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June 13 [Thu], 2013, 10:37
> Demon beneath the central square of the Month Club. wWW. QUanbeN. Com six Happening tsunami after six people appeared at the venue, six primitive capita is wearing robes, looking calm, brow Zhengyilinran, the momentum of celestial dome,Oakley Sunglasses Sports, mighty windy, holding various weapons in their hands, one hand Guan Gong Moon Sword, a man holding a sword, a person holding silver spear ...... wind free? Tao? Chen Qi? Cao Song? Ma Yi? Fengan? The six were for many people is perhaps somewhat strange, but six names but they did not unfamiliar,Oakley Flak Jacket, older slightly larger point even say the name of each one of these six stories behind many of which six are already federal fame old master. Off knife wind free, a few decades ago with a Ping-off knife I do not know how many of evil beheaded. King Tao does not move, a hard power reaches perfection, Babel thoroughly, no one can break. Chen Qi Ling gun, a silver spear Bing Marquis singled Templar four. Hand Song Cao mountains, has a pair of all-conquering palms, a Yu of Granville, hundreds of miles from the earth was moving. Swords MA Yi, ghost ax compaction, a sword pick Changhong, a ghost ax fracturing ...... these six decades ago is one master, and no one can, but more importantly, six of them but contemporary fearless Ares Xue Dong Wei's six disciples! It has been almost six twenty years does not appear in the crowd's attention, and two years later, today, I did not expect to actually Budo Union's identity all appear here, and the wind is busy Pavilion knife beheaded nine days Mr people really staggering. Wind free, mighty windy Hongtao six people standing inside, daylight locked Yuwen opposite Keanu. Opposite Yuwen Quirrell look dignified, calm eyes, held hands and stand behind him two men windbreaker about shot, but was stopped Yuwen Quirrell hand, his eyes busy six people in the face of a wind swept too, was actually smiling, light said "You two quasi Heaven six people, four peak Ares, huh ...... Villains Xue Dong sundial there might be a sort of ability." What! Wind free, Hongtao six people actually have two quasi Heaven four jm; peak Ares? All taken aback and lay! Usually see it is difficult to have a quasi-Heaven, and now even look to see two, but there are four peak Ares. Yan Fei and forbidding places Lin grandmother also shocked, they Budo Union are not very familiar with, there is no communication, and Xue Dong Wei is only heard his name but not its people, but the thought of that Xue Wei's six disciples actually have so Amazing for the repair, even though Yan Fei Xue Dong Wei is also marveled that the division of the road, not everyone can be competent, not to say that the higher the strength, we can as teachers, to teach this practice to go a very complex knowledge, Yan Fei deity but five are open master, but she also did not consider themselves qualified man division, the strength is high, do not know how to teach behalf. "Xue Wei Did not tell you this quasi Heaven and there is a distance between Heaven is called the absolute gap. Yuwen Quirrell did not seem worried, looked up at the night sky,oakley sunglasses online, full moon, he was waiting, waiting for the moon to achieve the most perfect full moon. wind free Dengliu Ren did not speak, they are very clear Heaven's powerful, but also very clear and quasi Heaven Heaven has absolute gap between, though very close to quasi Heaven Heaven is close, but does not fully evolved Prospective Heaven in this world is invincible, but in the face of Heaven but as cats like humans, cats can probably be scratched humans, but humans can easily be a strangled cat, which is a gap, an absolute gap A blood evolutionary chain gap that is difficult to make up a single number from the wind busy six fellow naturally aware of this gap, and they have not come to the Yuwen Quirrell beheaded, and so long as they do is perfect when the full moon lift Yuwen Quirrell, just perfect full moon over, Yuwen Quirrell souls can no longer be open to air and see the night sky above the moon, almost there are more than ten minutes will enter the perfect full moon. "Yan girl, our brothers and six orders of the Bong family division came to assist the guardian spirit to air, listen to everything you send. "Yan Fei nodded and let the wind behind idle and others to come, according to Zang-day program, the full moon to be perfect, not only do not stop Yuwen Quirrell, or even as he opened the demon guardian of the Month Club array, let Yuwen Quirrell could - to immediately see souls to gas, only Yuwen Quirrell crack shot souls to gas, Zang genius can be perfected souls to gas leak. but in the end she did not know what time to open the demon guardian of the Month Club array, Zang days will be notified when it comes to her, Yan Fei can do now is wait and try to avoid any casualties. Suddenly, she seemed to sense something, looked up and looked to the east of the night sky, soon, many people also have sensed, looked up in the past, on the night sky in the east, a touch of yellow light at breakneck speed moving to the side, like a meteor across the void, yellow shimmer approaching, more and more, at this time, people are also vague That turned out to see the yellow shimmer four people. four robed man with hat and saw this pair of dress, everyone can recognize at first glance it is octagonal tower holy man, and three of whom we Also have seen, is not that what previously appeared in Prague and other three ascetic monk TIANYE what? industry and other people in the days still standing in front of an ascetic monk, different is that this ascetic monk dressed in snow-white seem sacred robes, the man about sixty or seventy appearance, kindly face, eyes calm, his hands clasped together in front of chest. saw this ascetic monk dressed in white robes, the spot Fei, wind leisure and other people face are hesitated, Yan Fei did not recognize this person, but sensing that he is a man today, but the wind idle recognize this person, it has a high prestige in the Federal is known as the Buddha of Daxian holy man. Wow the moment, the night sky above the yellow light immediately release to promote, like the Galaxy nine days on the DC and the next general, it seems like a waterfall as the demon falls in front of the central square of the Month Club. yellow light flashed, four bit ascetic monk appears in this. "That ...... that was Daxian holy man. "Some people immediately recognized the Daxian holy man. Daxian Shengseng perennial free outside, Xuanhujishi to all living beings as their responsibility, there are many people within the federation have been too obvious Shengseng help, and everyone knows but Daxian Shengseng Heaven, but it is condescending in this world Xuanhujishi, therefore, be known as the contemporary living Buddha, the federal has a high reputation within the moment to see Daxian holy man, how can people not panic, could not hack, do not few people shouting Daxian holy man's name, and the scene suddenly chaotic up. "Mo mess of you. "Daxian holy man with folded hands, whispered Shen Ming, Shengruhongzhong, sound off, the original chaotic crowd immediately stop shouting."!) <
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