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> Chapter 24 Murder Luo Ming just an opening, Lee knew to be worse. She never imagined, usually always "obedient", Laoshibajiao been in her control in the "pawn child", has suddenly stood out. This is Lee now is people in their thirties, a little fat face, a pair of majestic water hyacinth. Usually very good care of the skin because of the exigencies, very white. But this old man lost his temper, makes a heavy heart is easily apparent old, plus the young Lee had not beautiful, big age is even more not as good as even the young. Luo Ming compromised himself watching the woman more than a decade, no wonder Luo grace becomes the heart. Years of despotic and insufferably arrogant, had originally just some love angry rich princess, completely turned into an only know for their own nefarious woman. Watching Lee surprised faces, Luo Ming feel sick, disgusted saw a Luo Ming Lee looked away, watching Lee reminded him before all things. Lee is now my heart is full of shocked, but now she can not stop now, as long as she exports will immediately recruit others to challenge. Front of this man or that has been in control of their own in the kid what? ! From the other side the bright eyes, how to look reveals smart. Today, everything could have been in Lee's grasp, but she thousands of operators million did not think this has been their boy as a tool, that has been well known since the boy was out of the question. Now this boy was standing before him, but she did have a see through each other's feelings, just like her father, looking dignified feel that way sometimes. But her father she thought was hidden, but the thought of before Luo Ming gave her such a feeling, let her not to fight a gas to. Seems he has always been this boy to playing, Lee thought of this terrible gloomy face. Luo Ming sudden move, but also to know the inside story of the other Luo family hearts surprised. May now than in the past, if previously Luo family did not rise until it lost lost face. But now the Luo family already in the state capital is the row number of a large family, but this thing is a little bit of fame accumulate up, can not be bought with money, so the scenery accustomed to their reputation of being a very fancy . At the moment the presence of the state capital are all celebrities and the whole county officials, in case of Luo Ming will come out of his personal life path, this is obviously a dark Luo family, until then estimated that the entire family of Luo family's reputation for decades must be destroyed and once. But they can not do anything now, after all this situation is that Lee's own making, and now that she can not control, only to let developments, others to mention. But the next move was unexpected Luo Ming, so that these people have never imagined, take the initiative Luo Ming, Luo family and not only did not want to be related, on the contrary. Instead, leave a word meaning clear, let Luo grace and Luo family personally explain to disassociate themselves. Few people are watching the boy, a very clever way, at this time is in his favor rare opportunity to revenge, the child must hate the Luo family here a few, after all, can be said that a few people ruin the youth a lifetime. This boy is no ambition, like wealth, can also take advantage of this opportunity and Luo family closer relations, I believe he can face forced to do so, few people would have thought, Luo Ming is just such a simple request to let them. But no matter what is meant Luo Ming, the presence of these things can be so precisely Luo family most willing to see. Luo En startled for a moment, immediately react, look dress negotiated. "Little Friends also surnamed Luo Why? That coincidence, but I believe my little friends should not be a Luo family, within three generations of the family,Oakley Holbrook Sale, but did not call Luo Ming." Luo Ming hear each other personally answer, though more tactful, But enough, since he is himself a man Luo Ming, and the ruthless family no longer the slightest relationship. The presence of people are savvy celebrities, Luo heard such a grace that are exposed to the color of the original so suddenly, as to how many people believe is unknown. In fact, before also thought Luo Ming Luo family here so discredited, but that is Xiasheng practice, with the shake of this large family is all about. Most is nothing more difficult to embarrass them, as long as they are not backing down, Luo scenery can always go home. Luo Ming deal with them there are better ways, there is no need here to accompany the Luo family disgrace. See here today has been achieved, Luo Ming no longer stay here in mind. So indifferent smile on Luo En unflappable said. "So, that next to nothing, and do not bother you for your birthday, and the next leave." Said Luo clouds break on lightweight, you want to make way. In respect of the crowd for this embarrassing farce is finally over, and to breathe when a annoying voice suddenly sounded. "Well, who do you think you are?! Here is to come and stay away place it?" It just has dared to speak aloud in Lee, just because they are afraid not control the situation and people gossip, Luo Ming has now stance is not Luo family, she naturally would not let go. Today, the most irritating thing is, she had the biggest winner was she, now, although the effect is achieved. But she was not comfortable, not considered under angry, Miss temper came up again. Whoever knows himself to be a "fool" cheat ten years, always thought of others stupid, can suddenly find themselves is the most stupid. This feeling of being played out most people can not stand, let alone been conceited Lee. This is how you let her breath swallow down? ! Heard the export of their most objectionable person, Luo Ming face a cold, turned asked. "Then you be one reason or another?!" These years because just this woman, so his mother's untimely death, but also that he suffered misery, this moment Luo Ming moved