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September 01 [Thu], 2011, 19:05

In the Christmas is coming, the plot home introduced three gem wrist watch for Christmas gift, each watch in different ways and time dialogue, will come to the bright shining jewels.

Each of these works from a pair of skilled hands, is so we can bring passion. Only use Replica Rolex Lady Date watches both hands, can fusion intuition and skills, cognitive and charm; Only use both hands, can control technology and aesthetic details, create unique masterpiece. In order to master clock and the superb skills match, gems must master craftsmen superb technology. They are worthy of the name, continuously surpass ourselves and artists in the legendary snowflakes inlaying shop, meet with precious stones each unique aesthetic challenges, such as required by the flip watchcase decoration etc.

Diamond as unfolding like the petal of a fireworks, supplement on the garish ruby and sapphire, Rolex Lady Date watches new Reverso Squadra Art wrist watch sublime through snow inlaying technique, perfect show the beauty of mystery. Snowflakes inlaying will color depth, strive to reach the limit by arrangement, at the same time satisfy the rotation of the middlecases adornment demand special: no matter what is the wrist watch position, from the front or rear view, design can always happened to hd2 through from. Cutting, grinding stones alone color rich variety, enchase with different color and size division, will close, one gem arranged completely covering platinum case and dial. To finish so exquisite work, spend much time also massacre, time-consuming, more than 563 hours, using 2870 gem, just to create this kind of unique classic. The core of the wrist watch also carry out the pursuit of excellence quality idea: covered with shiny stones in the case, carrying product type 822 manual chain home mechanical movement.

We Master Tourbillon watch is a flywheel tuo bold ideas and the mantra of the song, smart use of Replica Rolex watches materials and decorative art, will become the twinkle of the project perspective drawing. The flywheel the dial 6 men when the position to rotate the elegant, reflect is sector lined the diamond, sapphire, mother-of-pearl, pure peacock feathers and ShaJin stone. ShaJin stones and Venetian states have the deep history origin: three hundred DuoNian Murano, Venice on the island before a glass carelessly a bit potter will filings fell in the glass melting. During the mixture of thus gain glory, with the glittering spots. Glass goldsmith, and will immediately attracted by this all by "accidental" (all ` aventura) get material named adventurine (ShaJin stone). So far, this kind of like gem ban beautiful natural semi-precious stones can still use the name. Venetians Jane and heavy places will the process secret stored, passed on from generation to generation. Master Tourbillon watch of wrist of men we flywheel dial, decorous and precious material bring delicate tonal and charming, and with excellent texture enchase craft of the fan pattern. Rolex watches Arc type makes adornment art of concise watchcase of cutting line all show gently beautiful. Shades of blue luster represents the city of Venice, and the water around in this art treasures around the blue satin strap, the more optional adornment, on BiaoGuan peacock feathers are demonstrated sectoral modelling. Product type 978 machine is home as a genius director, behind the scenes push tuo flywheel operation, and reveals the house permanent perfect product of mechanical properties.

Master Grande Tradition Grande large complex anti-spyware solutions which detection function Swiss Watches Replica wrist watch Venice edition is the crystallization of the complex technology, re-explain the product home early 2010 launch complex function watch. Watch of wrist of perfect fusion mechanical and aesthetic, set three top clock complex functions in one, presenting a "day" dance: three asked time, flight tuo flywheel and stars calendar, common to the city of Venice to deduce the perfect dance. Flight tuo flywheel not only has the adjustment function, in the northern hemisphere XingKongTu blue show carving grain on the dial, but also stars clockwise. Folds of transparency highlights the magic of superb handiwork. The sun dials around a week just 24 hours, and at the same time, date and sign in instructions. In this watch, Leo used the symbol of the city of saint mark's square in Venice to god on the winged lion sculpture beast. 3 q shows the time crystal Swiss Replica Watches sound spring directly fixed in sapphire crystal glass mirror, and equipped with the trebuchet knock hammer, "" bring an unprecedented clarity and vigorous bell. Watch of wrist of mechanical core product family type 945 manual chain mechanical machine, placed inside rose gold case. Atlas central manual sculpture the praetorium Doge of Venice (` s to) spells inlays adornment design.

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