was induced into the transparent

August 22 [Thu], 2013, 18:33
; voice falls, a figure walking out, accompanied by a burst of laughter, red bear the sound appears in the line of sight of people. The eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, Ling fox tail things, wicked man of the forest is known, if the jointly with the fairy door people, perhaps he could still unnoticed to do something. But the red bear will be present, perhaps not so simple. Thought of here, will face seyin sink, red bear to be with his practice in about the same, if two people fighting, is bound to cause destruction to both sides of the situation. But will the Australopithecus didn't now, also let the mind could not help but worry, but the snake will seem to have encountered any trouble, two people may be even. Why? Red bear to look is to fall on the body, then laughed: tiger face se how so ugly, don't be hurt not to become? Hum! The nature is to listen to the red bear will ridicule meaning, just cold hum a, don't answer. Since the red bear will be there, our odds and increase a point, this matter should not be delayed., this shot! Kenshin openings way, while the heart is sneer at unceasingly. Sorrow is how to North Face Hybird Sale let the elders in the ancient, their own good to capture the fox tail, do not want to red bear will is suddenly appeared, and this meaning, he and Jiang seems not how in tune. So, my chance North Face Outlet Sale is many. Hear Kenshin's advice, all nod, a huge momentum once again arise out of the cave, lustrous and dazzling light will shine brightly. Attack! With Kenshin cried out, more than 10 light also induced she out, was induced into the transparent mask. Buzz - and that the mask was trembling under the two, made a buzzing trembling voice, obviously is to bear, very difficult. But it is not broken, immediately to restore the natural, but the dim light of many. If you have to hide, until fox will arrive, things will trouble! Also please think thrice before acting! Kenshin nature that individuals have reservations, immediately said. All hearts are easily, Kenshin said is reasonable, so stay, Ling fox will arrive, it will create many changes estimation. Immediately, the dazzling light flickering out North Face Denali Fleece again, the chaotic air began to coalesce, the surrounding wall seems to be unable to withstand all this huge breath, gravel rustled down. Boom -- they attack, finally again severely attacks in the transparent mask. Click -- a clear and crisp crack ring, the transparent mask, a huge crack emerge, with Qi continued bombardment. Finally can not bear such a huge energy, diffusion that crack is rapidly, finally collapsed completely. Debris swirling, the transparent mask finally into the debris, dissipated in the cave. Call - mask side broken, the figure is the first goal was to grab, on Fox tail. The tiger is too anxious! The voice of the elder immediately came, Kenshin had speaking to him, let him in the first out of the shadow. So the elders is almost in the grazing moment, body is suddenly excited she and induced she, sword, straight from the back.
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