a discerning eye can be learned

August 06 [Tue], 2013, 16:28
If it is to save Barbara, Liang does not exclude yourself to dig the hole, however, the behavior of high-five too strange, at the beginning, he did not say let Liang can dig, just Even a favor, but also to test something, how now, but according to Chen Liang shot a hole in his request to it, he would do simply dispensers of it? "Father, are you sure you want me hands?" Liang went to high-five designated place, bite the bullet and ask. He was not afraid of hard work, nor is he willing hands, he was indeed no confidence in themselves. If the high five to his dig a pit, he would have hands, but now the problem is that he wants to dig a hole, a treasure room from here leads to the cave. This, I am afraid to go through a thorough pre-calculated? Where to start, have pointed to high-five, but also not too difficult, you can then start to where to dig? How to dig? Liang calculated out. "Yes ah, this person is how you going?" High five pulled a long face: "Just now you do not yet rushing to help? Need You Now how hands, you have hesitated? Still wish to look into the situation in the end ah? "" Well, I started. "listen to high-five say, Liang shook his teeth. Is not dig a hole do? Besides, that treasure room with here, also a room separated estimated will not let him dig too far. He just needs to keep in mind the direction of the treasure chamber, Chong direction that it wants to dig in the past, do not want to come out the big mistakes. "That's right." High five's face a smile of satisfaction, a finger to the underground: "It was here right. Digging down from here, do not deep, about two meters on the line." "Well . "Liang should be a cry, a hand stretched out toward the ground pressure of the past white core slowly approached Barbara. Although Barbara Rui close dialogue to be aware of, but now she really can not attend to the white core. Of course, regardless of whether she has a white core premise, that is, her heart. Never thought that the white core will do something to hurt her. She is now all jīng forces are used in Linzi Hao how to calm down the body's blood on this child. I do not know how, and now Linzi Hao's body, all the blood. Are like boil hot water, tumbling, boiling, her jīng blood entered Linzi Hao body, soon evaporated volatilized. Lin Zaihao even the blood itself, also in this boiling, gradually reduced. So go on, Linzi Hao will die of. Barbara had once again put their jīng blood input Linzi Hao's body, at least, there is blood in her jīng. Also postpone Linzi Hao systemic blood was evaporated time. But, after all, is an expedient measure, but, still a harm than good approach. Barbara was very clear, if you can not find Linzi Hao blood suddenly boiling reasons, but not in time to prevent this phenomenon, then, Linzi Hao will die, she may die. How to do? Barbara felt his forehead, has been covered with cold sweat. This time. Bai Rui doing here? This idea, the moment in mind flashed white core. "I came to save you. Whether then you will not blame me because of this incident, I can not see you being dragged down dead." Barbara White Rui seems seen through the mind. Slowly, talking, a right hand. Slowly lift up. "Save me?" Barbara help Yizheng. Bai Rui want to do? She wants how to save? Does she know how to quell Linzi Hao blood boil? Barbara had not put the whole thing to think clearly, white core beat straight blow out. "Ah?" Barbara finally exclaimed aloud. Her cry shout out, palms white core, has also been solidly hit the Linzi Hao's body. "You" white attack Linzi Hao Rui shot? This sudden emergencies, let Barbara completely dizzy. She simply did not know what to say. Sure enough, the white core selection methods are straightforward really, ah, she does not know how to save her, but knew how to make Linzi Hao died. In this case, a discerning eye can be learned, you want to save Barbara, it must be separated from Barbara and Linzi Hao blood contact. And how to separate such a link, white core is not clear, she only knew that Lin Zaihao if dead, then what will not be still in the contact. So, she's beat up, but genuine. Linzi Hao whole body, have been beat shook her fly up, straight toward the opposite wall smashed in the past. Just a few seconds later, Lin Zaihao that still unconscious body, banging on the walls, but also by the wall bounce back, mercilessly fell to the ground. After a white core so suddenly, Barbara be completely off the leash, zìyóu it. But her heart can understand, Linzi Hao eighty percent is finished. She had no idea how she wanted out, was originally a method of trying to save Linzi Hao, Linzi Hao, became the straw. Knew would be such a result, she told why Liang suggested to try this method can not be restored Linzi Hao sanity it? Barbara's heart, while sadly. "You do not sad." Bai Rui looked at Barbara's face looked very serious and said: "Maybe, people Linzi Hao would rather die, is not willing to make a life can not take care of themselves, but also delirious vegetative do you have a heart tricks, we can not do for Linzi Hao xìng his life. "" hey you "Barbara heavy sigh. Blame, then, Barbara