Party Dresses UK Womens from our room

December 25 [Wed], 2013, 16:45
7th wedding anniversary

Well, assuming you are arriving from toronto after a long flight, i would save the eiffel tower for your return stay of 6 days.I say this for several reasons.First, you may well be jetlagged, so i wouldn count on having the (more dresses here) energy or attitude necessary to marvel at the eiffel tower very late into the evening(Especially if you already had a leisurely dinner, wine, etc).Secondly, the eiffel tower is obviously very important to you(This comes through in your writing about it), and if it less than what you imagining, it will be a lt down.If you save it for your return, then it becomes another part of the vacationnot the big event.Do make sure to prepurchase tickets to the top if you planning to ascend.

Here was our first magical night in paris(For our 30 th anniversary).We stayed at the hotel londres eiffel in a 6 th floor room with a view of the eiffel tower.We brought picnic utensils, so we walked around the neighborhood buying bread, cheese and wine and went to the champs du mar for a picnic dinner.We had advance tickets for the tower and were on the top level for sunset.On the way back down, the lights started their 10 pm twinkle.Then we went back to the hotel where we watched the 11:00 twinkle Party Dresses UK Womens from our room.It was very romantic!

Have you read any travel guides at all?Is there an area that stikes your fancy?Seeing that you will be in the 2nd for the last 6 days of your trip, some place different would be good.I agree that you should stay somewhere not too far from the river so you can walk all around that night and not spend too much time on the metro.This is your introduction into paris.There is something special about strolling along the river at night for the first time, feeling the warm breeze and watching the lights dance off the water.You have 6 more days on your return to get into other parts of the city.

You didn say when you are going, we stayed for 1 night in a suite at the grand intercontinental overlooking the opera house.It was everything i envisaged a parisian hotel to be 20 foot cielings beautiful decor french doors.If you are going to do the picnic get whatever hotel you are staying at to do up a basket.First day and first time in paris you don want to source it youself.

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