~★Back to Florida★~

July 22 [Mon], 2013, 16:45
Through a series of events, I find that I am needed back home in Florida, due to a family emergency. I'm very nervous, and scared. I'm already missing the little family I am leaving here in San Diego, and I don't know the severity of what awaits me when I arrive. But I know my family needs me, so I will do my best and work hard to help them out.

I think another part of it is the fact that this time my visit is indefinite, since I'll be dealing with a family member who is of delicate health, and I won't know when I get to come back until they've healed enough. I'm also worried that Sofa will get sick again while I am away...

He is stable now, and the vet said that the tumor is of low-grade, so no need to follow it up with any type of treatment. I'm very thankful for the hard work of the vet and her assistants, and for their continuing care and concern for Sofa.

The hubs doesn't start work until early August, so he's been picking up the slack in the kitchen
I'm very lucky to have such a person in my life

I've also been experimenting with somethings
like making guarapo de pina(I left this batch outside to "ferment", but all you get are mild bubbles) I haven't had this drink since I left Venezuela, and it's something that refreshes when the summer begins to heat up. I tried making a second batch, but the pineapple was not properly submerged, and it got moldy so I was forced to throw the whole thing out.

We've been getting a lot of very ripe stone fruits with our CSA that we can't consume quickly enough, so I decided to make a pie with them. This is a crumble topping pie, I adapted the filling from this recipe by Martha Stewart. Like the majority of the recipes I have tried of hers, this one turned out delicious, especially if served with vanilla ice-cream. Haha, thank you Martha!

I've also taken the time to treat myself once in awhile

I leave tomorrow on a red-eye, and get to Florida early the next morning. I managed to pack within the span of an afternoon, all left is to double check my beauty products and toiletries
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