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"If I said the Japanese side group of twelve men I killed, do not know the captain is not also think I do not have the military's bloody?" Word startled thousand waves! "What?" Di Yu words hardly ever sound cheng, Hung Fang, Qiu Ming, together with Di Zhenjun, including all shocked. The SWAT team of the Japanese side, 12 special warfare expert, late at night, are collectively get rid of this thing has spread to the world, the military, in the 'local' range, can be described as unknown, known to everybody. The Hung party, Qiu Ming and Di Zhenjun same impossible not to know, KF and more experienced this issue, the Japanese side of the tragic story of the twelve members of the team he now still fresh in our memory. "Di Yu, not kidding." Cheng tempted to ask, he and DaiJun long suspected the group of Di Yu told the Japanese side were destroyed related, if not Di Yu run fast the plane, he will 'interrogation' his mouth from Di buildings at this time to say, he regarded surprised smallest. If DaiJun here, he will be more interested in. "DaiJun said a word, and he said that I really can not think of who think the Japanese dead! Directorate remember it?" Di Yu asked. "Ah." Cheng nodded his head, frowned and said: "Is that CD you get out intrusive audiovisual?" Black brain sent to the British official disc, you can clearly see the looks of the black brain, which is the black brain first issued this video statement, Liu Wen also suspect that this statement true or false,Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket. Listen to Di Yu said the Japanese side group of people he killed, will have asked. Di Yu did not answer, do not answer this question, he still looked QIU asked: "Qiuda captain, I also believe that there is no bloody military? Fact, bloody than a soldier now, but any man will have! "You say you killed you kill?" Qiu Ming Where is so easy to believe that Di Yu said it is inconceivable that. QIU problem Hung Fang, KF and would like to know, the furniture looked at him quizzically. Di Yu would have guessed they have doubts, ready to answer, faint smiles: "attacked the base of the Japanese side there are three people, the other two left from the Ryder the small Andean Shandong north to the hillside, another China Direct base it British has found evidence, just have not been announced. before returning to the secret the Emperor chamber Duke Alexander Bernard invited seen in me, to this thing, if you do not believe, in my name confirmation to the King's room. " The name Di buildings confirmation to the King's room? ! Cheng and others even more curious, see Di woo words Zaozao, and confirmation to the King's room, reasoned, should not leave. If not false, then there is there are a lot of things they thinking! First of all, the British official why not announced the 'evidence'? Second Emperor chamber Why send a Duke secret was invited to see Di Yu? There is Di Yu Why privately hands-on attacks on the Japanese side base? Now, their hearts really such choppy Cry uncertain. Twelve master of the Japanese side, could be so easily Di Yu to kill, he can do actually big enough to such a state! "So to say, a base for the Japanese side was attacked really dry DaiJun suspect you did not suspect wrong?" Liu Wen is the first to react, staring at Di Yu asked. "Exactly, shallow Chang Gary is I personally killed I promised Li Li they The place is bound to get it back to them! I was a killer background, only know how its eye for an eye person's body from China and South Korea. shallow Chang Gary Battle started using the assault team as the main force against China. believe that you can tell that this is the situation at the time, if I put flares later than one second to throw in the towel, on our side injury more serious, that time residual limbs broken than Li Li and Hong Hu, fix our entire team must suffer bad luck. "nine commandos, all fighting master any of your team overall strength and then even to win the game,Ralph Lauren Sport Shorts, the price paid must be huge! That time, the Japanese side members of the group did no injury, their side is a large broken legs broken hand, even with the ROK side group of people, a small Japanese blew the whistle lifeblood! The stakes in this middle of the pros and cons is not difficult to weigh. "Although we lost the honor in that in a match, but can be multiplied from other places to shame back to each other! People are not, what means revenge?" Di Yu looked QIU questioning the Qiu Ming pondered in silence, the Japanese side group was massacred retaliation than their own imagination, which is much more to be ruthless, he has just added Di yu no bloody. Than one, with his bloody but rather himself. Qiu Ming has basically believe Di buildings, the group of the Japanese side should be no doubt that the homicide. Them to the King's room at any time to verify if this is a lie, not a clever lie. However, he still