A year

November 11 [Tue], 2014, 12:22
Has it already been a year? That is a terrifying thought in itself, so much has happened. Some good, some bad.

I enrolled and was accepted into a veterinary technician program here in San Diego. I'm loving it and am learning so much, but it's a lot of work and dedication. As a student you must earn a 75% or higher in order to get to the next semester, and I'm about four points off in two classes. I'm working extra hard to make it, otherwise I have to wait a year to enroll again. I don't know if I can go through that heartbreak

Sofa is not doing so well-the Mast Cell tumors are back in different locations, and his bloodwork is showing that his kidneys are not functioning properly. He's almost 12 years old, and I was bracing myself for this, but witnessing the downward spiral of a loved one is probably one of the most grueling things to go through. Hopefully the kidney issues can be reversed with a change in diet, but we won't find that out until we get the results from his last blood draw.

Other than those events things are quite normal around here, I spend most of my free time studying or working on homework so I haven't gotten around to doing much interesting activities. Things settled down after my last visit to Florida, and I can say in great confidence that my help was greatly appreciated.

We have a lot of different animals in the program I'm in, I will try to upload the pictures I have of them, along with the shelter dogs and kitties we treat
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