battery Industry Association, said that parts of China had experienced a continued Gansu lead storm ", the lead-acid accumulator recycling industry still exists a" market disorder, pour acid and lead pollution is serious, "a new reporter on the financial .

Environmental Protection Department data show that 1930 After 2011 the comprehensive management of the country engaged in lead battery plate processing, simple assembly and recycling enterprises, only 252 are still in production, including from enterprises engaged in lead-acid battery recycling 186 shrunk to 23. However, the existence of chaos in the lead-acid battery recycling, have not been eliminated.

Cao Guoqing, deputy secretary general of the China Battery Industry Association, the chemical power of Light Industry Institute senior engineer, pointed out some of the recovery of personnel in violation of rules of operation and, for the consideration of transportation costs in the process of transportation battery, drained the battery acid, which pollute the environment. processing aspects of the problem of recycling the same lot.

The contribution of the battery industry in the lead contamination can not be underestimated. In 2010, lead-acid battery consumption of about 2.82 million tons of metallic lead, lead consumption of the battery industry, accounting for the consumption of total 80%.

Implemented in the March 7, 2012, Lead and Zinc Smelting industry pollution control technology policy, to make provision for lead, zinc, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, selenium and other valuable components of technical operations for solid waste recycling. However, the lack of further implementing rules and strict supervision.

Cao Guoqing said that Gansu lead storm period compared to last year, the current lead-acid battery industry, pollution prevention and control whether the end of the emission standard, extended to the production process of technological innovation, raise the level of clean production, the total emission control, more emphasis on day-to-day monitoring.

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Lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:24
The lithium battery can be said that the source of power is essential to modern life, including a wide range of applications in laptops, cell phones, cameras, electric drills, electric bicycles. Lithium batteries has brought us a convenient, easy, efficient and modern way of life, to solve a variety of needs, including transportation and communication, which in this electric bicycle lithium battery is the application of the highest degree, the most practical.

Lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles, as the main source of power, already exists and the development of more than ten years, we can say the beginning of the emergence of electric bicycles, lead-acid battery is considered to be most suitable for the power of such products , However, with the gradual increase of the requirements of the consumers of the electric bicycle products in appearance, weight, and the lead-acid battery products is gradually emerging out of the problem of environmental pollution, bulky, heavy weight has been criticized by some consumers.

This year lead-acid batteries employees exposed blood lead poisoning, environmental pollution problems in the lead-acid battery to be the focus, the growing development of China electric bicycle industry, continue to seek a more environmentally friendly, low-carbon road, part of the industry have pointed out, The lithium battery will get some opportunities for development.

Technology (Qingdao) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. technical staff, said Jin run power lithium-powered products, the technical side, there are multiple advantages, on the electric bicycle products, but also makes the electric bike is lighter, more stylish appearance, these by urban consumers, especially the favorite of the younger age groups. Like a fresh run Technology (Qingdao) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. The launch of the new a fresh run of lithium-ion-weather health campaign cycling - "fresh run" Chi EMU, the entire frame with the European CE standard, the 70 series of aviation grade aluminum alloy ultra-light body and light quality components, perfect ergonomic design, riding comfort.

After years of development, lithium bike sales in the domestic market has reached 120 000 in foreign markets, is to achieve the export volume of 282,000. Jin ran the advent of lithium car, but also highlights the Qingdao Jin ran green out of the line brand concept, I believe that in the near future, "fresh run" smart lithium-ion electric car, will become the main force of the electric car market.

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Long-term goal of solar power

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:21
Hainan, the Hina silicon thin film solar R & D and manufacturing base was officially put into operation on a 29, the thin film solar production capacity of 2 million kilowatts, the world's largest manufacturer of silicon thin film triggered a series of discussion on the thin film solar cells.

What are the advantages

Solar power is divided into crystalline silicon cells and thin-film battery technology in recent years, the photovoltaic solar industry in China is the rapid development of the same carrier for solar power, thin film batteries with photovoltaic cells compared but development is slow and why the thin-film battery was not heeded ?

"The key is the lower threshold of crystalline silicon cell technology, the most mature technology, high cell conversion efficiency." Han Holding Group Chairman Li River Jun says, "But silicon, silicon materials for battery need to consume more power. ", according to estimates by experts in the areas of China's medium-light conditions, install a 1 MW solar photovoltaic power generation system can generate about 1.2 million kwh; 1 MW crystalline silicon battery power consumption for more than 3 million kwh in the production process, that is, 3 years in order to balance its own power consumption, while the thin-film battery in the production process energy consumption is small, battery-investment in power generation, year and a half of electricity can make up for the energy consumed in the production.

