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Chapter 432 one-on-one battle (a) less than 1 km outside the small village, lying in disorder tattered boa constrictor, many of which are green water python. of WWW! Quanben! Com last night's rain, nameless team is safely asleep, and Zhang Jin alone, where beheaded dozens of large pythons. Although the blood of the ground has been rain washed out clean, but confusion python pieces of meat mud, Meng Xiang still imagine a war last night, how intense,jordan online cheap, how startling. There are a lot of tree trunk Zhang Jin H off some were green water python Jiaoduan, somewhat broad, somewhat sparse trees. Zhang Jin fell from the top of the tree floating sludge, glancing proudly the battlefield said: "Meng Xiang, as to your grave, you satisfied with it? Hee hee." His face was forced not wait to look Chazhuo Yao hee hee Guaixiao. "Maybe your grave." Meng Xiang gracefully posture, ready to go. Zhang Jin, the terrain here mud everywhere, but the terrain is still relatively high, still does not form a swamp, so he found his "shaving" speed has little effect, However, for convertible dodge, and has nuanced skills significantly the Zhang Jinyou Li. Although there is a mature, Crystal, Meng Xiang did not draw. Zhang Jin, the power of speed-type balanced strong battle, the significance of the Crystal, not as good as Jones, at the appropriate time for Zhang Jin assault might be able to restore a disadvantage. Face of timid Meng Xiang, Zhang Jin demeanor becomes even more excited. If you do not know the man of Zhang Jin, I thought Zhang Jin is a madman. He almost doubled up laughing, even the sounds are distorted, eyes overflow with tears: "Haha, really worthy of the sweet fruit. Addition to cold Tianyu, you are the first to let me have such a strong will kill you **. Come on, I have been forced to not wait. "He pulled out an alarm clock, God knows why he placed an alarm clock in the space bag, anyway, he can adjust time on the alarm clock, and then back into the space bag, suddenly face a dark, cold cold and said: "now until the moment the alarm sounds, you and I Crue launched, come on, attack it, make me more excited about it." Meng Xiang longer hold your breath, strength, life insurance means . Reiki surging out ground mud like being the twelve typhoons, "spray" sound off from the ground. The king of boxing efficacy of 50,Jordan Take Flight Shoes, and still rising. Meng Xiang can cast the strongest fighting, and the efficacy of the king of boxing up to 55, it is necessary life-saving means. Time is 5 minutes, during this time, Meng bloom Every effort must be made. Do not tempted, do not make the unreal, Zhang Jin arrogant forces retaliate. "H" ground Meng Xiang take a big hole, he, like an arrow Biao before. A split between, I saw Zhang Jin Qingtai left hand, right fist back stretch, then generates a powerful suction. Meng Xiang is not the first time and Max fight, natural to know Zhang Jin's "Deep Stalker Gong interest, he then your feet tap, escaped the Deep Stalker Gong exercise our range, right fist to the four shotgun Reiki, all hit body of Zhang Jin that covered steel-hard muscle. "Porphyrin porphyrin porphyrin shotgun Reiki is like missiles shot in the body of Zhang Jin, he groaned with pain, his eyes even more excited, laughing and looking at Meng Xiang, but no retaliatory action. Meng Xiang was a cold, then called the open. He knew that the shotgun Reiki is unable to give "the outbreak of the bones after Zhang Jin-fatal injuries, this trick was just unreal, but can not think of Zhang Jin does not dodge. "Good strong aura, invisible energy attacks, even 'nuanced drag' can not shed the bombardment force you played this trick I hurt, made me more excited." Zhang Jin finished stature suddenly quivering, Meng Xiang was slightly different from the air around the heart of a Ling. "The afterimage boxing? Why Zhang Jin ......." Meng Xiang mind, such as electricity, launched by Emmanuel defense, then feel the waves of the one unparalleled burning gas hit, let him breathless. Zhang Jin introduced in his body side beat, Zhang Jin Querang the branches around Titicaca fold out. Meng Xiang anxious to support the ground backward Yuekai, Zhang Li area, the body of the clothes, such as paper as crushed body such as off line kite, a series of severing tree, flying out of nearly 40 meters, barely Hold the body. "Hee hee, broke out in the 'nuanced', the dragon-like Wisdom power