do not damage the Yigenhanmao

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 16:50
> Danru just looking for an excuse to stay in Korea SD Xiqi hall, pulling me into her room, shut the door, immediately rushed up, brought Xiangchun, fiery hot clear, almost put me melt. wWW, QUANben, cOM lip minutes later, she Jiao Chen said: "You Hurrah! but not more than ten days will hook on such a beautiful girl, you seem to charm even you can cover any of this old head." I shouted wronged , hastily made a simple explanation, she was apologetic expressed mistake me. Get Monv Ren and gold dagger, we go to the house, Korea SD Xiqi Shining eyes on us spinning. I was greatly embarrassed when weak as if nothing had happened and said: "Now there is a Xushi Chen from 0:00, enough for us to deal with the layout chilly wind." Kleen no time to care about what we have done in the room, and said: "What should the next step to do? "Rongdan Ru said:" You just put chilly wind mage later you go to the main hall, trying to drag him, all other things handed down to us. "Li Qing is also shrewd powerful people,oakley for cheap, frown said: "I shall bring him FIR thing, otherwise he does it mean that I do not have a motive would suspect you?" This is another key to the entire layout, how can we miss, Danru said: "You can bring him to fly children suffering from a disease, but the doctor told him that there is no serious problem, do let him see Mo Feier, otherwise he will be seen that there is witchcraft expert intervention which would be bad. "Li Qing looked at me, whispered: "You have to be careful!" turned and went. She was walking forefoot, Danru has come Xiqi beside speak affectionately around her, I know she's pro-women also can not resist even surgery, went outside runoff from the garden pavilion, two breath of fresh air. Little star on the sky, I see relaxed and happy, heart with infinite satisfaction. Just kill chilly wind mage, Empire will return peace, I will redraw the boundaries of all ethnic groups, so that all the music industry home. Then I will be weak as the country with the Xiqi to go witch, and Wudi showdown, save the princess. Xiqi singularity arises from the ruins of the seed, if I bring her intrinsic power play against will be more from Wudi to grasp. Thought here, Danru and Xiqi walked out. They both were hung around his waist sword, British Gas to force people. I reached out to hug both delicate and exquisite waist, smiled and said: "You talk a good big who who made a small no." Rongdan Ru Chen Dao: "Do not drive a wedge between us and sisters to feel clean." Xi Qi said: "The original you early collusion Well, even I believed deceive you. "I said:" Time is running out, we went to Yiqi rescued. "underground cell in the main hall at the entrance like the one in the main hall after box-like square sarcophagus. Sarcophagus horses weeks are vacant. Chamber walls are open there is a row of small windows, so long as each window has a rear guard, a move a stone outdoor static all escape their eyes. Chamber wall hung lantern, lit up within a radius of ten steps horses is bright if daylight. Our air leisurely walked to the square one hundred rooms. Danru, "I contacted the Grey Eagle, the first thing you think he said something?" My great curiosity and said: "What makes you say should never forget the words?" Rongdan Ru lost smiles: " Do you really see through me, Greyhawk talking! Zhanhen requirements Blademaster if your send him one night, Blademaster going to do it? "then stomp Jiao Chen said:" You say! so people afraid, then how can you say I do not never forget, rand you hurry position, would you agree that the dog despicable requirements. "overwhelmed me, and said:" to! "ten steps in front Xingshi Xu office, she pulled me, delicate and charming hanging Zhenshou, sadly said: "You do not know a stand, and I will not let you go." Xiqi twitched Danru sleeves, cautioned: "indoors guards are watching us. "Rongdan Ru lovingly authentic:" Kiki you give me good for a while, so I would not stand against this man, just take you into the underground Xingshi. "I'm afraid to give people inside listen to our words, low voice: "Unless there you nod, or I never would you give it away, half of the evening will not." Rongdan Ru gently said: "These words are too dangerous to your sweet talk Daoxing, there are ways to say I have given the nod. "I want to quickly go in and see Yiqi situation, only to surrender and said:" I will not persuade you, that you are happy now! "Rongdan Ru jumping like a little girl up sweet to me a chuckle: "As you well behaved and beautiful wife go!" walk past the main entrance to the sarcophagus. I still could not parry her pro surgery. We have more than a dozen black helmet by a samurai guarded authentic stone interior, smiling down, to the following gallery entrance on each side nine Xingshi. Room doors are hung on both sides lantern, light reflected under an own terrible sense. I have this terrible place eighteen Xingshi no strangers, when my esteemed father, Lan Ling, is one in which a tortured death. Here though it is underground, but good ventilation equipment will not be stifling. Responsible Xingguan came along to Danru respectful salute and said: "Your Majesty has just informed us that we must all listen to Miss Wing commanded." Spoke, he could not help but peek Danru from time to time, revealing the soul and the sidewalks color grant look. Rongdan Ru Wink waft, said: "There are many prisoners?" Xingguan said: "Only one, others are sent to jail." Rongdan Ru said: "He took us to see." Xingguan very difficult only then moved away from her eyes Qiaolian, leading the way we came to the promenade in front of the bars at the left Xingshi. I startled mind, is it not the tragic death of his father within that room Xingshi do? In my next Xiqi Qiaolian white, the display is a wide variety of both sides Xingshi breakdown of torture scared frightened to torture prisoners. In the four corners of the illuminated lantern, Yiqi tied to a cross in the middle of a large metal frame, head hanging down, on wearing a bright red pen filled with all kinds of strange symbols white robes, unconscious. Xingguan compliance commanded open grilles. Rongdan Ru said: "You wait for us to exit, any person who can not come in, you know! Oh! Keys to me." Xingguan hand over the