can not figure out. Not only he, cheng people can not figure out. "Yu Di, which in the end is how is it? Who are the two people you say?" Cheng seriously asked. Di Yu looking around the crowd, the Di Zhenjun since Di Yu say after he attacked a base for the Japanese side, it has not been re-aloud. Not the bottom of his heart, the but did very bottom, Di Yu did not know what to do, for fear of disrupting his ideas and plans, although he advance Di Yu did not discuss with him very dissatisfied! Very very dissatisfied! Very very very dissatisfied! "I know you have a lot of questions to ask me, but if I tell you the other two Who, you must understand the truth." Time, Di Yu will advance with Di Zhenjun talk about , who has just arrived home rushed over, Di Zhenjun he will be pulled here. "Who?" Cheng Chen Sheng asked, I think that CD, his heart already thought of some sort of possibility. Small white face, and the one-armed ape! "Little white face and one-armed ape!" Of Di Yu Yiziyizi clearly say, these two names as if hit Peak bell rang, echoing in their ears. Tiger child, you say, but hell seven warrior one of the two? "Di Zhenjun finally inquired aloud, his face is not only doubts, there is a suddenly. "Yes." Di Yu replied simply, in no hurry to explain, let's wait for them to digest what to say. Cheng, and the flood really need to digest, they desperately wants to win over to the dead wolf organizations Di Yu, turned in front of hell organizations associated ! This is pretty amazing. Hell organizations, too mysterious, too horrible. Long, cheng was the same tone, carefully said: "Di Yu, it seems that now you are no longer based on Chinese soldiers and associate members of the dead wolf to speak with us." Related person and hell, China The military did not dare use! Also could not afford! Far more than the Chinese military over the world a national confidential forces dare not use the hell is afraid! "Be it." Di Yu said helplessly. This was originally not in his plans, but plans to keep up with changes. The outset, Di Yu intention is to in-depth the most mysterious and authoritative Chinese military troops dead wolf can get the protection of China's highest authority, with the identity of the members of the dead wolf. He wanted to use an identity that enables organizations to gradually 'albino' brothers and sisters also sheltered come out from the dark depths, like a normal person to enjoy the power to live in the 'Sun'. Plan from day confrontation, retaliation for the Japanese side group began, he had a better, more efficient plan. Before he saw sister and Zheng day cannon scene together, and not leaving the subject of the meeting with his father, Di Yun Zheng day cannon, he decided to temporarily modify plans. Until the to just listened QIU attitude ultimate plan finally stereotypes. Di Yu did not hesitate to reveal 'relationship' between themselves with hell organizations. The plan has been set, the action begins. You in what capacity, or to tell us what the purpose of these? "Cheng asked. Di Yun's brother! As for the purpose, of course, the three of them to square sharp. "Di Yu laughed. "Can you say more about it?" Cheng a crowd and so is unknown so,Canada Goose Borden Bomber. "Quite simply, Di Yun is my twin sister, she was like my good brother Zheng day cannon." Di Yu said. Do not understand! See the other man shook his head, Di Yu said: "My father did not like Zheng day cannon identity mafia boss, so I do not want to let him re-enter the underworld! Yanjing underground forces, if not a town maintained, however, hold the line, soon will become a mess. now Tiger to help run amok, most likely to command the the organizations support S, the Yanjing underground forces, I need to square sharp trio took charge of the overall situation. "" it's that simple. "people do not believe. "It's that simple." Whether you believe it or not does not matter, the key is that I speak now, or to the the Di family's identity. Di Yu really wanted this plan to be made public, this is a genius plan! Genius that even he had to admire himself. This simple plan, including trying to cheat them Sanshiliuji, Collateral, become masters withdraw its role and initiate the looting, Lidaitaojiang, pinching the cover of darkness, Yu Qin, therefore the public, out of nothing, and last count Interlocking. Di Yu numerous pondering and continuous improvement plans, how can he not become the most brilliant plan. This plan, he first would like to thank Di home can become part would like to thank Father teaches his 'blatant lies'! With the unfolding of the plan, his goal will be reached with the plan eleven, he has this confidence. PS: This chapter is to be regarded as the soul of the book framework, spent too much time! Nevertheless, I believe the brothers certainly worth waiting for chapter symbols have the confidence. As for the flowers, regain weapons rankings first it
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