NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is the idea

January 22 [Wed], 2014, 17:26
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is the idea • remove excess point , every touchdown.
Commissioner talking rugby completely eliminate network access points total .
" Additional points almost automatic ," Goodell said. "I believe we have missed five extra points this year 1200 some strange ( to try ) , so this is a very small part , and you want to add excitement every play ."Cheap Jerseys

According to Fox Sports Alliance see missing from Green Bay , Dallas , Pittsburgh , Tennessee, and Philadelphia in 1267 to try .
If you beat the game, is still worth the touchdown six minutes it? Also be abolished and converted two o'clock ?Cheap Nike NFL Elite Jerseys
"So there are some suggestions ," Goodell said. "Some are still through the creative process, but there is a special offer, I've heard ( ) automatically , you get 7 points when you score a touchdown , but you might go a little eighths , by running or passing but if you fail, you will return to the six . "Cheap Nike Kids Custom Jerseys

We must wait and see if the extra -point proposal rods actually become thing of the past . Goodell and note that many ideas are the Committee's recommendations , but most often by the pass , so this may not be any different.