but not so dense

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 16:46
; you can never distracted, witch has not been eliminated! Black king remind. The nine secret all the word secret Xianwei, let Ye Fan recite such as the ocean, in his incarnation as a three foot two rounded ears like tripod, and the unity of heaven and earth, carrying the avenue. You can't remain in this state, he filled my golden God, and it was closed forever! The big black dog suggestions. Ye Fan and the black emperor together, will encounter serious witch into God, to suppress the inside. Light a god some wrong, plus a large can offering refined weapon to suppress. Perhaps can firmly shut him. Ye Fan returned to his, the strains of Shenlian catch hand, recite such as a river of gold rush, repeated washing this strain as seemingly weak weapon, the original owner Mark thoroughly erased. This is to make God the Lotus Festival, is the demon clan, offspring body, this is a rare weapon. Black king eyes flashing light. You dare to take out? I am afraid that will be the demon clan all over the world! Ye Fan warned it, so a big black dog on the heart of greed. Brush Ye Fan hand Qinglian, sweep lightly, take at the golden bell, bell Yizhen, issued a long trill. Until then, Ye Fancai breathed a sigh of relief, said: Well, two piece of weapon to silence him, while Pang Bo rescued, then decide how to dispose of his. Pang Bo, where are you? In this way... Knowledge of the depths of the sea, came the Pang Bo sound. For a moment, appeared in front of a light cage, completely is to recite the power source of God cast, Pang Bo knowledge, by silver chains trapped. Leaf heart... Pang Bo laughter, tears streaming down. There are also sour feeling Ye Fan's heart, this several years, Pang Bo has been caught, lived in complete darkness life. It's all over, I'll get you out! Ye Fan hand, cut off the cage, to recite the silver chain. Half a quarter of an hour later, Ye Fan and the black king rushed out from the flesh, Pang Bo physical dominance. Ancient trees tower to Montebello Parka Women UK the skies. Here, but not so dense, several Xin Tai is located, water Hybridge Jacket foam heald, old vines drooping, very natural and vivid. In recent years, it is the dark day is also secretly, passive practice most of the time, the only fun is hurled insults at the old...... Pang Bo is an optimistic person, very sad, very quickly to adjust. Ye Fan and he was talking, the old first and Pang Bo and very hard, he came here, but found not the old hall, everything has changed. Especially green Jiao Wang and peacock king two big can help, Shou yuan witch would have depleted and obtain a new chance. Six months ago, witch dominated the flesh, God consciousness force grow more and more. The other end of our star, the secret is the old know. Ye Fan suddenly a surprised, way: what...... It is precisely because of this, I can live. Pang Bo exclamation. The old star attached great importance to the other end, especially about the ancient Chinese all special care. In recent years, the Pang Bo for, since it is a torment, is also a temper. Initially, he and old demon and was a big, can oppress, spiritual progress is amazing. Later, the old body dominance, spiritual progress can only be used to describe the scary. After all, the demon clan high level character, a powerful Expedition Men body, go on the road again practice, can make a spurt of progress. His grandfather, I now;
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