Squirrels in Holland Park 

September 05 [Wed], 2007, 13:00
There were many cute squirrels in the
Holland Park. They were
not as fat as those in the Hyde Park.
I regretted that I didn't bring any
nuts to feed them.......

[Holland Parkにはリスが多いっかた。
そこのリスはHyde Parkのより太ったではなかった。

He's digging for something
(it is amazing that I noticed him, right?)


running away!!!

Holland Park 1 

September 05 [Wed], 2007, 11:37
I went to the Holland Park as my
guide says taht there are rabbits.
However there was none of rabbits

Generally speaking, I love this park as
it is big and can make you quite relax
in the central London.

Holland Park 2 

September 05 [Wed], 2007, 11:31
The Kyoto Garden in the Holland Park.
It was built in 1991 to symbolize the
friendship between the UK and Japan.

It is a quite area in the Holland Park.
I saw one old couple sitting on the
couch and reading. What a nice time
for them .......

Filofax Agenda 

September 04 [Tue], 2007, 21:21
Considering about matching my
professional image, I decided to
buy a leather agenda (organizer)....
However, I doubt whether it would
achieve such effect since I
chosed a PINK one....

Anyway I think it is important to use
things that you really like...

it is mini size as I don't like to
carry heavy items in my bag.....

It is similar to a wallet's size.
and I think it is possible to
put money in it.

The "today" bookmark needs
to be bought seperately..

Wood Rabbit Toy 

September 04 [Tue], 2007, 21:01
Today I bought a wood rabbit
toy in the Cath Kidston shop in
Covent Garden

The Cath Kidston design is full of
British country atmosphere; a bit
similar to the design of
Laura Ashley, but more cute.
However, I would like to complain
about its unreasonable prices since
many items were made in China.......

The wood rabbit I bought is really
interesting.The rabbit would
walk down the wool slide from the
highest point and stop well at the
lowest point of the slide without
rushing out of it
It is very smart design and rare...
so I bought it though I do think
it was an expensive toy....
17 pounds....

Plain on the desk.

start to walk.

On the way...

Arriving safe and sound.

The Grill in the Dorchester Hotel 2 

September 03 [Mon], 2007, 19:40
The Grill at the Dorchester Hotel

My main dish-cod.

My friend's main dish-lamb.
Though I had interest to try
this too in the beginning, as
I already ate much lamb in
Edinburgh, I finally gave up.

to refresh after main dishes-
inside is ice cream.

dessert-ice cream and chocolate.

everthing is gorgeous in this hotel!

The Grill in the Dorchester Hotel 1 

September 03 [Mon], 2007, 19:00
My friend was kindly to invite
me for dinner in the restaurant
The Grill in the Dorchester Hotel.

It was my first time to go to the
Dorchester Hotel. It was very luxury
and gorgeous.

The food there said to be British food.
However, the sauces, decoration of
the plate, and the dessert made me
feel as it was French food.
In fact, the taste was French

The only British atmosphere there
was its painting of Schotish on the walls.....

White Rabbit's Ranking:

This photo was from the hotel web page.

There were three to four
bread for choose.

The starter-not including in the menu,
but was free as a gift
We also had good champagne

The soup. There was a small fat pork
in the soup. good

On the Way Back to the Haworth Bus Stop 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 19:04

Met mother sheep and her children.

So, maybe I was just just like them,
wandering in this moorland

keep walking.....

a bar close to the downtown called
"Wuthering Heights"

a cute face!

The Wuthering Heights (2) 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 17:35
The Wuthering Heights (2)

The ruined house is said to be
the Wuthering Heights.

Even though it was just a little
ruined house, I felt quite satisfied
that I've been there

The view from the ruin house.

The Wuthering Heights 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 17:31
The Wuthering Hights (1)

Finally I arrived at the Wuthering Heights
It was a long journey but I was very happy
that I made it!

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  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:White Rabbit (ホウイト ちゃん)
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
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    ・旅行-Tokyo, ロンドン,イギリス, ヨーロッパ ,Hong Kong, Taipei,
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