is really unspeakable. Whether caused by the behavior of the white core of what kind of consequences, her mind is to save her. And, in fact, she did, also thanks to her palm, she will not only riding a tiger, crippled, is also likely to lose his life. However, Linzi Hao died on Liang is truly is an irreparable loss. "We should also go out?" White Rui looked at Barbara: "We have for a long time, they are on the outside, but also those anxious." Liang on the outside, about to hit the high palm fingers out of the ground, suddenly Yi Zheng, the extended hand. It then stopped in mid-air. The portrait of a magical hold, suddenly motionless. "How? Chen Xiaozai you the evil of? How not hands?" High five Liang sudden move was startled. "Father you listen to, what is this sound?" Liang remains a kind of stiff posture, but his mouth said high five. "Sound?" High five hesitated slightly side of the head,Men's North Face Apex Bionic Clearance, put his ear to the invisible protective cover, listened carefully. Inside, really have happened. Not only has happened, it happened pretty big. Sound coming out from the hood. "Pop" sound, everything was returned to calm. "This is what the voice of the collision" High five back and looked at Chen Liang. "What can collide inside?" Liang finally moved, he slowly approached the high five. Stopped at his side, he also learned the way, put his ear in a protective cast. "Oh." Liang suddenly uttered a cry, leaning forward, forward foot involuntarily rushed past, the whole body turned on so broke shields, rushed to the treasure room directly in front. "How is it?" High five also looking stunned. Liang shield so was broke? I knew so easy to break through this protective cover, the two of them, do not worry so long dry here? "Are you okay? Liang." High-five and loudly asked. "Nothing, nothing." Liang touched his nose. Want to open the treasure room and reached for the door. Door in Liang fingertips just touching when it suddenly opened. Bai Rui suddenly appeared in the open door of the house. "White Rui, you come out? Barbara it? How she is? You do not succeed? Lulu and Linzi Hao" saw white core, Liang out a series of questions to ask, and regardless of the white core can not digest so much . Chen Liang a meeting and asked Barbara to allow some white core was very unhappy. She is now really some regret, I knew Liang is this virtue, she does not just save Barbara, let Barbara delay time longer, so Liang will be more anxious one is good too. "How? How do you not speak? Just that voice. What is that sound? Barbara do?" White core of silence, really scared Liang it. Just that two loud bangs is how? It really is Barbara "Barbara" Liang Rui pushing white, it is necessary to go rushing into the room. "I'm fine." Barbara's voice suddenly sounded, immediately appease already anxious eyes of Liang. Barbara Nothing, nothing like. Liang greatly relieved. "Just now. In the end is how is it?, How will you come out so late? Things go okay?" Chen Liang a hold of Barbara's hand, one after another out of the question. "Lulu do? How is she?" High five is naturally concerned about his baby granddaughter. Right now. Barbara and white stamen are safely out, it can be high Lulu? He could not see him. In fact, Chen Liang just want to drive a punch, he would also like to follow rushed to come forward. But the white core and Barbara two people do not know is intentional or not, both standing in the doorway, put this on the narrow door blocking a tightly. As people get in, not any who saw him come out of care, high-five also had the heart to suspect asked out. "Lulu right, she did not wake up, so she woke up, nursed back to health a few days, will be completely recovered. Moreover, it has become a demon." Barbara smile some reluctance, but also a little tired: "If the High Father I hope Lulu practice, I can think of a way to let her in the shortest possible time to achieve the level of practice. "" Really? Lulu has nothing yet? "High five exciting two are flashing with tears. This is the problem of tangled ah him for so many years, it's that solve? After his sons will never be subject variability of physical torture, and he was able to recover Beastkin descendants identity, or even practice yet? At first, he was forced to abandon repair, and because successive generations died and disheartened, he thought, so in this life, and after the children and grandchildren, but also gradually become an ordinary human, even, even ordinary human beings do not like. Unexpectedly, he met Chen Liang, also changed the fate of his entire family. "Never mind, Father or to arrange it." Barbara smiled: "Lulu came out, requires absolute retreat." "Good, good, good." Said the three successive high five 'good' word, turned went out. He wanted to tell the good news of his son Gao Meng, GAO Meng also anxiously waiting outside yet, but, Barbara says right ah. He is to properly arrange it. To arrange at least one finishing so high Lulu to accomplishment of the room. "In the end what happened?" Watching high-five left. Shen Liang sè face down. He was very much aware of the white core and Barbara. Must be something