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May 24 [Fri], 2013, 12:51
> "Toot toot -" As the referee blew the halftime whistle, Wembley Stadium, all Burnley fans are already happy to not know what to say. wwW! qUANbeN! coM They kept on singing, dancing,Oakley Scalpel Outlet, shouting, cheering, many people's voice has not bear it. But they pleased, twenty thousand Burnley fans momentum completely overwhelmed million people has been Arsenal fans. As Burnley beat Arsenal in the field, like Burnley Arsenal fans is not lost. Arsenal fans though gentle, but does not mean they are not enthusiastic fans. Like their fans will be cheering, shouting, cheering, but Arsenal performance in the field let them down. Throw a ball, it can be said that Arsenal negligence, but they lost a ball is not a question of negligence. Burnley players are elated, because it is so happy. What's this game, this is the FA Cup final. Arsenal Burnley is now two goals ahead, such a big advantage, Burnley FA Cup certain players they believe is their own. George is also pleased bad in the field, before the game George absolutely no thought this game would be like this trend. Although the detailed arrangement of the game before George tactic is to make the contempt Burnley Arsenal slowly. Arsenal's defense moving forward, so Burnley to have a chance to fight back. Arsenal's defense if you do not move forward with their strength and experience, it is difficult to find opportunities to Burnley. But once moved forward, their weaknesses will appear. Is well-known in the English football's defense five old, they all have a common weakness. Is that they are too old now, not explosive, physical function already can not keep up. While relying on them out sè defensive awareness and under the tacit understanding, is still the best defender in England combined. But they most fear is to be speed-type players to fight back, this is George half tactics. "Burnley players are now smile, half indeed they performed very jīng color. Twice a beautiful counterattack, playing Arsenal surprise. Two goal lead, Arsenal would not know how to deal with." " No one thought, Burnley will be leading two goals in the first half. Arsenal want to tie the game, and even go-ahead score, is definitely not easy. Burnley favorite is the case of defensive back in the lead. Arsenal difficult. "" expect more jīng the color of the second half, we are fifteen minutes after the bye. "............ George at halftime and did not say anything else. In the locker room just about everyone praised, and then let the players continue to closely defensive half. As long as anti-lived Arsenal's attack, to win the game. If you have a chance, then we can fight back and then scored a completely seal the victory. Burnley players are confident, half forty-five minutes Arsenal have not found a little offensive points. Burnley now leading two balls, they do not believe Arsenal can score. Wenger is not the second half substitutions, but the second half just started George saw differently. Vieira is more involved in the attack, while leaving behind a person Pettit. Although Vieira offensive strength is limited, but then a big tall, nor is it in the frontier closed area can be ignored. The most important thing is the players and some other different midfielder Vieira technology quite a sè. Big legs, play some small technical Barak is definitely not the opponent. And because the body is strong, so you can stand there, do not be afraid collision. And in front of Ian Wright, Overmars, Parlour three individuals increase the running. And football is more passed between Vieira and Bergkamp, ​​football's transfer speed is suddenly increased a lot. But George has not been arranged for these other, because even if they are running in the frequent, as long as the players stood Burnley position, not to be fooled by their running, then the effect is the same. Kept their football pass outside the area, but have not found a good opportunity to score. Bergkamp while running while observing Burnley defense, Burnley's defense did indeed leak. But Bergkamp did not believe in this world there is absolutely no flaws on the defensive, but until now have not found it. Before coming to Arsenal, Bergkamp spent two years in Italy. While in Italy for two years, Bergkamp's career is gloomy. But in Italy,Coach New Arrivals Online, Bergkamp seen the world's best defense, so Bergkamp never thought in Italy for two years is a failure. He believes that in Italy for two years, so he has learned a lot of different things. Bergkamp has been observed, have been looking for Burnley defense vulnerabilities. Fifty-eighth minute opening the second half is already gone ten minutes. Arsenal have been found Burnley defensive neutral, though frequently passing, but did not tear Burnley defense. Pass into the ball is not easy to be broken, it was the top out. But because Burnley counterattack is not enough, so always Arsenal peripheral control. Vieira after receiving the ball, and again sent directly Bergkamp's feet. It has almost become a fixed pattern of offensive arsenal. Vieira got the ball, it will give Bergkamp. And to get the ball after Bergkamp, ​​according to the situation in the field, or to the left, or right handed. Bergkamp's pass looked Vieira, leans on the back of Neil Lennon. Neil Lennon is like a stooge, like, the whole game is followed himself. Bergkamp did not look back, there is no stopping as usual. But at the back of the ball, with a gently curved instep, Vieira pass over the ball, turned out to turn the original route from the left went straight Bergkamp wear inside. "Vieira pass ...... Bergkamp, ​​wow!!! Bergkamp ball over the back of Neil Lennon, Mitchell,oakley sunglasses store, and Gary Breen from the middle to wear in the past ...... Iraq Grace Wright received the ball, shè door!!! "" goal, and beautiful! I have no words to describe this ball! Only Bergkamp so wonderful to be able to spread the ball! "" Bo Gekan general simply do not look back, just change the ankle, will be able to spread the ball so imaginative and only Bergkamp have such imagination. "Bergkamp of area outside this foot pass, is so ease. Such imaginative, just by the changes through ankle, let behind Neil Lennon, Mitchell, Gary Breen several people all shake his eyes. Simply do not see how the ball is passed in, while Ian Wright went to was very understanding of that position. Ian Wright of the biggest advantages of this player when the door is shè never dragging its feet, the biggest advantage is decisive.雅斯克莱宁 did not react, the ball is already in the goal among the. See Bergkamp so imaginative passing, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray are involuntary praise. They forgot that Ian Wright scored, put all the praise are concentrated in the Bergkamp body. Seeing this, the court can not help but applaud George, this is the Ice Prince Bergkamp ah. There is a saying that is the future, if you want to see the art of football, there are two choices, either go to the Bernabeu to see Zidane's performances, or go to Highbury to see Bergkamp dance. "Although until now, the game was boring, but only a few bright spots, enough to make us remember the game we can see Daniel is Trinidad raid, but also be able to see Bergkamp Brisk a pass, This FA Cup Final has been a very worthwhile. "Martin Taylor is already completely come jīng God, this flash in the pan of the pass, which even in the Premiership, able to see a few times a season. Even among the major European leagues, can not find a few. "This goal, even in the history of the FA Cup is the most beautiful goals. So nice goal, it is rare to see Bergkamp is not playing football, but in the court dances. "Andy Gray for Bergkamp also sincere appreciation. Not only are two narrators, directed also played again and again just Bergkamp's pass. The presence of the fans over and over again on the big screen which looked Bergkamp beautiful dance, in addition to admiration or admiration. In the audience fifty-nine minutes, Arsenal received by Ian Wright Bergkamp's pass, scored a goal. Scores become a two to one. 112 Angel or devil (on) 112 Angel or devil (on the site <
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