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Fuqing Bo hasty retreat with his gang members, ran a long way, see Yang Changgen An Zhonghai, Tianxiong help people not to chase, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, carefully point the next brother around three gang Only about eight hundred brothers. Before to 20 million people of the momentum of the three gangs grow today down in the dumps, one night members of the loss of two-thirds of Fuqing Bo heartache, but around this group of masked men, he may not yet alive. Fuqing Bo looked a little surprised at the masked men around leader: "The brothers, just thank you for the help of ex see you dressed like western gang? Why do you want to save you?" "Yes, we are Y south of the gang, because we have a common enemy: Tianxiong help you know now that I want to save you the reason? "the leader of the masked men said dismissively. "In fact, just by virtue of the brothers you these people are my people, tonight want Tianxiong help delisting is not difficult, why do we have to run it?" Fu Qingbo a little sigh, I knew these masked men is a helper for him to spell also will not escape the fate. "Oh, because we just are not familiar with the inconvenient." Leader of the masked men a little sneer, Fuqing Bo really cunning, if just really working with him, he will go all out to fight this? Million square Xiong Luo Mingjun two, but precedent. "Ahem, that is, it is." Fuqing Bo said, a bit embarrassing. "Tonight, we will say goodbye to the future, I will come to you cooperation corresponding Tianxiong help." Leader of the masked men finished, turn around and went in another direction. Brothers, and so on, how to call you? Hope that our cooperation as soon as possible, Tianxiong help with the other two help send certainly will not miss me. "Fuqing Bo to see the head of the masked men have not finished wanted to go, he said hastily. "I surnamed Wu, rest assured that I hope Tianxiong help more than you delisting, these days, I'll send someone to get in touch with you, their three gangs have been a certain degree of loss, recently it is safe, good-bye!" Then head of the masked men, no chance to speak to Fuqing Bo led the men to leave quickly, the masked men chief Wu Xiaofei. See black people left, Fu Qingbo feel better went to his headquarters, with the support of this group of masked men, he had nothing to fear the Yang long root, the An Zhonghai, Tianxiong help people, the most important Y south is a large gang get their support, Fuqing Bo have 100 percent confidence in one night, let off the last three gang. Yang Chang-gen An Zhonghai two see the Fuqing Bo escaped, two eyes on the TV, the hearts understand each other's thoughts the Yang Changgen opening of Zhang Zhiyong stood beside him and said: "the Zhang brothers help Tianxiong you really tough, a gang simultaneously against three gang siege, I think the west is now the most powerful gangs is you Tianxiong help you great pleasure for us, ah, do not know if you still have many people fighting ability? "Oh, the Yang brothers flattering, in fact, three of them gang sectarianism respective preserve their strength, did not reach the heart, united, and it caused us to be an opportunity Tianxiong help fighting ability? these people like me There are hundreds of people, Young Brothers, Ann brothers not to see this? "Zhang Zhiyong chuckled, and immediately understand the meaning the Yang Changgen questioning. "Oh, no, our alliance Well, on the ground these three to help members of the injured people, how to do?" Yang Changgen said tightlipped about to determine not lying, Zhang Zhiyong confident eyes, his mind extremely surprised, Tianxiong help now there are hundreds of just rushing all the way invincible, played Fuqing Bo gang could only parry force without the power to fight back fifty elite. In this case,Canada Goose Men Mountaineer, Yang long the root not dare with Tianxiong, help this time fell out, if the Yang Changgen know the Tianxiong help to fight less than a hundred people, he will be angry and cursed Zhang Zhiyong despicable, missed this time let Tianxiong opportunity to help the circumstances, after the removal of only his gang. "Our alliance is necessary to be in good faith and cooperation, not like Fuqing Bo as lifting a rock only to drop it on their own feet, and I hope in future we want frank help members injured, if they let go, will increase the strength of Fuqing Bo, after our enemies, our enemies, we can. "Zhang Zhiyong said cold to the eyes, the hands do Bozi posture. Ah! But hundreds of people, ah, do so, we will not be too unfeeling? "Yang Changgen whole body felt a burst of cold, he did not think Zhang Zhiyong young age, ruthless treat those hundreds of people, this disregard for human life things rarely happens in the west. An Zhonghai also in fear and trepidation, he with Yang Changgen the idea, originally