keys, reluctant to leave. I can not wait rushed past, clutching hands and feet were fastened all been hoop-shaped Yiqi Daewoo shoulders, exclaimed, "Yiqi!" Rongdan Ru said: "Do not worry, he just served to weaken chilly Master feed He will and make him drugged hallucination still end display ****. "Xi Qi said:" When will he be back magic? "I hugged her chilling stricken comforted;" There is good I'm here Kiki do not be afraid. "Rongdan Ru said:" Do not worry! chilly wind mage best magic moment is zero, less than that time will never come. "I applaud and said:" weak as you really are at great pains whenever zero chilly wind will come and cast, will make Korea more convinced we are talking about clear and correct. "Rongdan Ru said:" Now we should I do? "I looked Yiqi, capricious slightly change the original decision will be a good plan, resolutely said: "If I could have changed Yiqi, when the chilly wind to cast, you can give him a surprise on the sword." Rongdan Ru said: "No one can plot against the chilly wind,Oakley Sunglasses Lifestyle, you will see him understand my words, but I really have ways turn you into Yiqi. "I was overjoyed and said:" What way? "Rongdan Ru said:" In such a dim light, as long as I give you a little make-up, unless the chilly wind hold your face that you will never find that out of the package. "My mind a move and said:" You have no way to wake Yiqi, turning him into the old man like me, that I can play by him, out of here. "Rongdan Ru frowning thought, from his arms and took out a small vase, pour out the eight small pills, fed Yiqi eat, and then said:" You can lose the ability into his body to help him fast Point regained consciousness. "I'm busy cohesion spirit abilities by me immediately endless palm into his body through his shoulders. After a good long while, Yiqi groan, looked arrogance, dazed look come to me. I was overjoyed and said: "Yiqi! Was me, I was Rand!" Yiqi startled awake, not confidence exclaimed: "Blademaster! I ......" I said: "Do not speak! Let me untie Your limbs lock ring. "Rongdan Ru drought has hands. After the lock ring to unlock, but for me and Xiqi either side of leaning on him, that he threw himself on the ground. Rongdan Ru moved a chair and let him sit down, take out the day gave me a small bag of turning modification, for his face, hands and feet. I then pulled out a gold dagger, destroyed the four lock ring, so that they can only make an appearance. Cherish the Danru under Soon Yi Qi has become my way around. I take the cake Danru fed to the liquid, with the assistance of the Xiqi, wash his face and hair camouflage, but also my true colors. Xiqi cry of joy, her arm around my lips under the rain, joy exclaimed: "Rand Oh! How much I miss you this evil pondering handsome face!" Yiqi strength gradually resume ashamed to me and said: "Heaven ! How can you come here to save me? "I said:" There is no time to explain. "to Danru and Xiqi two said:" You put away Ji Qi, handed Greyhawk, the Greyhawk send him to a safe place. "Danru came to me, once again displaying her wonderful technique, according Yiqi previously colored hair loose without any human face that looks like, displaying her marvelous technology □ surgery. Xiqi see in the next Mudingkoudai. I feel her real estate broker to a white powder dig wiping his face that comfortable warm feeling, told: "When chilly wind and his men came in, you immediately put down the entrance of a large iron plate, sealed the entrance, I shall Teach chilly wind could not go out. "Xiqi pale and said:" No! I want to stay right beside you. "Rongdan Ru togethers also said:" You still do not understand or chilly wind and chilly wind of his four slaves terrible, I will surely trailing down, and you join forces to tackle them. "I shook my head and said:" If so, we may be wiped out, you are not clear Chu Liqing's capricious, if we all go to the ground down, just shut Kleen entrance, then each vent irrigation, we will die in a pile, who could not save us, so you have to stay on the outside set, monitor, and fall upon Kleen, that is foolproof forward. "Xiqi stubborn authentic: "like a sister on the outside, it is enough, I can find a Xingshi hiding, to help you when you come out." Danru shook his head and said: "You're hiding from chilly wind, he is a spiritual sense of the people, not to mention his two of evil snakes hearing is very sensitive, subtle breath sound, hiding from them. "I said:" You have to notify Greyhawk, featured a number of players out of his ambush in the vicinity,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Cheap, if Kleen ...... "light If laughed: "That would arouse his suspicions, rest assured! I have twelve swim female to help out, do not be afraid Kleen, not to mention do not want to betray Wu Di Li Qing, how to grasp the next to me in the absence of hands, she would also I went to helping save you precious son too. "I believe it is, two women hand lovingly stroking tender face and said:" You two want to act in the camera, take care of each other, do not damage the Yigenhanmao, that would makes me sad is dead. "two women nodded meekly. I stood up, changed clothes and Yiqi pay from their hands me a virtual lock ring buckle in place. Xiqi worry content face, sadly and said: "If you have something, I shall not live." Danru immediately said: "I was!" My heart burst of excitement, and certainly authentic: "Do not worry! A chilly wind How can I deal with them. "Danru said:" Mo Nvren hidden in there good? 'I said: "You put it out, tied behind me, gave me the dagger tie in the thigh." Xiqi said: "We are on the inside turns you what happened." I looked at her and unite the mind, heart and said: "I know you?" Xiqi shocked and said: "Why do I like to hear you in my heart to speak of it? "my heart was overjoyed, that he was not mistaken, Xiqi and snow all have the same spiritual nature, and I can give birth to a spiritual sense. Rongdan Ru said: "You both empathy skills, it is better to do." Then to me Zhengrong said: "My hero, if the situation is not good, you should not try to be brave, it should notify us as soon as possible! "I smiled and said:" Do not worry! chilly wind will be the death of me, the first time to notify you, but I can look you in the above also upsets the perfect thing properly. "<
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