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December 28 [Sat], 2013, 10:29

including the current license holders A total of 20 people or so, these people are so-called "Chinese agent." In accordance with the provisions of the Chinenew balance 999 women
se Basketball Association before each foreign aid must be equipped with the appropriate Chinese agent, Chinese agent's task is approached with the U.S. broker, and then play a "middleman" role. They must deliver an annual deposit of $ 100,000 to the CBA, preventing foreign aid halfway "on foot."However, in fact, before the start of each season, walk in between clubs, engage in foreign aid "business" of the so-called broker is much more than this number, according to Ma Shi estimates that there may be hundreds of people. The vast majority of them, in fact, does not have the qualified broker, "essentially Sichuanese said 'string'."5 "brokers" are called exclusive agent Tracy McGradyCBA signings every time, there is always a lot of big names claiming to hold the hands of the decision aid transfer agent teams for players to sell, but it is funny is that there is often a number of Chinese agent while giving a club Marketing with a player, and both claim to have the player's "exclusive rights."Before the start of the season, as the CBA basketball Sichuan New Army, and the boss is notorious dare ambitious master shot, which makes the Sichuan team as many or true or false in the eyes of the Chinese broker "meat and potatoes." There is a story, in early September of this year, the general trend in the Sichuan upgrade CBA will be the case, before and after five brokers claiming McGrady Chinese people called to find the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, asked Kim strong senior leadership club contact, or I hope reporters can recommend McGrady matchmaking for

their strong aspect to the gold, and they have said that they are only able to represent the whole of China McGrady's agent. These brokers out of the price is different, there is $ 2 million high and low are $ 800,000.Another example, in Haddadi has signed with Golden strong club next contract, but there are still people contact Kim strong club level, which means that he is the only Chinese Haddadi broker must keep Haddadi signed by him, but also come up with a so-called "SMS evidence" Ma Shi told Chengdu Business Daily reporter, "A lot of players simply do not have a fixed Chinese agent, who is a little link anyway, everywhere 'string', wants to earn quick money . ""Blacknew balance 373 cheap
box" operation a single business earns 450,000Chinese brokers earn a "commission" paid by CBA club. Although there is no fixed standard, but industry sources degree commission is generally about 20% of foreign aid salary, of course, depends on the specific talks with the club. However, because many procedures are not transparent, the broker system is also not perfect, it is inevitable that there will be "black-box" operation.According to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, a CBA club choose to let the Chinese foreign aid broker quotes, the other replies of $ 1.2 million. The club then directly asked the U.S. broker, the other answer is $ 900,000, the club finally found the relationship between foreign aid to ask, the answer turned out to be $ 600,000. $ 600,000 difference between this where to go out $ 300,000 is a Chinese broker commissions, $ 300,000 was obtained from broker commissions U.S. foreign aid wages in the United States but also with the Chinese broker broker equally. In other words, in that single business, can be a one-time commission about the Chinese broker $ 450,000.Although it looks quite good income, but according to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, can really do the business that is 5 people, most

of the CBA brokers do not have a business year. One reason for this situation is that the current domestic players can not freely circulate, Ovda said: "Domestic ownership of players belonging to the local sports bureau, difficult to flow, even if there are one or two can move the , also with brokers nothing. foreign aid can only operate this year, a total of 38 foreign aid, in fact, this market is very small, but some teams are qualified to go directly to the foreign signings, took the equivalent of about five hundred individuals Eighty-thirds of resources that others can only do that kind of a tournament operations. "Basketball Deal favorable broker industry normsThe introduction of foreign aid by the Chinese Basketball Association must broker this provision, it had brought a lot of controversy, Liu Jiang, general manager of the Guangdong Tigers had publicly accused of domestic brokers wrecked their renewal Diogu. In an interview with the Chengdu Business Dailynew balance 373 sale
reporters, part of the CBA club believes that poor Chinese brokers and mutual shill management, resulting in foreign aid have skyrocketed, while the club directly with the broker approached the U.S. foreign aid can save a lot of trouble. A club manager told Chengdu Business Daily reporter: "Now the trend is as long as the U.S. broker, under the circumstances the club are sure, you can not Chinese agent."Just before the start of the season CBA league, the CBA announced a series of new policies, one of which is the future of the team and the foreign aid agency, does not need to be by the Chinese broker. In this regard, Wu said very much in favor of, "This is conducive to purify domestic broker market." Ma Shi said many domestic brokers, they do not have the ability to
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