Outdoor sports , special tours and mountaineering

November 05 [Tue], 2013, 14:16
Outdoor sports , special tours and mountaineering , most people like to choose clothing with onion wearing method, namely the inner wicking underwear, underwear and socks , North Face Long down Jackets the middle layer of warm clothing and warm waterproof windproof outer layer .

Focus here underwear. Underwear mainly refers to personal clothing , such as panties \ long johns \ shirts , etc., in outdoor sports , lingerie 's main role is perspiration , breathable and warm and comfortable . Different environments , different seasons , these functions have different emphasis in the spring, summer and autumn underwear mainly wicking, breathable , and the winter and early spring in order to keep warm underwear to be dominated .

Cold winter , prepare a warm and lightweight jacket is undoubtedly a correct and current choice. In the past, when you buy jackets are more concerned about their fillers and cashmere , I feel this is a measure of an important indicator of whether or not warm down jacket . In fact, the charge down the amount is a down jacket filled with all the weight down , that the proportion of down inside the velvet , in other words , the amount of cashmere jackets represent only the "quantity" , truly representative of Down "quality" is fluffy .

Bulkiness (FillPower), is an international measure an important indicator of the degree of warmth down , refers to certain conditions every ounce ( 30 grams ) down the value of the volume occupied cubic inches . If a share of ounces of down to 600 cubic inches space called the fluffy down to 600. The higher the degree of fluffy down , indicating that under the same charge down the amount of down can be fixed to a larger volume of air layer insulation and heat insulation, so the better the warmth of down .

This is relative to the amount of cashmere is more important indicator not only warm down jacket fluffy and high performance,The North Face Sale and light skin, it also allows a change in the past bulky jacket image, in light clothing on a very big room for improvement.