A day middle of Spring 

2008年04月06日(日) 18時16分
It was windy day but nice day for walking around for me.

I hanged around to foot of a mountain. There're some people who enjoy walking and watching Sakura. Suddenly I bumped into a wall painting man in front of me. And I aware tiny dandelions.

The latest day of 2007 

2007年12月31日(月) 9時00分
It's just end of the year 2007 and almost 2008. It's first snowy, cold day and how windy. I thought the winter storm wash islands to welcome new year of 2008. Goodbye 2007. Welcome 2008. I'm grateful for every one that I met them in 2007.
I hope it will be fine next year for every people who live on the earth.

Rosemary Altea 

2007年11月24日(土) 21時21分
I tried much to conect www.rosemaryaltea.com/index1.cfm . but I couldn't get it.
It was always in busy to contact it. How do I get it. I don't know how to get it.
Why? The page must be busy and busy.

An aerial show 

2007年11月24日(土) 15時30分
I left my home early morning and went to see an aerial show. There're lots of craft and huge people came to there. It was clear blue sky and overcrowded. The fighters did air loop, turning left and right, up and down. So I was surprised at their performances.

Red leaves 

2007年11月24日(土) 15時22分
What a wonderful view! I took a breath and saw the view. The temperature was 5c. How cold! Then I was ahead of Mt. IOU. I put my hand with my camera out from window of my car. And I took the pic of Mt. IOU. It's been smoking every day, every hour. I was late for seeing red leaves. They've already gone.

wild flowers 

2007年08月16日(木) 18時47分
I bumped into nice wild flowers in my back yard this week. Then I went to a library for finding its name. That was Lily Easter and a pictorial book of flora says that it is Teppou Yuri in Japanese. I knew it. How beautiful they are. So I took the pic.

what a wonderful song 

2007年07月11日(水) 23時06分
I was in a place, where I prayed at a shrine.
When I began to go back to a parking lot I heard of sounds.
After I prayed at a place, I was walking to go through a forest from a scared place. It was thousands of sounds from cicadas. So I was surrounded by their chorus. The sounds was moving back ward to forward from the forest. And it looks like a magic orchestra. In addition, the song looks like waves as if it was an angel's song. And then the song changed into noise. I've never hard of that. I was amazed such an experience.
I felt a gift from universe at the time.

It was already in June 

2007年06月10日(日) 12時06分
Few weeks ago, I went back to my home cause of my elder sister-in-law died. So she had gone cause of cancer. I thought she lived well. She raised her children well.
Anyway, It was already in June. The spring had gone. And the summer has been coming. Lately I sometimes hear of oxidase smog. One of the cause is air pollution from China. It’s coming with wind and reaching at Japan. No way! We don’t need contaminated air. We just learned that there’s no border for the air.

What a big tornado! 

2007年05月08日(火) 0時26分
It was terrible accident that a tornado ravaged town. So I ran into the news in the morning when I was on the way out of my house. A tv repoter in America said “Gone, Gone.” with watching the town. there's no place to live in the town cause of every thing had gone. And I got it how to use “Gone”. Lately, it is increasing in Japan too and be bigger than usual.

Spring might have come 

2007年02月25日(日) 9時10分
Cherry tree blossomed out in my back yard since last week. They are coming out earlier 3 weeks than usually. But bees haven’t been in there. It’s something very weird and so warm. Nothing is winter in this year.
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