beside the water are Susurrating

April 08 [Mon], 2013, 17:57
> Just before dawn outbreak seeking votes today to tomorrow, would be,Nike Air Structure Triax 91, oh, tomorrow is the first day of the week, we also list go Dances. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM "Liu sister outside like a traffic jam, his car might be blocked, Liu sister looking for him, you may find it, I know his car." Li see Liu Lei so look, obviously would like to meet and just man. "Well, you should help me to identify it." Liu Lei took a deep breath, emotionally complex, she was listening to a few days before Dong Hao spoken of Li Zhi, Li Zhi all these years has not been married, and has not even had a girlfriend . Unfortunately, and Li Zhi re-encounter too late, that time she has been sweetheart, can only say that is never meant to. However, until now, but why God has also arranged two Zaiyu, and until now she has not that girl, but a divorced woman, and also with a daughter. "Romantic, wait a minute, or not met." Liu Lei took out the phone, pulls out a Dong Hao's phone. Liu sister. "Li some regret the run back. 's All intensive vehicles clogging next gongs sound of firecrackers crackling sound seems never-ending, Li Zhi foot resting on the bridge and looked at the front of a loss, such a loss, he has been a long time did not have the . A few days ago, and the fat of dialogue still ran in the ear, but do not want to again encounter casually Xiaguang wandered the shop she opened. Has been going to the evening, Li Zhi cranky did not stop, and this time he has returned home, computer casually drove QQ on clutter news. Listen to music, to quell complicated thoughts. "Zhi opening the table TTPlayer. Randomly put a. "When the moon in my face, I think I will soon change the Mo Yang,Air Jordan 14 Outlet, there is something called ..." Li Zhi sigh breath, this song is not only did not let him calm down, but more messy, especially inside keyword, werewolves, can meet again,Air Jordan V UK, he will be substituted into the unconscious, but also to remember those lost days, that a long time, he is the first "metion accompanied spend. No listening to the song, Li Zhi press the next song, a familiar tune from the sound raised: "once you accompany me to spend so many difficult days, you told me that there is true love I not understand how to care for you, love you, and it hurt your heart? "The Phantom is not discharged, Li Zhi took a deep breath, but also seems to go back to the crazy days of knowing each other sweetheart, You know that is not possible, like moths to a flame, such as singing songs like that, love you, but it breaks your heart. "Change of heart", Li Zhi talking about the song again. "Does not always live up to expectations, the courage to abandon you. Always to blame, not so fast learn to quiet even the tears, the moment to remind, put it down, you can not ..." When love with the sea surging "hit 's, Li Zhi finally gave up to quell the mood with music. His word given the state of inner peace, and love, he still has more ambitious dream world of love, the beauty of the face, how to stand the test of time? Only immortal and eternal, what I do want to emerge as the dream of previously clutter finally straightened out many, just, some pimple not unlock the mere avoidance, but it is useless, but with the The time is more precipitation. QQ on the news many, many friends, most of these silly words in it? Where fortune? Also many news group, of the primary group, the group of junior high school, high school groups, university groups, and then down to is a novel group, the animation group, and finally, several communities and practice. Group a lot, but Li Zhi mostly be shielded, otherwise the daily nonsense of the group inside the computer will be able to have maxed out. Access to the information available, Li Zhi finally see the things that have little meaning, Ha Libo fat information sent. The message is simple, said gave him something, let him pick them up, to contact him after reading. Get in the way? Li Zhi method carefully read what the things are so mysterious? But think carefully, Ha Libo the fat special fans mysterious magician also understandable. Paradise simulator, IP address, account number, figure, letter. Harry Potter mean that his next paradise analog login, and then fill in the IP address given in the log, and then the given account login figure, his character on leaving a few letters of important letters. "Paradise" is a very distant memory, the original Li Zhi and Ha Libo fat is met in that game and become friends, a man named Ha Libo fat magician, a piece of equipment sold to him, the price is not high, 11th million gold, that morning, Li Zhi rare play a night, fuzzy head gold coins to a small press zero ... there simulator computer a few years ago, he also set up their own server open to their own Played mainly for nostalgia. Skilled IP and server name in simulator IP document fill the door of truth ", Li Zhi opens the simulator, up to Ha Libo fat account login, built inside a Master," had plenty of Dream with, Li Zhi Jian No. It is many years ago, when his condition may not "merely having dreams go hand in hand"? Accompanied tunes distant memory that Li Zhi Master standing beside the water are Susurrating city's warehouse, the memory of that time, and was trading Ha Libo fat is in here. Li Zhi point open items bar items section in addition to some unopened letters, are not what debris, and equipment. "Paradise" in the letter is rolled up when not open, then will no longer open does not close this letter Description unmanned seen in previous letters have not been touched in order point, Li Zhi opened letter. The first letter is the "golden curse India", which said the entry door a spell, a spell can be found on the network, also said the golden curse, spell the word no difference, however, was more thing, golden curse and India, which described in detail the curse seal concept formation and specific use and also comes with one of the principle. The second letter "Truth say" write access to and use of the truth, the Li Zhi looked for some, has been to understand the truth of the Ha Libo fat mouth in the end what is, the Western Master mouth of truth and East Road, is in fact a thing. Where Ha Libo fat simple analogy to describe the existence of truth and probably role, they mentioned the rare truth, the practice can permit the no truth Wan, however, he can not prove, to pursue the truth of their predecessors there are ways, just a preacher man preacher, the transferred person a building the base has become, you can Lamdre heritage, this is the foundation of divine. <
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