happens, will allow them to be like this now. As Barbara said, high Lulu right, it is only a possibility, and the accident is Linzi Hao. "Linzi Hao how the? Earlier that voice," Chen Liang's eyes, from the shoulders of the white core and Barbara swept past, look to the treasure room interior. "Linzi Hao died." Bai Rui casually replied. "Dead?" Liang's eyes, like a cow bell. How is there such a thing? Barbara is not to say, this thing is nothing more difficult for you? Not to say that, even if unsuccessful. Do not have any effect? Now tell him Linzi Hao died? This allows him how to accept? "In the end how is it?" Liang Rui from Barbara and the white side squeeze past. He wants to see for themselves, in the end what happened, Linzi Hao how well will he died, just sound. In the end is how came to her. Is it, is Linzi Hao? Linzi Hao is lying in the treasure room of the ground. His face was sitting solidly on the ground, this position, so serious doubts Chen Liang, Lin Zaihao nose, is not it also have been severing. In Linzi Hao face next, there is a large beach black sè blood. Think about it, it was Linzi Hao hit the ground at the time, vomit congestion. However, this blood Yan sè how is black? Liang looked puzzled Barbara one. She is not put their own jīng blood pressing in Linzi Hao's body again? How her jīng blood and blood Linzi Hao after fusion. Actually become sè? Or that the formation of such a black sè blood with Barbara does not matter, but Jiu put him into a demon blood cause? Now, who can tell him, Linzi Hao is how will lie on the ground? He is not good coffin lying among trees do? Is it a personnel do not know who will not come out himself? Barbara had told him that she Linzi Hao want to do, but it will shake it, do not change the blood, will put people in exchange fell to the ground? Linzi Hao Liang walked a few steps around. Crouches to a finger in the nose Linzi Hao. In fact, Lin Zaihao this position like this, go try his breath had a bit redundant. Estimated Linzi Hao this time, even the body should be stiff, and Liang did so. Just because of his heart, it is all exclusive to accept this fact. Yet. There is always an accident. "Linzi Hao did not die." Liang surprise exclaimed: "You Come, he had the breath." "Did not die?" White core and Barbara each other a look. Eyes are Yaran. White core that beat on their own there is absolute confidence. Beat her to break out when the purpose is to the Linzi Hao of this life,north face clearance sale, how likely she clearly hit, and Linzi Hao did not die such a thing? Liang is not a mistake? Although she did not go to see Linzi Hao's corpse, it was only because she was too confident of their own. Even Barbara, did not see the body Well, she should have told her that beat full of confidence? "How could?" White core and Barbara also turned toward lying on the floor of Linzi Hao walked past. Linzi Hao really did not die. Barbara looked at each other with white core, it is hard to tell at the moment his mind is what feelings. She told Lin Zaihao not my enemy, if not to save Barbara, she would not have wanted to kill Linzi Hao hands. However, she is also extremely reluctant to withstand the failure of her palm. Does the Linzi Hao is now immortal? Or, Jiu's purpose is achieved, Linzi Hao Jiu Li has become a warrior of the body? "Take him to go back into the tree coffin." Barbara seemed to think of what his face with a complex look, lightly against Liang said. "Well." Liang Lin Zaihao heavy body back to a tree coffin, suddenly found that Lin Zaihao than we have before, a lot of weight? How will such a change? Liang frowned and asked: "You in the end for Linzi Hao did what?" "Let Barbara said." Bai Rui threw your hands up, turned toward the treasure room in a corner,North Face Sale, his back to Liang and true True, it seems there's a wall, there is something more appealing to her. "In the end is how is it?" Liang had turned to Barbara. "This thing, that it became more complicated." Barbara smiled: "I can tell you now is that I thought this was an experience of failure, but also they lost Linzi Hao of a life, because this , my heart, very sad, but now, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was successful, and, Linzi Hao's performance now, guess I have proved a sure thing, but have been afraid to identify this thing, right you, but a good news Oh. "" In other words, "Liang elongated tone, said:" No matter what you do for Linzi Hao, anyway, he is now a blessing in disguise, is not it? "" Yes. " Barbara expressed by Chen Liang funny laugh: "You say this is meant, I think, a few days, Linzi Hao can wake up." "how kind of a waking state?" said Lin Zaihao will soon wake up, Liang is some fear. He can not forget that in order to let him know Jiu soldiers fighting characteristics, Barbara, but the Linzi Hao as his sparring, has been urging him with Linzi Hao contest. If Linzi Hao woke up, it has not been restored sanity, Barbara will not trick, and then forcing him to play with Linzi Hao in the end it? If this is the case, he may prefer to Linzi Hao do not wake up. He lay so quiet, so nice. .
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