Yang Xuan in the mountains

May 18 [Sat], 2013, 18:07
> Blue sky Jiao huge body hit on the hillside, the earth was moving on the nearby mountains are some standing firm. Www QUAnbEN COM and Jin Pao man dragon's back in the sky, in the fall, dragon meat wings hit, suddenly hurt on the plus injury! Yang Xuan grinning cry, and carrying a chaotic stick straight into the past, near, he grabbed the sky Kau meat wings, a vicious tear! Crash! A few hundred feet of the meat wings at the joints Yang Xuan tear off the blood as if you do not pay tap water, Yang Xuan body armor dyed blood red. That the eyes of the sky Jiao fear of color flourished, it struggled to get up and run away, but Yang Xuan how can we let him do so, chaos stick fiercely in his hand, who spent the back of the sky dragon, a direct hit concave inside. "Roar!" Blue sky dragon issued shrill roar resounded through the whole piece of the bones of the slope, the smell of everyone scared! And Jin Pao man in the sky dragon's back, has scared pale, speak not agile. Yang Xuan a blood fat, feeling enveloped magic mist, his footsteps forward a step behind thousands of ghosts and opt issued Li Xiao! Momentum shaking! Yang Xuan step across, went to the Jin Pao man in front of his face, as a cruel smile. "Please, I beg you, give me a break!" Jin Pao man appalled Xinchan the Yang Xuan looked at the blood-red eye pupil, have fallen into a blank, only one idea in mind, mercy, life insurance! Yang Xuan grinning out in the hundreds of thousands of people watched, he suddenly kicked out, blew the whistle that Jin Pao man's head, held the brains splashed on his face, warm ... "Ha ha ..." Yang Xuan sky, laughing! I started laughing, Yang Xuan standing body of the dragon's back, all of a sudden flick, as if drunk in general, a jolt. His continuous war four games, kill Zhang Ji, crushing Independence Day, World War II clots of blood, killing dragon ...... This series of battle, has let his physical strength, greatly overdrawn. Especially in the battle, Yang Xuan also cast a few times God stick martial art, and each time, trying out the mood! For him now, still a little too difficult at the moment, the body is unable to support, suddenly feeling of pain, like ants bite heart pain cold sweat on his forehead. Hundreds of thousands of people in the slope of the bones, looked scared before Yan Yan youth, and my heart is shocked. Most people, the face of two people of the same system, then some rush, but Yang Xuan, but breath massacre of more than a dozen! Mighty furious and powerful strength, shock and awe is all. To kill in the name of God Yang Xuan, was born! Yang Xuan body hop back from the dragon landed down the sky dragon at the moment only last breath, twisting on the ground, it stared in horror looking at the Yang Xuan, did not shot. Yang Xuan did not care about it, he walked slowly a few days ago has been sitting cross-legged, it is the center of the bones slope. He walked very slowly, as if the footsteps contains Wanjun gravity, every step of the fall, covered with blood to flow down his boots on the ground, leaving a blood-red footprints! Step, step ... bones slope of the hundreds of thousands of people, so quiet, craned their necks, watching the slowly walking Yang Xuan. Finally, Yang Xuan came to the bones of the middle of the slope, his body stand up straight, the chaos stick inserted in the front of the ground, look, looking at the bones of the slope of the arrogance of all! At the moment Yang Xuan, this is the end of the storm, but matchless magic Wei, but still overawed all. Time passes slowly past. Bones slope, silence,Air Jordan Take Flight UK Sale, as if the air is solidified, it seems that this is a space horde! In which the passage of time the eyes of Hongmang Yang Xuan has subsided, blood Dan throughout the five-minute effect is over, at the same time, increase the effect of the gods Pharmacy, also disappeared. Waves and weakness in his limbs thrown, this time, even a 150 times Ares, are likely to defeat him. However, Yang Xuan and standing, but no one dared to the front. Gradually, Yang Xuan feel their sight, somewhat vague, he looked at the shadows of the mountains and plains in front of the line of sight as if the ghost, and even his feet on the ground, some not clear. He leaned slightly flick, a staggering pace, almost dumping forward, but because of the support of the chaos stick, he timely and stable. However, the scene of hundreds of thousands of people, always pay attention to Yang Xuan, have hesitated at the moment could not help, immediately bones slope silence was broken, there have been some commotion in the crowd. "This devil fast shock, everyone on the ah!" Kill him, you can get can make me from there to enhance everyone's eyes are red, the original magic of Yang Xuan Wei under repression greed, immediately broke out, one by one greedily looking at the farm Yang Xuan. At this time, a little eye could see, Yang Xuan already extremely weak! Wait a moment, the crowd finally someone himself, screaming, rushed