Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang and can not

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 11:44
; Cao Xiaotian was originally his hands, desperately trying to avoid touching their face ground Grimes, when Cao Xiaotian heart cross hair, his two hands grabbed the filthy ground shot went toward the blond youth face, his body loses of the support, the face is inevitably exposed to the ground. See Cao Xiaotian's head was pressed himself to the ground successfully, blond youth is happy, it did not under Cao Xiaotian beware that it is full of filthy palms face towards him casually slapped over, his face is not only impeccably , that does not care to be stuffed into the mouth Pat went to a small lump. It just seems they have won a contest of strength, in fact, and an evenly matched fight each other. Cao Xiaotian and blond youth scene took place here was obviously another four young punks to see, see the blond youth again stumble on Cao Xiaotian's hands, these four young punks faces are showing a strange look, one wanted to laugh They dare not laugh, but why still Biede severe heart, hold the hands of Liu Chengxiang also alleviate a lot of effort, so Liu Chengxiang under doubt, but also looked up and saw his face dirty blond youth are confused situation. Blond youth has always been a very big concerns of people, a few companions natural reaction clearly fell on his eyes, one after another to the confused thoroughly discredited by Cao Xiaotian, blond youth Cao Xiaotian resentment has reached monstrous proportions. Eyes sweep beside a tile after his naked eyes flash, one hand still firmly press the Cao Xiaotian's head, the other hand is fast to pick up a brick, tile has raised high towards Cao Xiaotian The hit to the head. Dog days, dare to hit Tsao, my views have consulted it? Seeing the blond youth tile will have to fall on the head of Cao Xiaotian, Liu Chengxiang body suddenly jumped between a powerful force, he suddenly they broke another four young punks clamp, heavy kick in the blond youth the side of the waist. Poor blond bully because Cao Xiaotian barrage hit the face of the reason, he has been out of anger from the ground, all of the attention is focused on the body of the Cao Xiaotian, Liu Chengxiang never even thought of by his own four companions join forces to tackle the Shangqie able to get out, so he Liu Chengxiang Chuaidao kick to be at the hands of real bricks have not had time to drop down, then a soft body, and then fell to the ground limp feebly. Monitor adults, do not lie, lying there Juezhepigu hurry up and give me work, they Zousi these grandchildren! Cheng Wei Liu Chengxiang kick after picking up his hands a tile floor, the four young punks aggressive chase to quell while loudly against Cao Tian Xiao feeding channel. Cao Xiaotian mercilessly spat, glanced around the situation, he also has a suit, picked up a brick from the ground. But Cao Xiaotian Genghen apparently he did not like holding the tile is just as Liu Chengxiang deterrent effect but did not hesitate to put in the hands of the tiles fly off to pound the tiles are being used to scare Liu Chengxiang live a bully. That bum did not react how it is, they are directly Cao Xiaotian a tile to mow down to the ground. Liu Chengxiang seeing Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka a moment, then big bright eyes, also put their hands to pound the root tile ruthless one bully, then blink of an eye the bully just menacing chase will be left two people. Mou survived two punks obviously did not expect such a change will happen, they exchanged glances, his face revealing a Qieyi. Waste, waste is really a group of five people to deal with two people, not only did not pick up got each other, but by the other party to Liaodao three deep Kau help us possessor waste like you have what? Surviving two punks are preparing fled when a voice suddenly lengli in their ears, let them just ready to turn the action immediately stiffened. With this channel voice sounded, a lanky middle-aged man appeared in a fight scene, lanky middle-aged behind, followed by a dense mass of a head, a full fifty surplus. Cao Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang absolute counterattack and, finally, led by the blond bully five people to pack out, they are relieved, thinking that two people can temporarily access to safe, I saw these dense mass of people, their heart suddenly sank, the eyes also welled desperate look. Spider,,,, snake brother, not our incompetence, but that the two old guys too tough, they do not want ordinary people afraid of us, but up until after another, let us keep track of, ah,,,,, surviving two among punks, one knot to knot Pat Pat explained, to see the lanky eyes full of fear. The bully's words uttered, he was lanky a slap in the face to the dumped over. Only to hear snapped Cui Xiang, the bully's body will be in place to fight a few turn, half face swollen Lao Gao, also more than a hint mouth with blood, but this bully was beaten, his eyes not only did not have any resentment look, but a look of relaxed. But the other a bully and Cao Xiaotian, Liu Chengxiang two people did not feel the response was beaten bully what's wrong, because the city is really in deep lanky big famous. Deep City do not know the name Teng Jianbiao many people, but I do not know the name of the person