consider becoming a mercenary guild

August 28 [Wed], 2013, 18:16
The 565th chapter is the deal; Grinton persuaded the star mercenary group become a mercenary guild affiliated mercenary. [text first book it would have no rain, but the mercenary itself does not depend on any of the forces, which may be of some afford much food for thought. Since glinton know Canada Goose Victoria attached a large force of benefits, the heavy rain the mercenary why not do so? So O Kleiman asked, somewhat reckless, but at least that he is not in the dark suspicion Grinton, so Grinton and Elvis will not have any dissatisfaction. Grinton smiled a little, said: we had heavy rain mercenary does have become affiliated mercenary soldier regiment of opportunity, but at the time Elvis and I do not intend to give rise to the high rainfall mercenary mercenary, you want to keep in the four class mercenary soldier regiment level, even satisfied with just a trapper team, this will allow those big forces gradually lose interest on us. The heavy rain the mercenary strength, if Grinton and Elvis really want to upgrade to the five mercenary group, is not difficult things, but they never get the magician, will not be able to upgrade to the five mercenary, this is rain mercenary own plan, and can not be said is right or wrong, but Grinton face, seems to rain mercenary will go some other ideas. Whether it is a mercenary guild, or other big powers, since the recruit affiliated mercenary, it would certainly hope affiliated mercenary to more powerful as possible, like rain mercenary Canada Goose Sale such a mercenary group, did not attract their attention. After listening to Grinton explanation, Elmar and O Kleiman did not reply, but sat there slowly Banff Parka Sale pondering star mercenary future road. As early as they leave the mercenary guild, Isaac once again said, hoping they would consider becoming a mercenary guild affiliated mercenary thing, when Elmar and O Kleiman did not give a clear answer, but in the Elmar and O Kleiman, there has been a tendency in this area. Now listen to Grinton's advice, Elmar heart to join the mercenary guild idea more strongly. But it is related to the whole star mercenary group event, not from her mind. Next, Elmar let Aokeliman to backyard all the members of the mercenary or all together, going to talk about, but also the way to listen to everyone's opinions. Grinton and Elvis looked at, will take the initiative to take leave to leave, this time but star mercenary chores, both of them to stay here and some don't fit. Not long, O Kleiman took all the members of the mercenary or are concentrated to the front yard, even Melinda the reserve members and fat Haji this supernumerary members also fall. The star mercenary group members on the face smile still did not eliminate, apparently to have a bigger new resident things full of expectation. Wait until everyone has arrived, Elmar and O Kleiman took the four of them went to mercenary guild today after detailed said again, especially points out that the mercenary guild Hope Star mercenary become their affiliated mercenary thing, and also to the mercenary and directly affiliated to the mercenary!
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