can be increased to 12 floors, 12 Long 10 as the power, you can, right?" Zhang Jin, as the battle such as games, side provocation softly, while slowly falling to Mengxiang Fei Homeward, did not care about the 5-minute time limit. Energy nuanced and dodge fusion, he was riding in the ground filled with silt, actually did not leave the slightest footprint. Jialing Li Meng Xiang momentum of the body, the hidden force around the corner, "Ten Long 10 as just that?" "Wind," Meng Xiang jump around channeling, all of a sudden, surrounded by Meng Xiang figure. "Good judgment, not close to a straight-line, you can avoid I the 'Qinlong power' However, I am not the only 'Qinlong power'." Words, Zhang Jin Meng Xiang close to, picked up a strong cohesion Reiki fist to Zhang Jin, who hit over. Zhang Jin, who effortlessly with the Quan Feng Qingbai,Jordan 10 Shoes, Meng Xiang avoid attacks. Meng Xiang long been known that Zhang Jin wind Liu step "interest, however, because Zhang Jin dodge rely too much on" wind Liu step ", so just let Meng Xiang organic into. The king of boxing efficacy of 55, but also faint upward trend. Meng Xiang refused to take the body muscle tear like Juteng, light to hide in Zhang Jin moment, the moment will force hastening to the limit, the speed of an instant upgrade, Zhang Jin the unexpected. Wind Liu step is to Liaodi opportunities to assess the speed of the enemy, and then simply attack the subtle fluctuations of the air waves generated in a timely manner before the attack reached out of the way. Mengxiang Gang has just entered the unnamed team when he made an analysis skills Ding Jie, Zhang Jin, to prevent a rainy day. Although even know the skills of Zhang Jin, Meng Xiang, can not find the flaws, but the moment was the moment, through the increase of the king of boxing, enough to let Zhang Jin wind Liu step showing surprising flaws. Faced with the surge in momentum Meng Xiang, Zhang Jin cheeky Sa differences of color, this time from the two step away, can no longer as a means of escape the "wind Liu step. Experience speed Zhang Jin and different thinking skills, Meng Xiang know only melee, he can have an advantage, in order to match the power of. Zhang Jin even in the bones sing "state physical skyrocketing, but he converted the skills and personality, it was decided his methods of combat is not a melee. Punch, such as meteors leave a "cracking" sound every boxing around, every boxing boxing pressure, enough has been far from the trunk of the tree Juzhen endless. Meng Xiang know the bones sing to Zhang Jin physical soared, "passage of time" and "nuanced drag more physical pounding power transfer, so Meng Xiang attack, in addition to" force ", but also" speed " , so each of his fist, almost to make every effort. Strong physique and not lost on the strength of Meng Xiang, Zhang Jin, Meng Xiang fist took one by one, but Meng Xiang too fast, in addition to boxing, but also changing the direction of the attack, like the incarnation of countless blur, around ZHANG Jin into the bombardment. Such an attack, so many martial art of Zhang Jin unable to cast, only fist fight with Meng Xiang, dozens of boxing actually can not account for the upper hand. Zhang Jin doing full in the Meng Xiang Kuanggong, smacked a way out, and then moved away tens of meters high speed, then the volume of soil never can get rid of this dilemma. Meng Shota to understand Zhang Jin, this metamorphosis fighting strong, depending on life and death as a matter of face he looked forward to a long-standing "fruit", he would not give way. The sheer fact to prove this point, Meng Xiang to have long, to attack Zhang Jin short, they do a lot of advantages. A minute of time to death, Meng Xiang crazy fists, the king of boxing bit by bit squeezed his potential, but he knew, in any case, which shares the momentum must be maintained, otherwise, after no longer There is no such opportunities. "Haha, Meng Xiang, you are really a good strong melee I actually can not account for cheap, even in the the 'bones gongs' state, but the game also stop here I said hold kill your determination to fight, but still left to spare, because you are too good, I'm not willing to destroy you when you do not fully mature, but now, you go die by. "even in stormy confrontation, Zhang Jin is still very leisurely, to say This sentence, Mengxiang Li has been movement Zhang Jin Quanfeng have ...... . More to address <
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