impression as if ready to disappear in

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 18:23
> Sheen trembling pair will slowly get into week two flat rings of energy suddenly fluctuating, natural energy, light energy,Oakley For Cheap, dark energy between the moment all the more blazing rich. wWw, quaNBen, COm hands are combined artifact suddenly shine incomparable. Like in a huge explosion to tremble and light, energy is finally up riots, as the valley of death to sea snake prey. "Boom." Baoxiang, a black energy in the speed of light into the sky and see the destruction of a strong momentum, as if to break the sky in general. Success, watching strange black light flashing rings, Yeyu Xuan cried excitedly. Ancient Lord of the Rings: Legend is an ancient Xiongmo wear rings, Xiongmo attacks can rival the god of destruction. Defense can match basaltic animal. Even in the ancient era is one of the best king. The only flaw is weaker spiritual power, spiritual defense not. Therefore in order to sly, substitution of supernatural power. Endless unite heaven and earth gods of the gas, in order to the chaos of the Stone forged a special defense spiritual attack God quit. Skills I: endless lessons. Every time you kill a creature, it can be one-tenth of its strongest attributes into their own attributes. While its one hundredth of the energy transformed into his body. Without any restrictions, as long as there are possible biological properties. I heard that it is precisely because of this skill, the ancient Xiongmo was subjected to the entire ancient creature kill. Final muffler cover his tracks. Skills II: The Ultimate detection: No godhead of any creature, both can detect each other's strength. With this skill, we can let you know ourselves, know yourself. Skills III: sly. Entirely remove anything inside your body breath. So silent, colorless and tasteless. When you do not move, the strength To achieve the level of God can not be detected. In the moment you move, your strength is not higher than a big state is unable to detect. Skill four: Magic free thin. Any type of attack to its spiritual Qiang effect. Lord of the Rings four looked ancient skills Yeyu Xuan trembling can not own. One skills are different, Yeyu Xuan carefully looked at the side really is a skills are different. All skills are upgraded, and it is up so badly, and now do not say that kind of silver Naga senior, is the silver Hengfeng, I Yeyu Xuan what fear. Their eyes flashing with excitement, why not laugh the whole face rope mouth. As the old saying goes: Queer. Just Yeyu Xuan excitement to the most extreme time. Lang Lang skies suddenly became very dark. Dark clouds Na Liangdao eyes, slowly receded, but then, countless dark cohesion, shaped like a thief can support the world's big hand from the sky, crashing down, grasping at the moment to bring the artifact to the ancient Lord of the Rings Yeyu Xuan. Feel the palm of your hand with unmatched momentum, as if heaven and earth will. Do not say at the moment Yeyu Xuan revolt, and even a whole body could not move. Watched the huge palm pressed against himself. At this moment Ye Zi Xuan is the first time I felt that he is still vague as the share of arrogance just won artifact Suddenly disappear. Seeing a palm must depressed, Yeyu Xuan ancient Lord of the Rings on his left ring finger suddenly a bright black light emanating. Intense black light so that was not Yeyu Xuan eyes. Instantly, faster than the speed of arrival of palm, black light will disappear again. Open your eyes Yeyu Xuan surprised to find himself the moves, but I do not know that, do not know when their eyes more of a presence. This figure is not really tall, towering palms, and that it is like an ant than with an elephant. But do not know why, watching the sky and back hand figure, Yeyu Xuan mind unconsciously gush thick trust. It was an intuition of trust, it can be said to be blind trust. That figure can defeat the will of heaven and earth. Just at that moment, it all just happened in the twinkling of an eye. Huge palm piercing from. Crashing to the ground tremble when Yeyu Xuan front of black shadow suddenly greeted. With endless icy chill little head hit the top of the huge palm. "Bang!" Palm literally bounced several feet, in Na Liangdao dark eyes, like lightning, fell Yeyu Xuan front of black figure above. It looks like a gaunt figure with the world will unite into the palm of a collision. Actually look as usual, without any abnormal, just that larger hands like a shot, like a breeze in general. But if Yeyu Xuan able to see his positive, would certainly have found his dashing straight sprang up. He lay in Yeyu Xuan front, cold eye look to the sky. Dark by his blow slowly subsided, but followed, the sky dark clouds began to rise again, this time, a lot of dark clouds in the blink of an eye into the palm of that, palm slightly unreal from the beginning, become real condensate up. Five sharp nails, gradually shaped condensate. Again, captured! This time, captured in this hand carved, five huge cracks in space, from the palm of your hand cut nails torn out of the sky like a little as if, suddenly headed toward Yeyu Xuan. The threat of death