Fallen angel is her thirty years

May 24 [Fri], 2013, 10:31
128th new chapters... Dabao leader shadow kill and remaining minions kept back, in Li Jiayu's cold and cruel eyes, legs chattered. "Octopus,Coach Handbags, give me" Li Jiayu lightly out of such a sentence, the dark Octopus immediately in a threatening manner into the crowd, killing twelve tentacles as the chain, a few ups and downs is entangled in a large, squeeze persimmon knead into minced meat. "Eldest brother, you go first to inform Lin Meng, we block the siren and the monster." the remaining thirty minions was the most faithful men for Forest Alliance, even in such a critical moment before Gu Lin Meng, but this huge monster is not dark Octopus these minions to handle. "Good brothers, tomorrow I will let Lin leader to your revenge, alive * * witch" shadow kill gave Li Jiayu a look, immediately turned to go,Jordan 7 Sale, want rapid escape. "The owner let you go now......" The dark Octopus was black skin rolling red plasma snake like twisted, instantly condensed into a ball, like a big watermelon cut skin, then laser flying out of shadow kill speed and vigilance is very powerful, if he is against, can hide the electric ball, but he now turned, too Dodge, so the node burliness on the spot a plasma ball, instantly let him twitching, in a very terrible skin burnt under voltage. Damn it. More than 30 minions there are one or two water mage, immediately ran to help shadow kill hang a life, while the rest are like a swarm of bees to kill to the dark. At this moment, Li Jiayu has summoned the fallen angels. This evening, he let the "Eagle union" are all dead, one does not stay even the escape the dark ritual too. "Whoosh" fallen angel wings and fly, before to overtake escape out of several hundred meters away dark ritual, cold knife mercilessly drop from the clouds, hard to cut in the dark ritual. "Clang" sound of metal core. Dark ritual plump body suddenly one Zhan, red lips into a trace of blood, turn pale, almost did not fall on the ground. But just because the body cloth under a layer of "dark shield", I'm afraid just blow her cut,Air Jordan Shoes, hot Jiao Qu immediately to become cold meat "you...... You are one of the fallen angels left three super master......" Dark ritual must admit...... Fallen angel is her thirty years of life there have seen the most perfect, the most handsome man, but he now brought her feeling is like a towering majestic Great peaks "shut up the show woman give me die" fallen angel "Shua" to look, it is a knife down, he let the darkness sacrificial act with confusion to support a "shield of darkness", but only carry five knife, like broken glass shattered. The fallen angels strength, infinitely close to two levels of order, with his "authentic knife" is not where the goods, so he can play in the two level of order fighting force, the dark ritual strong, but she is auxiliary personnel, fighting capacity is weak, and her dark magic to curse the fallen angels.
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