today is not the immediate

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 10:27
Huge array; one out, he stood up. Breakthrough to God order has been a few months, but never with great eloquence to war once. Although meteors and his battle, but it is becoming more with great eloquence, totally do not touch! In the two duel academy, although also win, but he is really too weak, let him not interested at all. Now the face of the 6 gods of order 2 layer, challenging the nature is not small, but he was quite excited about. Ah ~ ~ ~ Raine fighting rising, add in their own body inside seal all relieved! The dollar baby expects the full strength of spirit. Soil strength surging run orderly inside the body, so long did not experience the feeling of him, could not help but let out a loud roar. Of course, when all his energy releasing, his appearance also restored to their original. The book of changes wrought bone tactic though, but still a part of the energy to control, but after the change of bones and muscles, in consistency and coordination, there will be some discount. A war now key, Ryan will naturally come up with all of the strength! The 6 killer, the rain all see in the eye. Although they are very strange, a holy order master, why would you send out order momentum. But that is only the strength God order 1 layer peak, they either of the six person in a casual can solve his! Originally because into North Face Outlet another environment, a bit scared them, see Ryan strength fully revealed, heart steadfast many instead. Of these 6 men, 4 knights, 2. Boy, what are you? The hell is going on here? To be honest, I give you a happy! One of the 4 Knights of the Wren, shouted. The corners of the mouth is talking, inadvertently, showing a bloodthirsty action. 5 other men, in his words, also released an honest account of the eyes and mouth, unified contains icy smile. Of course, for Rennes at such a young age, but the strength, Citadel Sale God of order 1 layers of this, their hearts are a no fear! Such a person, or is the best talent, or background is hard! Both of them, no matter what, let them know, today is not the immediate child died, is their destruction! Paid no attention to their words, he took out his days to shake the hammer, hefted two, try hand feeling, feel very good, it gave a satisfied smile. This time, the 6 killer opposite, early gas not line, especially the question that, was already began to gather their morale, and rushed in. He was originally want to teleport over, but in the set time, only to find the space energy here does not Langford Parka Men under his control, can mobilize not up, nature also cannot teleport. Not too long a distance of 8 metres, shift not teleport actually also does not matter. A second time! Bang!!! The huge energy with God order 2 layer of a two handed sword, the samurai in one hit, and Lei Enhan day hammer each other coming together. The energy of blasting strong. In the knight's mind, Ryan God order a layer, and the God of order 2 layer intermediate collision, which is tantamount to have a death wish. In the collision!
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