Crystalline silicon cells in the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution problem is also very prominent. At present, China's polysilicon production process is modified Siemens process, on the basis of the traditional Siemens process was improved, able to recycle large amounts of byproducts, but to produce one unit of polysilicon products will generate more than 10 units of toxic and hazardous by-product of silicon tetrachloride liquid waste, industrial waste give ecological environment caused by difficult to restore the damage. processing tetrachloride silicon need to install recycling equipment, but not all businesses can do. According to Professor Zhou Lang, Nanchang University, photovoltaic, Dean of the present the majority of polysilicon enterprises in the production of clean, but there are some enterprises have yet to master the tetrachloro silicon recycling technology, it is estimated that the proportion is around 10 percent in April this year, 600 tons of silicon tetrachloride liquid waste the Zhongxiang urban drainage network into the sewage treatment plant, resulting in biological sewage treatment plant bacteria all died, The equipment was severely damaged, sewage treatment plant so paralyzed for more than two months.

In environmental protection "and thin film batteries significantly more than crystalline silicon cells." According to Li River Jun, compared with crystalline silicon cells, thin film batteries can reduce 97% of the silicon raw material use, which the root causes of making thin-film battery more environmentally friendly, green, at the same time reduce dependence of silicon raw materials, making its manufacturing cost is also much lower than crystalline silicon cells, thin film batteries, glass, stainless steel and special plastic substrates can also be based on the requirements made of a flexible battery, further broadening the applications.

Has the characteristics of thin film batteries can be widely used in remote monitoring communications, and field power supply; also due to the use of plastic and other lightweight soft material as the substrate, thin film batteries for watches, calculators, curtains or clothing. In the near future, when you out of town or office, will carry the thin-film solar panels Shop on any place that can be exposed to light to, you can power mobile phones, computers and other equipment.

In addition, hot weather conditions, the thin film battery performance is more stable. Related tests show that, under the thin-film battery in the direct 50 ℃ conditions, its energy efficiency up to reduce the 3% -5%, while the crystalline silicon cells under the same temperature can effect will reduce 15% or more. According to expert introduction, this performance of thin film batteries, when used in Xinjiang, Chongqing and other areas with high summer temperatures, and its role will be considerable.

Moreover, the nature of the thin film battery low light power, the absorption of visible light than crystalline silicon cells, and its extensive power generation. Thin film batteries to adapt to various intensities of sun, so its performance is less affected by weather can also generate electricity in the morning and evening.

The 12th Five-Year Plan of the photovoltaic industry will support the thin film battery

"12" solar photovoltaic industry development plan will be introduced. It is understood that in the "planning" in the draft, was in an awkward position in thin-film batteries have been unprecedented attention.

Great importance to the development of thin film batteries echoes, June 15, Han Holding Group in Shuangliu County, a silicon thin film battery production base put into operation, to become the world's most productive film battery production line with the "planning". This may be a prelude to the thin-film battery industry in China back to life.

Turning point perhaps appears

Up to 14% ~ 16% conversion rate of the crystalline silicon cells, but the cost to 30% more expensive than thin-film batteries; and thin film batteries, although the price is low, but the conversion rate is only 6% to 8%, much lower than crystalline silicon cells "Lang Zhou told reporters that these thin-film batteries is technically no significant progress, the conversion rate was maintained at between 6% and 8%, resulting in thin film battery market could not be opened, the large-scale production has also been unable to achieve. Therefore, the state the support of the relevant policies for the development of thin film battery industry is vital.

It is understood that the share of thin film batteries in photovoltaic solar energy market in China is less than 10% in 2008, the capital market in 2009 was once sought after by film concept, but now have been gradually cool, a lot of thin-film battery production enterprises is a serious lack of funds, no longer The following August, .2010, Suntech announced the end to thin film solar panel production planning in Shanghai, the transformation of crystalline silicon cells, has triggered a paranoia of the film battery industry.

Suntech, a spokesman told reporters that the thin film batteries in trouble because after the financial crisis in 2008, the polysilicon price dropped from $ 400 / kg to 50 U.S. dollars / kg, and directly lead to substantial cost of crystalline silicon cells decline, narrowing the difference between the thin film batteries. thin film batteries from 2008 to date on the technology and cost are not progress, therefore, become increasingly competitive with crystalline silicon cells decline.

The upcoming "12th Five-Year solar photovoltaic industry development plan proposed in the" 12th Five-Year "period will focus on the development of amorphous and microcrystalline combination of laminated and multi-junction thin-film batteries. In order to reduce the light of the thin film battery caused by attenuation, "plan" to encourage enterprises to develop high-efficiency 5.5-generation large-area silicon thin film battery, the development of flexible silicon-based thin-film batteries. who participated in the planning experts formulated above in order to promote the industrialization process of the thin film battery, belong to timely help move, "the thin-film battery industry in China in the cold, such as the state does not appear to support, is likely to be a comprehensive destruction." It is understood that a lot of thin-film battery production enterprises converting or stop the production, power plant in the domestic film battery manufacturing plant to be less than goods, these enterprises are not only low yield, no inventory, even equipment is not all.