in Yeyu Xuan hearts glitter flickering, life and death moment, Xuan did not keep the coin, the original god who shut down after a few moments of recognition Yin six strength raised to senior silver. Chest at the day without the slightest neglect lightning release out. Metin hand holding a sword, get the spoils from Tom, class single attack skills, to prove safety sky. Also gaining momentum. Slowly cohesion. Meanwhile black figure, his eyes flashing a little star, suddenly his body, sent waves Qingcui the sound of rapid growth up, turned into a giant height of about thirty feet, he reveals a hint of skin under black light The whole body exudes ancient atmosphere. At the moment the figure, in his body appeared a glimmer Ruoyouruowu gods breath. After strengthening brunette figure, eyes flashing brightly war. Shouted. Feet Dengdeng Deng Ta away. Hands of a condensate, a black hard sword in the hands. "Bang" sound captured palms toward striking, I heard the sound like earth shattering bang came from the sky. Black Sword begins to shatter. Broken road turned into a divine power dissipated. Black figure was also strongly impact the shares. From the roof came crashing down. Landing in an instant Dadi pops fragmentation. Into numerous cracks scattered in all directions. Black figure to himself constantly sinking. Until one hundred meters open field locations. Stopped down. Black figure originally condensate real body that now also changed some little unreal. But he is a war to look thicker. Black figure at this moment completely boiling, foot Yi Deng. Out again. At that moment, a huge hand, after the Zhentui black figure, toward Yeyu Xuan captured start to finish, that dark clouds in the atmosphere, are not changed. Seeing that huge palm also came at this time. Black figure out from the ground, the mouth came a roar, suddenly Wang Li Ye Yuxuan ago, clenched fist, hit with larger hands. "Bang" black shadow once again becomes a little unreal, but burst into laughter, then a huge hand, which he again Zhentui Shuzhang. Anti-refundable, black figure with a smile step forward, swung his right hand again, roaring sound, continue to impact on that larger hands on. "Honghong" Every bump, black figure's body will become illusory one set, but his eyes, but it is increasingly filled with war. "I is ancient Xiongmo, no universe destroy me want to kill me I want to protect the people, old things, do your spring and it works great dream. Brunette figure laughed. Spirit to be crazy zandong covered in this moment, the black shadow body, gradually emerged a huge figure, this figure head days, back body wings,Outlet Oakley Monster Dog, just the wings in the eyes of cattle Sheen's gold than there is a strong four-winged demons countless times. only as wings, to be able to be called the devil's wings. huge figure, at the moment the right foot on the earth, sitting knee single kneeling, head low, as if still asleep, not waking up. brunette figure more than laughing, waving fist constantly bombarded constantly body elevated, then a huge palms, continue to back, with the black shadow of the attacks, virtual shadow behind him, gradually gaining ground. biotite being, has not the slightest angry they are still calm, it really is the will of heaven and earth without any emotion. strong black shadow over Yeyu Xuan seen as if any one person, including those on this send Yeyu Xuan silver four-winged fruit golden devil, can not compare that group did eventually composed of thick dark stout palms, as if defying the black figure that under the bombardment, into the dark among the disappeared, but, in the blink of an eye, that being out of the dark palm washed again, and this time, a huge palm almost completely pour fact, compared with the earlier, the strong multiples. outstretched palm is no longer, but fists, crashing down between a lower, with the shadow of the powerful impact in a fist, but listen to bang, like day collapse, the whole body is almost transparent shadows, giving the impression as if ready to disappear in general, that body is also rapidly falling from the roof at this moment, black shadow behind ghost, like waking from a deep sleep, lifted head, suddenly, the power of the mighty one, and since coming into virtual shadow, black shadow that had nearly transparent body, at the moment in a real condensate, condensate and watch the real extent of the body more than the real truth . black shadow of the atmosphere by the impact that the power of the mighty, once again improved. seemed to blend the world will, at the moment Yeyu Xuan's eyes appeared to be so stalwart, invincible at the moment, did not wait that represents the will of this world and punch fall, black figure at the foot Yi Deng, flew toward larger hands. "banging plow. Black figure's body, and immediately blows far, his body had once again pour real unreal, almost transparent,Oakley Hijinx Online, but laughter, the sound being, revealing a deep pride in meaning. Win, it was all over, he can overcome ancient times all at the moment, he still can. Thick black cloud slowly dissipated, "along with the huge palms, also disappear. D! ~! .. <
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