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> Tenth episode Chapter XIII alike confessed after a few ancient Reed Mans, repeatedly appeared in several diversion immortal mountains. wWw, QuANBEn, Com now immortal mountains have no longer have. Crossing the robbery difficult, many experts have when the Sanxian, now past millennium, where the boundary is probably the most Sanxian. Knowledge cents gently swept away under the monk will easily find a dozen nearby Sanxian nearby. The moment he made no secret of the whole body body care Xian Qi manifested, then slowly lower the ladder to becoming an immortal fly. Immortality is not a real ladder ladder, but some of the clouds gathered into the immortality of the highest mountains on top of a hill, it looks very much like a ladder leading to the zenith. Monk did not feel immortal when the ladder is not normal, but now as the culmination of repair, but it is felt immortal ladder on top of a stock singular force in constant rotation. Just monk slowly near immortality ladder when suddenly a sword from a distance Sanxian flying, a whole body immortal monk see the light, they quickly respectful and said: "I do not know the fairy to come here, it is sin." Monk nodded, said: "Thousands of years ago, I remember there was a sea here seems to edge fellow, still alive today?" That Sanxian slightly hesitated, then replied: "Sin came on here? thousand years ago, there is a Haiyuan fellow, but 900 years ago it soaring away, presumably also the years we comprehension Once upon a most fortunate one. "While crossing the robbery harder, but also lucky comprehension, otherwise I'm afraid Once upon a time it did not new blood. Just monk with the name of the style of Sanxian talk about when there are a lot of several Sanxian appears. Of course, they have all right monk than respectful. After all, are immortal epic proportions, as long as learned from the hands of a few fairy hands can certainly enhance a great strength. Monk did not want to tangle with these people, the moment he smiled slightly: "The Sin to rest here a hundred years, helped some comprehension for those crossing the robbery, when the fairy come when they lived here, I do not know ......" "Sin will live on stop here. "That first to recognize the style Sanxian monk immediately invited monks live here. Other Sanxian be outdone, have respectful invitation monks live here. Monk nodded. Subsequently lived in the original edge of the sea the little cottage, stopping stayed, did not dare to disturb the congregation Sanxian monk rest, have to leave. Although it is resting centuries, but it is not good to learn monk array formula, and the moment he leisurely practice together, nor meditation. Big World. . This time was very brisk, hurried past two years, although a lot of people come to feel that the monk himself, but he pretended not pick up meditation, Sanxian dozen monks who are very maintenance on the fairy will intercept all In addition to ten monks. Some people can, and some people can not wait, the monk can feel natural to have a comprehension of which will be crossing the robbery. Another year gone. Monk finally 'wake up' to. When he appeared in front of all sanctimonious when the comprehension for those waiting for help suddenly beamed. But they are not quite Ganluan and monks speak, one of the closest crossing the robbery of comprehension they first received by the monk. That comprehension a monk walked in front, he was very respectful and said: "Excuse the fairy really sin, but it is going to trail crossing the robbery, heard the fairy willing to help comprehension boundary crossing the robbery, so special to Meet on trail cents." Monk looked at the front of the middle-aged respectful comprehension. Slowly nodded: "Yes, the fairy really wants to help the comprehension boundary crossing the robbery." Monk to speak slowly, and that comprehension is some urgency, I saw his face in front of millions of people, Conspire out a treasure box, Lift your hands in front of the monk, said: "As early as heard on cents to rob will lose a lot skill, will send a special trail most precious thing on the soul immortal flower delivery with a supplement." See monk to speak, that comprehension Mangyou said: "Do not postpone the immortal, this is a little something for the trail, though not upon a time than any fairy treasure. but please do not refuse the fairy." monk hearts funny, face but a smile: "Well behold, I will close Next, be regarded as the fairy to help fellow point on your mind. "Lingbao world, regardless of grade, Once upon a time there was not any boundaries to better than a certain kind of argument, only different attributes, the effect is different. Once upon a time but these have not been to the comprehension, but it is never understand this principle. They do not know is more like fairy lower bound. Accept soul flower, the monk and said: "addicts will be crossing the robbery, but you can rest assured that as long as the robbery goes one, you just come to the mountains to the immortal immortal, without a trace of damage will let you safely soaring." This monk Suddenly a word to get around some of the monks seek to find something of comprehension Sanxian understand a lot, crossing the robbery or work there without a trace of injury, said that given the benefits that is not enough, it is possible to accidentally by points on the hurt. It is a completely civilized way robbery, are asking me, you will get good stuff. Calling them: red envelopes. A commitment to get the monk, and that comprehension suddenly put down heart stone,Oakley HIJINX Clearance, present