Tianjin Naval Academy graduate

November 15 [Fri], 2013, 16:46
Xu Jie and Northern relationship now is a deal. Since Xu Jie already paid for, and their ability has been Northern identity, then the Northern side must honor its promise to Xujie An exhaust a corresponding positions. While a pipe band how important jobs? Do not say how to convince foreign central appoint a returning artificially duct tape, is of opinion within the Northern Navy is a very difficult matter to settle. A single large party it is difficult to allow the Northern Fujian among the possible recurrence of a force to contend with him. Therefore in order to make it all a matter of course, and resistance as small as possible, Li Xu Jie arrangements can be described on the pains ah. Neither arranged worse, let Xu Jie dissatisfaction. Can not be given the status of too high, causing unnecessary speculation and some people's attention. Thought to want to, Xu Jie Li decided to go to Tianjin Naval Academy taught learning. Such an arrangement, but very clever, to say the Naval Academy's position does not high enough, and the Northern amphibious two divisions and various bureaucratic compared Naval Academy can only be considered a cold bureaucratic. Rewarded not say no, but no real power. However, if after some careful arrangements and operations, then is not the same. First, at the Men's Timberland High Top like Liu Buchan Deng Shichang these studies abroad and returned admirals such as Ding Yu Huai minister of state, the northern naval officers are from the new generation of Tianjin Naval Academy, (historically there have been a number of military officers began to Northern From Southeast Asia, but then most of the low-level generals basically Tianjin Naval Academy graduate, of course, important positions or Tianjin Min Naval Academy Department persons.) If Xu Jie can help in some people and their own efforts, to outstanding students in Tianjin naval significant impact, then once Xu Jie from the school to the Navy, then, so there is someone available. On the other hand, away from the core of the core of power and interests of the Naval Academy is a quiet haven, generally not someone ask for trouble. Xu Jie is very suitable for the development of such technical talent (at least that Xu Jie Li considered a technical talent, there is no political ambitions) so this Tianjin Naval Academy said it was important also important to say is important not important. Everything depends on how the operation of Xu Jie and Li. While such an arrangement, Xu Jie is satisfied that he understood that in the army mentoring relationship and the importance of Passing the torch. In this case, not only in China, the army in the world are like. For example, U.S. Admiral General Marshall, based on Men's North Face his achievements in the two World War, the U.S. government had intended to grant him the rank of Marshal. But Marshall determined not to accept it. The reason is simple, when the old man in the dark at Marshall served under the command when Pan Star. Pan Star latecomers on the very high value, and to guide and support and guidance, let it all out Marshall Pan grateful, have a conversation, Pan star said Marshall in future become marshal. But Marshall said that the U.S. military says the only marshal is that you, no one can surpass your. This is definitely not the words of Marshall's compliment, in a few decades later, Marshall gave up the rank of Marshal at your fingertips, so in the entire United States history, only a marshal, he is Pan Star. In addition, Xu Jie also clearly know that you want to change the historical process, not one person he can be completed, he needs help, they need to accept China recently modernized education students select one of the elite and the like-minded to go leveraging the wheel of history together, and then change the historical process. So will China get the trace of life from both internal and external. Based on these two considerations, Xu Jie Li accepted the arrangement into the Tianjin Naval Academy, learning to teach from a start. "Xu, you're going to give up our cause and stay in the country to make a clear military academy teacher?" Although Xu Jie Vittorio very long felt want to go back to work, but the presence of all this really happens, Vito Rio was full of skepticism and doubts. In his view, Xu Jie has done for his country more than enough in his Women's Timberland High Top operation, to allow such a low price in order to get the Northern advanced warships, but also through a variety of avenues for Northern understand his potential opponents. "Our cause is still continuing, but now I'm doing another one very important thing, two things are mutually reinforcing, the Qing Dynasty Italy advanced industrial technologies needed to arm themselves with the army, while Italy can derive sufficient funds to develop their industries. "Xu Jie said apologetically harbor. After all these things, and he did not have a straightforward explanation for Vittorio, who made the decision. "Teacher, I look forward to your first fleet in the Far East again Zhezhi play to their talents, I hope that one day, you can charge the Northern Fleet. Italian Royal Navy and establish close contact." Tycho very friendly said. "Thank you for your understanding. Vittorio, if possible, the design bureau can set up a station in the Far East and we can continue our cooperation." Xu Jie finished on Vittorio out his hand. "Really Xu? If you agree, I can set up a division in the Far East, while you will become head of the Far East Division." Said Vittorio happy. "Of course, but you give me a raise, but otherwise I'll quit." Xu Jie said jokingly. "You profiteers, one day, you will be punished." Said Vittorio happy. "Teacher, I'll send someone to help you pick up the luggage. Alternatively, you can also take part bodyguard, after all, you are still clear Nations personnel stationed in the Kingdom of Italy, we have an obligation to protect your safety." Tycho said. "Then thank you so much." Xujie You better smile. "Xu, do you think Congress ordered a clear dome A cruiser class continue after you ordered X-class armored cruiser?" In Tycho and Vittorio gone, has not spoken to Julia Chen Sheng asked. "It's hard. Qing funds have been stretched to the limit. Most optimistic estimate is that we can complete the three dome A cruiser construction has already been very easy." Xu Jie said. "Then why do you persuade the Northern aspect Dome A cruiser instead of buying more advanced armored cruiser?" Julia asked. "To be honest, I doubt the efficiency of the Italian industrial group." See no one else around, Xu Jie said, laughing. "You are unable to complete the Italian side in doubt X-class battleship construction work?" Said Julia dissatisfaction. "I missed more than money, it is the time I need to finish in four years, the Italian side of this type of warship construction work, if not finish four years. Talking about anything." Said Xu Jie very seriously. "Xu, you really sure this war will erupt after four years do? Major shipyards have not done now to find ready, completed in four years from the laying of the keel to the complete outfitting ships, this is a very challenging." Dogwood Leia frowned said. "This I do not care, only to be assured of the premise, I will go to order new X-class warships, boats and did not make the bad is a concept." Xu Jie is very clear, even in Italy, in 1889, Spain has Argentina had built on the basis of this type of warship, built for himself Garibaldi types of warships warships from laying the keel to the service, also spent four years time, not to mention the construction is now bigger and more powerful than the Garibaldi X-class warships. "You want a guarantee?" Asked Julia brow of a challenge. "Yes, one time in four years to complete the construction of warships guarantee." Xu Jie without relent. "If you can raise enough money, I would like Mr. Breen's intervention, the four-year completion is achievable." Thought for a long, says Julia gritted his teeth. "Then I would know the result of." Xu Jie said with a smile. Although they are still doubts whether there is enough energy Julia to integrate the Italian industrial resources and the strength of the Italian Navy, but did not have much choice, he only believes she can do it all.
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