"As long as Suntech, Yingli, the strength of large enterprises to enter the goal of revitalizing the thin-film battery industry is not difficult." A state-owned power generation groups said, the thin film battery is not without prospects for development, its low cost and resistance to harsh environments very competitive advantage, which is the world's largest thin-film battery manufacturer, the first U.S. solar company's success. It is reported that the average conversion rate of the first U.S. solar company's products reached 11.7%, 17.3% in the test battery conversion rate "in the" 12th Five-Year "period, the state in research and development, financing, given the thin film battery manufacturers reasonable subsidies, thin film battery market in China is far away from the open the day.

Due to a major earthquake in Japan lead the world to re-examine nuclear power development policy, but also enables governments to significantly enhance solar power goals. The goal of China's solar power has also improved, is expected to 2015, the domestic photovoltaic power generation capacity target 10 million kilowatts by 2020, the goal of at least 50 million kilowatts in accordance with the requirements of the planning, 2015, the industrialization of the monocrystalline silicon battery conversion efficiency of 21%, 19% polycrystalline silicon cells, rather than crystalline silicon thin film batteries to achieve a 12% addition, thin film batteries, such as the "Renewable Energy Development" 12 Five-Year Plan "put forward in the next five years, our rooftop thin film batteries installed capacity target of 3 million kilowatts by 2020 scale up to 25 million kilowatts, an increase of 80 times the current 300,000 kilowatts on the basis of accounting for half of the long-term goal of solar power.

It should be said that the thin film batteries is limited by the optical conversion efficiency and other technical indicators of disadvantage, for a long period of time will not shake the status of crystalline silicon cells, but as the country's support the introduction of the policy and technology research and development to speed up and rooftop thin-film battery in the future large-scale construction for the thin film battery industry long-term disadvantage in the photovoltaic industry, the dawn of dawn or will appear.

Thin film batteries rise of 100 billion market

Renewable energy development "12th Five-Year" plan ", the roof of the next five years of solar energy installed capacity target of 3 million kilowatts by 2020, up to 25 million kilowatts, 80 times growth in the current on the basis of 300,000 kilowatts, accounting for Solar power for half of the medium and long-term goals.

Industry analysts believe that with the large-scale construction of rooftop photovoltaic power plant in the future, relatively more suitable for thin film solar rooftop power station component market is expected to usher in development opportunities, the size of this market over the next 10 years or up to 100 billion yuan had generally not been promising thin-film solar module providers are expected to enter the results of a substantial increase channel.

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The lead-acid battery manufacturers for rectification

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:20
"State environmental requirements higher and higher, the battery industry reshuffle will accelerate." Mainland lead-acid battery manufacturers Tianneng Power Chairman Zhang Tian said in an interview, leading battery companies will certainly benefit many small and medium enterprises, the recent "knocks on your door" to seekmergers and acquisitions or cooperation, the group hopes to fill the technical gaps, has no intention of blindly acquisition.

Ministry of Environmental Protection data show that engaged in lead battery plate processing, simple assembly and recycling enterprises of about 1,900. Zhang Tian estimated that last year out behind the battery capacity is about 20 percent, that day can market share increased by 3 to 4 percentage points to 26 percent. he believes industry consolidation this year, continued to feed and then hundreds of fail to comply with state regulations for SMEs to be eliminated.

Last year, the lead-acid battery manufacturers for rectification, reduced, discontinued the battery supply to keep up with demand, the price of batteries also must uplift, but he believes that only a short time "labor pains", up to one year time will return normal.

Zhang Tian said that even in the last year's prices on the basis of 30% price increase, the batteries do not worry about sales, but based on long-term relationships with partners, do not want a position of vulnerability, due to the recent lead prices relatively stable, lead-acid battery prices will be stable.

He said that the electric bike new car each year, according to industry estimates annual growth of 10% plus the secondary market, the group hopes this year's overall sales increase over previous years, 30% replacement battery demand for electric vehicle batteries continue to grow rapidly.

Days can be the first battery recycling project in the circular economy industrial park, Zhejiang, will invest 15 million tons of waste batteries, recyclable processing. Zhang Tian said that the price of the Secondary Lead production through the recycling of waste batteries than purchase ready-made lead the market by nearly 10% discount, but not considering the sale because the day itself needed for the production of raw materials are not enough, he said, would like to take days from pure production of batteries in the past, the gradually developed to the recycling of waste batteries and then the profit model of processing, such as diversification.