and monks leave, ready to solve some of the things they comprehension in the mountains near immortality practice waiting robbery clouds. Accept the first ceremony, the second, third, naturally dutifully delivered, handled are some of the first monks crossing the robbery comprehension of those things, an instant six colored fetish went into the monk's pockets. Some feel that their gifts are not on the level of comprehension leave quietly, ready to find something better to honor the immortal. Finally, only a beautiful female camel as fairy comprehension. Monk saw her crossing the robbery expert would know, but would like to repair her attracted robbery goes still far things. Moment monk asked: "I am afraid that is not the time fairy crossing the robbery, right? Wanted a hundred years before it can." That looks beautiful comprehension some stiff smile, said: "Little Women know, but the fairy centuries after they left, Today's tragedy is very powerful, I am afraid that is not a small woman was crossing the past. "monk smiled, although the hearts understand, but his mouth was asked:" Well, it is true, but comprehension of things, the most important state of mind, not got someone to help you. "comprehension that woman nodded, then thought for a moment, his face somewhat reddish, and said:" I am old wan sister knew, his cultivation is the same with me, I went a few years ago to visit her, but she is gone soaring ...... "Monk pretending to be slightly hesitated, and said:" Do you know the ancient wan? uh ...... she and some of the fairy Xian Yuan, the repair was immortal Once upon a peak in my mind and spiritual development will naturally repair while improving. "monk saw so crisp that out, that woman comprehension is some blush, but as ten bands will be crossing the robbery to master,Oakley Sport, but it is not a child, slight moment she said: "a small woman like her sister together with wan Once upon a time, do not want to Sanxian, the fairy can also with a small woman ...... alike." When it comes to the word alike, that woman blush to comprehension neck,oakley sunglasses outlet, the sound is also fine endless discourse. Monk this man do no nerve, right at your fingertips things do not suffer as long as no harm, he never refused. I saw the monk smiled and asked: "Do you want with the immortal alike? What's your name." "My name is Blue Moon." Blue Moon a bit stiff, and Once upon a time the most powerful in men alike, is every woman's dream fairy , even if she did just seen his side. Monk nodded and said: "Blue Moon? Good name, since you willing to work with the immortal alike, but they can fulfill the fairy with you." And the immortal and spiritual development, cultivation can soar, which naturally is Blue Moon monks eat tofu Since monks are agreed, Blue Moon will not modesty, slowly walked up two soft little hands, grasp the monk's arm. Yes men like beautiful women, the monk is no exception, it is enticing beauty right at your fingertips. Hand ring clinging to the Blue Moon waist, the monk a diversion so she took her back to the cottage of the Department. I saw a monk holding a blue moon, walk away and lay dozens array formula, suddenly two men near the scene have been obscured in the matrix being. Holding a Blue Moon slightly a Xian Qi, the monk gently to coat her body slowly faded yarn. Blue Moon blushing eggs, tightly holding monk one arm. A wonderful jade body appeared in front of a monk, a man that appeared to reflect, the monk also appeared exactly when, leaving the Blue Moon grabbed his arm, the monk stripped himself, gently separate the pair faded blue moon, entered her. That feeling of a warm body to bring more than just comfortable monks, as well as a steady stream of female genital gas, black lotus slowly running with the air of every trace of the vulva are absorbed practice. At the moment the monks have been completely intoxicated with the spiritual development among the Blue Moon face reddish also from the previous to the moment of flushing, constantly ** She has also been among the monks from the benefits of improved cultivation in fast forward, the feeling is very wonderful. Each whole body immortal place is a treasure, and the monks of the essence, especially, when the last vestiges of the Blue Moon absorb the gas vulva, the monk no longer control their own indulgence reached a peak. Everything is so natural, grew up on the 10th even a spiritual development as long Nazhen small brother to the body are surrounded by warm and humid in the feeling that the culprit. Wear clothing, Blue Moon will tide blushing meditation practice up. Monk absorbed into the vulva of the gas has long been the black lotus full refining. Previously felt Nazhen struggle, the monk suddenly some revel in this kind of thing among the Blue Moon at the moment for the repair will be the first crossing the robbery afraid that one. Blue Moon a transit robbery, that is, to the whole boundary of the female comprehension put a fresh meat, I'm afraid the road will enjoy a monk in a hundred years is very smooth going. Once upon a time on the thought of a hundred years are being female fairy get yourself off, and the monk suddenly some strange excitement, perhaps only he had the men and women who looked far Xianlv relationship between the bar. He needs to open the black lotus leaf, just to help open the black lotus leaf is then sucked on Once upon a woman's vulva Emperor Xian of the gas, the monk will not have any doubts. ps: do not despise monk write too h. Black lotus lack of support for too long, ascetic monks for centuries. 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