two snakes absolutely little or nothing. - The reason is simple, although the deep Jiao Teng Jianbiao help the main fact, but his low-key man, to do things behind the scenes generally reclusive, deep Kau is also responsible for helping the White Road-related matters, it is easy to overlook his underworld identity. The two snakes is not, he is a deep Jiao Gang, deputy main fact, violent character, means Henla, perverse act, he did Canada Goose Freestyle Vest the craziest thing is that before the City Council Secretary to the sea to see his face when He spit a spit directly in each other's face. Under the former PUC Secretary rage, he took out his phone to call people ready to pack two snakes, snake a result of two palm to the other phone to Pat knocked, and then let that put down the ruthless former PUC Secretary must apologize to him within three days, or then let him get out from the Secretary's position. As the Secretary for Public Security Bureau, the former PUC Secretary naturally not mix black with an apology, he returned to the bureau immediately after the information on the two launched an investigation into a snake, a snake when he learned that the two of these years doings, he is angry indignation, determined to make two snake deceives jail, while the deep Kau help to completely destroy, as the first fire their new broom sweeps clean, but also upward face to prove their results. But this obviously does not know the depth of the former director of the background to help Jiao, Jiao is underestimated the ability to help. The Secretary took office less than three days, followed him to the city's three henchmen deep they have betrayed him, PUC all of his subordinates command double face, while the Council's deputy director of a congregation, and the Guangdong Provincial Public Security South Some leaders hall from time to time to put pressure on him, so that he could not fully carry out any work. If this is the case it just fills make this former director of the desperate, the third day, when his son was ordered to leave the school, and his wife was fired units to the public, he realized the deep Jiao help unfathomable, disheartened under the former director had embarrassed his wife and children left the sea to carry the city, but just out of the sea in the city when he was forced to personally apologized for the two snakes. It's something in the trail spread, two snake's name was suddenly trail of people to remember, but also to most of the city deep remember the two snakes this man, at that time, the two individuals snake prestige even more than the deep Jiao help this gang's reputation. Well you two very powerful, was able to put my hand, and seen a few small brothers beaten like this, but you beat me brotherhood, you have sought the views of my two snakes what? Two snakes and a leisurely way until Cao Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang front, condescending asked. Two foot snake moving less time behind him fifty few bullies also move the feet, as if a whole with two snakes in general, giving a great deal of pressure. Felt two snakes domineering momentum, Cao Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang hearts burst and bitter, the calf began to tremble. Small fry them for a few shots, they naturally do not have any Timberland Men's Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka fear, but let them trail ruthless man two snake shot, that lend them one thousand guts they dare not. I thought you'd have superhuman powers, but actually is a mouth Pat two eyes, two legs, two arms, and not something more than the others, ah, you can tell me how you beat me to it that several subordinate ? Cao Xiaotian and Liu Chengxiang turn around in a circle, two snakes tongue sound to hit it up her lips, softly asked. Cao Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang nature and hear the two snakes in the discourse of sarcasm, although on the surface two snakes Sisiwenwen, but he spoke amiable, Cao Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang and can not be fooled into thinking that two snakes are really asking themselves if they just nervous watching the two snake movement, but there is no one dared to speak out. How one does not speak, does your dumb Pat? You have just come out of power and prestige, ah, what you have just not very powerful? Found Cao Xiaotian Liu Chengxiang face and nervously watching themselves, but one body shivering with fear, two snakes seem extremely enjoy this feeling, he did not immediately pick up Caoxiao Tian and Liu Chengxiang hands, but leisurely tease road. Since three years ago, shot to fame after they found two snakes around people watching their eyes changed, and he gradually accustomed to this vision, in order to make this vision will be maintained, and become more, he Road to the doings also increasingly high-profile and arrogant, that he appear, four weeks there will be a short gap, which makes his vanity was great to meet people alive to enjoy it not that map a? They do not speak, because they bothered to talk to you, who have the self-knowledge in, you want to lay on the floor cool, I think they would not mind doing this busy. Two snakes, then just off the sound, a clear voice he sounded behind him, so that his face was suddenly smiling look stagnate.
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