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2005年09月28日(水) 0時18分

Lazy Monday 

2005年08月29日(月) 23時54分
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Got this article from TodayOnline - Singapore Online Newspaper. Found it rather interesting. Anyone agrees with this article? There's a line in there which states "Girls learn better thru listening". To me I learn better thru doing.. haha.. Maybe I'm the opposite sex. No mood to work today.. haha.. MONDAY BLUE ne~ Worked on my issue again today but still didnt managed to solve it. I have no choice but to approach my tag-lead.. Lata she told me that she'd take back that issue coz i need to proceed on to another project.. At least no more debugging.. ehehe However seeing the start of this new project tat I'm in, realli scares me.. Coz at the speed I'm in, I'm sure im going to die in there...


2005年08月28日(日) 15時25分
Bought my office work home this weekend as usual... Didnt want to bring home initially coz I'm planning to update my website and my freelance work this weekend, However got to know that I need to start working on a new project frm next week onwards, so I have to clear all the issues on my hand my this weekend. Aw..~ realli spoil my weekend ne~

Got my pay on this Wednesday, Total of S$1.3K after CPF deduction which is about S$350. Planning to go shopping soon with my poly frends.. ehhe.. wanna go and get some new clothes.. Seems that my wardrobe doesnt have enough clothes to wear.. ehehe...

Gotta go and finish up my work.. Ja ne~

Mood: Sleepy 

2005年08月18日(木) 23時37分
As promised, I'm updating my blog now.. Neglected my cute little blog for some time now..For those whom have been frequently checking my blog.. ARIGATOU ne..~ For those whom steped into my blog for the very first time, ADD THIS LINK TO YOUR FAVOURITES or ADD THIS LINK TO YOUR BLOG RIGHT NOW! *smiles* I'm getting bitchy here again

Heard this question from one of the radio stations in Singapore (i listen to radio on internet during my work hours ne )

Question: "What do you live for?"
(1) Live for the sake of living and to earn money and work for the sake of living
(2) Live for the actual meaning of living, and spend your life meaningfully

My answer to it would be option (1).. I know it's kinda pathetic.. but it's hard to live the way i like it without money. Isnt that true? What's your choice? Tell me abt it.. Leave a comment ne~

Have been trying to resolve one issue since monday.. and till now i've still no clue on how to solve it. BTW, for those whom dunno, I'm a software engineer, basically doing programming, debugging in JAVA.. Thou there's no deadline for me to resolve this issue, however, i realli hope that i can resolve it myself. As the last issue i have i took 1 week to resolve it, however, i didnt realli solve it myself. Kinda feeling a bit dumb in me..

Gotta go and do my freelance project stuff now. .My client keeps changing on the website layout, which makes me re-doing it again and again and again .. Pi**ed off with him already..

蔡依林 - Don't Stop


2005年07月08日(金) 0時15分
Finally.. FRIDAY IS HERE...! I've been waiting for this day for a looong loong time... Coz sat im meeting my frends to go SHOPPING! ahaha


2005年07月07日(木) 0時19分

累死了! 公司里好无聊哦~ 看着一大堆完全不理解的codes实在闷死了!每天最期待的就是午餐时间以及放工时间了!才第三天,但感觉就好像做了3个月的工了。 每天但着尽皮力劲脚步走回家。



2005年07月05日(火) 23時54分
It has been some time since i last updated my blog. Did you galz miss me.. *blush*.. bleah.. ahahaha...

Started working for the second day now, still getting use to waking up earli at 7pm, squeezing with all people earli in the morning in MRTs, knocking off at 6pm, missing my favourite TV show during office hours blah blah blah...

Talking about my working environment, umm.. it's good, people there are friendly, knows when is the time to play and when is the time to work hard, helpful and many many more good points... Well, neva regreted working there. Thou it's a rather small company with less then 50 employees, but it's easier to get along with everyone there.

I'm currently doing a bank project, something to do with Internet Banking Application etc.. As a fresh grad, everything there to me is new, all the softwares, all the project schedules etc.. But i will try my best to understand everything..

I wun have the time to drop by the SQUAD as often as i do in the past now, however, I'll make it a point to drop by everyday to see the updates..

C ya galz.. take carez..

Good and Bad News 

2005年07月01日(金) 0時11分
Woke up at 11am this morning juz to cook spagetti for lunch for me and my sis... lata on my sis and me tried cooking pop-corn. It doesnt look realli nice.. but it taste delicious.. ..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

THE GOOD NEWS here is..: I'm starting to work on next monday!! and THE BAD NEWS is : My relax life is going to end SOON!! When i started to work, maybe i wun have the time to blog, chat in JDorama as often as now.. I'm gonna miss all those fantasic galz in V6 SQUAD man!!

Listening to: 20th Century Non-stop Remix - FLY TO THE WORLD OPEN THE GATE.mp3

启程 (Start of my day) 

2005年06月29日(水) 9時59分
Woke up SUPER early today at 8am today.. I'm very sleepy and tired as i onli managed to fall into my dreamland only at about 4 - 5 am... Well.. kinda get used to sleep realli realli late.. which is bad man..~ Actualli planned to sleep at 12am yesterday nite, but however dunno wad i do in front of my com, i stayed up until 3 am.. and couldnt get to sleep until 4am - 5am..

Woke up super earli today coz i gotta meet up one of the freelance boss at Geylang to discuss about the projects that I'm going to take.. Coz i tot that since I cant get a perm job now, why not do some free-lance work at home, at least i get paid for some money.. ehehe...

Had HL Milk and bread for breakfast..

Listening to: 張峰奇 - 我想自由
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