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September 10 [Tue], 2013, 17:15
; and Canada Goose Women's Thompson Parka from the hoarse voice leaves silent can hear, he is at least one no longer young woman, though her box but only ten North Face Outlet thousand around Lingshi, but after all, can prevent the part of Dan monk God consciousness, leaf silent fix for not yet swept into the. 'plastic Dan grass' price from one million five hundred thousand to two million in Lingshi Lingshi, Men's North Face Gore Tex this range has been great, but the price has reached the' limit price plastic Dan grass'. A time that no one to offer, finally let the price two million Lingshi women's got this one line 'plastic Dan grass'. Ye Mo heart is some regret, he regrets not been 'plastic Dan grass', but do not know the purchase' plastic Dan grass'. If he knew the man, might be a deal with her, he helped her refining 'Peizhendan', for a half pay. Experienced 'plastic Dan grass' hot after the next auction, several things are very common, scene gradually into the low plain. The auction was an unknown sit pier, so far, there is no man know this sits Dun materials. I can only say, this is likely to be a foreign buyer, hope to have good luck. If go hand in hand, the auction is not responsible for. The pier was one hundred thousand in Lingshi, every time the price may not be lower than ten thousand...... Liu Dan will be a sit pier on the auction table, sit pier is thick and heavy. But ye silent but almost excited stood up, the pier was taken out for Liu Danyi, the stone him inside the ring, he trembled, apparently sensitive to the auction table sat pier. The pier is obtained from the world, the original Tianyi master in order to avoid him, will not be thrown down by the pier, he found, will lead away the sheep by the way of use. All the time, he did not make clear what is the pier himself, did not think today was found here may cause inside the ring of stone what resonates, and seems to be a stone. An unknown thing is called out one hundred thousand prices in Lingshi, a quiet spot. Even the reason, Lingshi is not washed over, who would not it is without rhyme or reason. The one hundred thousand out of Lingshi to buy an unknown things. They don't think others wrong, you know 'Nan Shan Fang City' strength is more powerful, more than a false god monk. So powerful strength, how can see wrong? One hundred and ten thousand Lingshi. Silent for a long time, people are finally reported out of the price, but he also added ten thousand Lingshi. Although Liu Dan says very clearly, but heard only one reported one hundred and ten thousand Lingshi price, was still a little disappointed. Although I know it is very difficult to sell at high prices, but it is not necessarily, if anyone should recognize what it is, even sell a day price is not impossible. One hundred and thirty thousand as if someone starts a general, second offer directly to one hundred and thirty thousand. The two prices, the scene seems to be lost a stone, began bidding. One hundred and fifty thousand Lingshi. One hundred and seventy thousand Lingshi. Just a moment, this price already broke two hundred thousand. Ye Mo secretly anxious, he afraid others grab this thing, seeing the price more.
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