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Thanks to the quick pull of the lithium battery industry

April 28 [Sat], 2012, 12:18

China's lithium battery industry from the beginning of this year will usher in an investment boom, "in a forum, some participants experts on the" China Daily "expressed a similar view.

Policy push

Last year, lead-acid batteries often-criticized for environmental pollution, the country launched the consolidation storm of lead-acid batteries, four ministries issued a document "speed of not more than 20 km, the vehicle mass (weight) is not greater than 40 kg as an electric bicycle pass line, do not meet this standard will prohibit the production. Weight of a lot of lead-acid batteries and electric bicycle can not match, had to use lighter-weight lithium batteries to replace. From early 2011 began to straighten out the lead-acid battery industry, now more than 3000 original lead-acid battery business nearly 90% face ban or suspend production for rectification.

Recently, the national public letter issued by the Ministry of the new materials industry "12th Five-Year" development plan ", which clearly pointed out, 2015, cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles will be over 500,000, needs 15 billion watts of energy power battery module 4000 tons / year / year, 1000 tons / year of power type 3 billion watt-hours / year, 100 million square meters / battery separator, lithium hexafluorophosphate electrolyte salt, 10,000 tons / year of the cathode material, carbon-based anode materials; demand for passenger cars more than 12 million, needs about 170,000 tons / year of aluminum alloy sheet, 100,000 tons / year of magnesium alloy. The future of electric cars and electric bicycles will be one of the most important application direction of the lithium battery industry.

In order to promote R & D investment in the battery industry to actively invest in the lithium battery industry, recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology in the "electric vehicle technology development" 12th Five-Year "special plan" clearly encouraged to focus on the new lithium-ion battery research and development of nickel-based oxides , layered manganese and vanadium silicate positive, and the high potential polyanionic system and their fluoride Department of cathode and other goals.

At present, the BYD (002,594, stock it), when l Science and Technology (300,073, stock it), Universal and other companies are to increase investment in lithium batteries.

This year, the Ministry of Industry issued a lead-acid battery industry access conditions (draft) ", the threshold of the battery industry increased dramatically. Of these policies on lead-acid batteries is a huge blow to the advantages of lithium batteries quickly reflected.

Lithium advantages fade

In electric bicycles, electric bicycles in the past ten years to crazy trend growth has accounted for 36.2% of the annual production bike in 2010, the population reached 130 million. Lithium bike only 0.32%. With the reorganization of the lead-acid battery industry, the electric bicycle industry standards and restrictions, as well as lithium prices continue to decline, lithium electric bike times are speeding up the advent of.

According to Wang Tao, vice president of sales of Henan Huanyu Purcell New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the weight of lead-acid battery energy only 30-40Wh/Kg volume ratio of 64-72Wh / L energy. Less lead-acid battery to provide electricity, there is also the shortcomings of the depth of discharge capacity and low-temperature discharge capacity of the poor, life is short. The volume ratio of the lithium-ion single battery energy up to 350Wh / L. A bicycle power battery weighs about 4Kg, weight and volume of less than lead-acid 1/3, lithium bike is very obvious advantages.

Some experts optimistic forecast based on current market conditions, lithium batteries for electric bikes market share this year will be less than 1%, and explosive growth to about 20%.

Thanks to the quick pull of the lithium battery industry as a whole, there are already more than a dozen Chinese and foreign enterprises to increase investment in R & D and production of lithium battery cathode material. The production capacity is expected to quickly release. With the cost of lithium batteries continue to decline as technology continues to upgrade, the use of lithium batteries of electric bicycle market share will continue to rise. Some analysts predicted that the lithium battery electric bike in 2015, this market share rose to 20% of annual production remains to calculate the size of the 30 million unchanged, which is equivalent to 6 million lithium battery market.

It is worth noting that, at present, China's Li-ion battery market is still in short supply in the state. Lithium carbonate for example, our existing lithium carbonate production capacity of 3.3 million tons, battery grade lithium carbonate production capacity accounted for only 1/3. Domestic lithium carbonate supply was 1.2 million tons, the market demand for 19,000 tons. If our 2015 production goal of 500,000 electric vehicles can time to achieve this huge market for the lithium sustainable development.

Countries for new energy vehicles since January 1 this year, energy conservation, travel, halved the travel tax; the use of new energy-related travel, are exempted from travel tax. This stimulated the domestic and foreign capital to accelerate into the field of new energy vehicles.

As the development process of countries this year to increase wind power's third largest market of the lithium battery energy storage market will continue to be released, when the lithium battery will usher in a peak period of development.

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