to kill. Although Luo Ming felt strongly persuade their restraint, now is not the time, but on the front of this woman's Luo Ming is really ruthless Life. In fact, Lee has just appeared, Luo Ming somewhat unusual, ten years hate a person, when they meet did not immediately rush to go, Luo Ming has indicated a very strong willpower, but this also did not attack until he tried to restrain . Now this Lee himself right at your fingertips, Luo Ming in the eyes of the beholder can no longer suppress it no longer could erupt at any time, I saw his eyes gazed at Lee, although now it is unwise hands, but so many years of backlog, In order to hatred, Luo Ming do not mind the impulse once,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx, become a murder fugitive. Originally domineering Lee, who had just come to seize drink Luo Ming. Contact with each other can be a cheerful murderous sharp eyes, but the slightest bit afraid to move, suddenly feeling like one from falling into the icehouse soul fear to let her chills. Luo Ming kind of like a wild beast's eyes gazed at her, as if the driver moving subject will kill her, this fear made her unable to pronounce any sound, his legs did not move nothing to lose control. Scene suddenly quieted down, the original noisy hall, do not know when, all sharp eyes noticed the center of this boy was now in the hall felt very dangerous Luo Ming, only three individuals, one is Lee, because Luo Ming murderous and all of her hair. The other two people are known to the state of the guard adult leader, as a chief of state around how could not foolproof protection, which both have first-class arena. See Luo Ming murderous eyes flashed, are secretly alert, good hands going forward if the other party once the rescue. As for the others did not find Luo Ming danger that individual saw, nor that just being Luo Ming sharp eyes of deterrence and become very quiet. At this critical moment, and suddenly a voice broke the deadlock. "Oh!" See all attention is turned up, the sound that she then said. "This little guy is the one Wangnianzhijiao next, I wonder if you can give a little old lady Thin, should not be too difficult for him?" Speaks precisely of friendship between Luo Ming, his study of the elderly surnamed Lu. Luo Ming elderly sentence awake, eyes murderous convergence up, no longer bother Lee, turned to the old man deep line of a ceremony. A series of things that make the presence of the crowd in a trance, and sometimes did not react. Gallery opening turned out to be the first person known to the state Lee. "Since it is a bit young talent is Lu old friendship between generations, naturally guests, how can we neglect? Daughter just really presumptuous, let Lu old your joke, come ah, Lu added a chair next to the old, Let little brother seated. "It is very mysterious old Lu, although the presence of a lot of people have seen him, but I do not know what he and Lee know the state of the relationship, but look to know the state of their reverent attitude has shocked so many people puzzled. In fact, in the field to know the identity of the old Lu Li also know the state of a person, it is that Lee know the state is known to the state after taking office, the wide exposure to know that in his jurisdiction Qinglin town for so many years, yet there are so Babel figures, the presence of other people can know how the relationship between the inside? This itself is old Lu Daru dynasty, although now back down to stay at home. But his son is still working hand power to the capital, not only that, many of minister of state government and opposition are his protege. This is the energy of the big old Lu, can not imagine, is not known to the state of this little local officials can offend played. Old rare good mood today, willing to compliment peers, it is a good performance, I did not think her daughter almost destroyed, how does he not angry? Him that his daughter is too tiresome, and had not stand her nagging Nianglia, come here today to give her support has been annoying, seeing the convergence objective should be achieved, and can it really do not know life and death of her daughter in front of so many people happens unassuming face, quite unaware of retreat. Now it has been implicated in the Buddha to his side, and now Lu old are opening up, he naturally met. Known to the state in the Luo Fu Lee also half owner, not to mention where he official maximum, not someone else told, there servant deft finishing everything, then Luo Ming has also been invited to this table. As regards the first by Luo Ming Lee suffered a scare, but later was old father stared fiercely a back seat to be seen, but his former husband courteous evil look. Series of blows to her difficult to accept,Coach Bags Outlet, but no one will say ill back room. In this regard, in addition to her old mother asked two other people are indifferent. Lee all this tonight secretly planners, the presence of these people are well aware, are also very disappointed for her, and now engaged in the deserted. It is also no wonder people, good a birthday by her anyhow, the presence of insiders are all very disappointed, including even her father Lee know the state. From this, they even think about the couple's relationship is getting better. Luo Ming and Lu here to talk about the rise of the old. Lu Ming Luo old to be like their parents treat their pro-nephew general, Luo Ming, giving people around when specifically mentioned the two martial arts know the state of the guard, it is also very profound meaning of the red Luo Ming blinked . Get the help of old Lu Luo Ming a warm heart, he was very grateful to Lu old, though he claims himself to be able to escape, but he will face endless hunt. The main thing is Lu always take him as a nephew really look, this and a comparison of the behavior of the Luo family, more elderly people to his care. A banquet in the state of ups and downs over. ! ~! . . <
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