out and went straight to Yang Xuan come. Kill "the man is a young man, up to 200 times the system, he armed with sword, quickly rushed to the front of Yang Xuan, he was strong pressure the fear, sword cut off. Yang Xuan looked up eyes, the slightest angry eyes looked at the young man, the latter hearts Yi Chan, but he is Lixianzhijian, had, therefore, harder to cut teeth. Yang Xuan sneer, he has blurred the line of sight, but the hearts of hostility, but it can not be forgotten, he roared out, lift the body strength, in vascular crack, chaotic He raised his stick, severely hit go. Young man looking aghast, he tried to retreat, but has been open less than chaos stick submerged, a direct hit into a pile of meat residue! Yang Xuan to launch the stick, the more serious body injury, the body involuntarily shaking and nearly fell. "He no effort, everyone!" Someone in the crowd cries out, flying out of the seven or eight figure, driven by these people, hundreds of thousands of bones slope, riots, all of whom are scrambling such as the black tide coming to Yang Xuan. Looked from a height, the encirclement desolate yellowish brown earth, with the surging crowd, that circle has been rapidly diminishing, yellowish brown earth replaced by a black crowd. In the center of the encirclement, Yang Xuan holding a long stick, black hair scattered loose in the head, like the devils in hell through the gap between the hair, he saw the overwhelming crowd, coming from all directions. He seemed skiff about to be a dense mass of the crowd drowned. What you unwilling? What make you cry? Yang Xuan mouth revealing no visible bleak smile, he suddenly thought, if I die, Wei children will not forgive me? Many years later, she will not remember, there was a man called Yang Xuan regrets in love with her! Yang Xuan reach out to erase the blood of his eyes! He soaring into the sky! Open arms to the sky and shouts! Moving Sound fieldwork, heaven and earth and! Lonely, make you crazy? Or crazy, make you lonely? Yang Xuan furious with laughter, with the arrogance of all the attitude of the world,Air Jordan 8 UK, armed with chaotic stick, rounded out the crowd. The chaos stick seemed to feel the mood of the owner, the stick body thrown a bright golden light, power surge. Yang Xuan Chi Gun kill him like a knife, the dense mass of people ripped a blood-red road, all the way to the path, littered with corpses, and blood flowed like a river! Crazy, crazy right! Since the whole world is going to kill you, you kill the whole world! Yang Xuan like a devil came from hell, my hair down in the nether issue grinning sound. The purple flame burning in his body, those who come into contact with people, all burning to ashes. Yang Xuan per kill a person, there will be a wisp of gray atmosphere, Since a corpse floated out, got into his magic armor, and then turned into a haunting fantasy, follow behind him, issued a crazy Li Xiao. Yang Xuan body's blood vessels, have to crack, the blood, such as spring, he was covered in spray. Like bloody Shura, reckless laugh, chaotic stick swing out of the hands of the crowd cleaned up a large. A person, in the hundreds of thousands of trend, with a towering rage, killing spree! Blink of an eye, Yang Xuan behind surrounded by the ghosts, there are thousands of much, from afar, like a dark cloud floating in the sky, the dark clouds, people hear the chilling shrill cry! All the people looking at the horror that bathed in the blood of man, as if to see a devil in general, have to retreat! Yang Xuan laughter, more furious, but a ray of desolation and loneliness, but more full-bodied. His face was covered with blood, hair waving, blood spilled. However, a person no matter how powerful, facing persistent and hundreds of thousands of people, or too trivial. Yang Xuan in the mountains of corpses, looked up, at the end of the line of sight of all the people coming to kill him. His body has been exhausted,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, depleted force, but he could not find one to rely on! So lonely, in the face of all! Will always be left alone to face all! "Ha ha ......" Yang Xuan back laughing, desolate sound, it is heard to tears. "Good-bye, Wei children! If there is an afterlife, I will find you! Goodbye, partners, next life, then a brother! Goodbye, little research ......" Yang Xuan looked at the crowd as a scourge coming, he is about the next moment, will be submerged. In this moment of life and death in this life last Verge, those who can not forget the people of his mind, emerge one after another. With a serene smile, Yang Xuan closed his eyes, opened his hands. The next moment, he was a dense mass of the crowd engulfed ...... up (see 25 Cui more votes, it is a little surprised, I thought I had, at most, 17 eight, the result is unexpected able to write this book up to now, not a person in combat, if not everyone's support, I would not write down.) everyone along the way, I was very moved ... Thank you! lt;; gt; www. <
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