intend these injured people were all let go, listen to Zhang Zhiyong said, his strange eyes looked a calm Zhang Zhiyong, tan themselves in ruthless not as good as Zhang Zhiyong. Zhang Zhiyong grinned and said: "We are only two things to do, either hurry ruthless, sweep the battlefield, or we notify the hospital rescue walkers to heal the sick, and if I am wrong, the police may be coming. You to make it clear tonight a war, you "accidentally" appear relatively Fuqing Bo, the revenge you should be more than we crazy Finally, you can also see a masked man appears, all the strength of high-strength, plus on this seventy-eight celebrities all let go, Fuqing Bo certainly crowed, even more powerful he will be even more aggressive when you are a wise man, how should I do,Air Max Hoop 91 Sale, I do not have to teach you? "ah?" Yang Changgen An Zhonghai two a police suddenly cold half. Around looking around, covered with dead bodies, not dead people still prostrate to call for help, if this time the police arrived, and that their own party jumped into the Yellow River is also Xibu Qing. These people to the hospital, hundreds of people were injured and police to ask them also troublesome, Zhang Zhiyong, said both of them understand the man of Fuqing Bo two Tuosai thought for a moment, the hearts are being made day war racking our brains, fiercely: "good cunning Fuqing Bo injured people left, let's dilemma, since it is the enemy, we for a penny, in for a pound. them to Blame with the wrong boss, do not blame us, Zhang brothers you really consider thoughtful, we put these people all do the, we'll fully clean the battlefield, to fight in the police to the us has all the finishing is completed. "" Young Brothers, Ann Brothers, things not not act quickly, police may be waiting for us. "Zhang Zhiyong reminded they do not hesitate, got it. Yang Changgen An Zhonghai two simultaneously nodded issued command ruthless members of the opposite in their hands, those men hear, not much to say, the boss said they can only do so, not to mention just some of them were injured, and cut several times, now is the time for revenge, followed Yang Changgen, An Zhonghai they began to massacre injured three gang members. Zhang Zhiyong looking at the screaming voice, tears can not help but flow down a proposal he had killed hundreds of people's lives, the culprit is he, Zhang Zhiyong hand to erase the tears, said to himself: "You Do not blame me ruthless, despicable, go this way, death is sooner or later, I do not kill you, and you will not let me. feared "wicked when I kill countless devils," you do not forget, the brother also had good-natured, innocent too, strive for when a good student too who told me to embark on a Back Road? I have to think long live more exciting live longer than others to get what she wants, I can only choose to kill all enemy block the help Tianxiong before,Canada Goose Womens Thompson, and maybe one day I will be killed, I would have fallen, that When we come back in hell of a battle... "After ten minutes, Yang Changgen, An Zhonghai two men members finally completed a feat all three to help all the injured members of their witch hunt, their eyes filled with a bloodthirsty excitement appreciate tonight kill so stirring, so easy, such as anti-stays, so excited. Zhang Zhiyong see Tianxiong help headquarters outside accumulated on the people who were killed, either Tianxiong help combat ability of many people really want to the Yang Changgen, An Zhonghai two full members were all killed. Looked at both of them one: "Young Brothers, Ann Brothers, you really tough, so short a put just there to breathe all send them to another world, to inform you as soon as gangs of people, each person back a killed three gang members, follow me, a place not far away from us Tianxiong help a pit, thrown down and buried all these people, do not let the police find any evidence otherwise, we are all finished. "Zhang Zhiyong cat's eye, recruited Tianxiong help, Tianxiong help near the place where pit, where hidden somewhere suitable for combat, he was well aware of. Zhang Zhiyong Having the commanded Tianxiong help the members home Nahao tools, led by Yang Changgen, An Zhonghai two of them carrying just killed three gang members, and came back in the woods next to a pit, put those already dead were all put enough pit, continue to dig four or five pit was finally all these people filled, fill soil, was completed. Zhang Zhiyong gravely two Road the Yang Changgen An Zhonghai: "Young Brothers, Ann Brothers, tonight we do some of the things you anyway to find ways to let your hands of members of the tight-lipped, otherwise, we will doom, I believe Fuqing Bo he does not speak out, he can only choose 哑巴吃黄连, three gangs of course, we want more public Zhicheng, solidarity, not overthrow Fuqing Bo never give up. "
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