and opened the two spirit of ring amplitude

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 11:08
( chapter seven seven five ) to Byron City North a distance of kilometers Tian Nangong their side Wu Di and nether Mundus their side Wu Di again confront ( life revelation text reading ) .
At this time Nangong proud day has already released a puppet king ,three small devil beast has been standing in Nangong proud days behind him ready to fight . ,your sky this method today seems to have changed ? Watch Nangong proud now radiates powerful breath and body energy fluctuations ,and then looked at the side of Li Hongchang ,nether Mundus some doubts .
didn Nangong Tian said with a smile . How dare you as ninth people to battle ,which I did not think ,but your courage is really worth me admire the ( I is the mayor of the latest chapter ) .
There worthy of admiration ,after all, like you Lord who want to kill them quickly ,Puma Fluxion II,watched you die ,I will not rob head power it is not chance . Had heard that you have the gift of the gab ,a Chi meter ,other do not know ,you this good eloquence I did appreciate .
Thank you for your kind words ,I can not afford the Mundus adults . The emperor love of people ,if you are willing to the emperor ,the emperor that apart from outside the local the continent will be your stage .
But I can you rule the continent of hope . Nangong proud day at nether Mundus faint smile . Young man can be added,Sale Karen Millen Lace, but too arrogant will often pay unimaginable dearly . This would not work Mundus adults more fees at the beginning of your breath .
It seems today and I met is really you ?Just do not know you here other strength you over many practitioners are where to go ? Nether the emperor and turned to look at Li Hongchang ,trying to find some clue from their eyes .
But look for a while or do not come out .The silver moon Empire siege force has on the city of Byron launched the assault ,distant already killed cry . Oh ,Mundus Master, if you doubt my strength our first fight several rounds ? At the nether Mundus puzzled look, Tian Nangong said with a smile .
Well ,I appreciate your courage ,in this case, I try you . Nether Mundus then waved back : you are all back a short distance . Is . Left st make them off some reluctance, but still go back to exit fifty meters .
Your behavior is let me some beg to differ ,but your bearing and the mind and to the younger generation of love I admire ( online fantasy latest chapter ) . Nangong proud day at nether Mundus smiled began with high hat .
Baby ,I lived such a big age ,a descendant of your hand has been very reluctant ,so today I will not cause you down the killer ,will at least leave your life . Nether Mundus at Tian Nangong said .
,the younger generation will thank you . Nangong is proud to present day and night Mundus deep bowing .Seemed to enjoy Nangong proud day of this ceremony ,North Face Bags,nether Mundus mouth was rare with a slight smile .
Day, you take care of yourself . Li Hongchang again saw Nangong proud day eye ,not to say anything and also to back out .The nether Mundus did not let his men were eager to sell, as is afraid now Nangong proud days and other people strength had his hand .
He certainly won side .Nangong proud day at this time but also do not hope that the two sides immediately fights, at Nangong proud in the mind think is best ,today we do not fight,North Face Womens Triclimate Jackets, but he and the nether Mundus fighting, this can give Li Hongchang some more recovery time .
Seeing the men on both sides have been thoroughly back thirty or forty meters distance ,nether Mundus then looked Tian Nangong said flatly . ,now you can hand out . adapt to this powerful energy ,so I need to try to adapt .
Nangong proud day at nether Mundus very calmly said : if you don just waiting for a moment . ,I . Nether Mundus at Tian Nangong light saying .In the gloom of the emperor also do not put Tian Nangong as a peer competitor ,though he knew Nangong proud day strength of strong discipline you and psychic powers also strange at the same time also very smart ,but Hades Mundus or didn see much Tian Nangong .
And at this time the two sides is hands-on ,Tian Nangong also not much will be able to adapt to this unit is strong energy ( sparrow ladies TXT download ) .So this nether Mundus is music to bring a romance to a happy ending .
Completely freely in the air the cross-legged sitting down, Tian Nangong began to feel the method to bring their own powerful energy .At this time because the matrix effect, Minamimiya day energy are very abundant, but some of the protective effects of matrix, Tian Nangong meridian which may have broken up.
Nevertheless ,this Tian Nangong meridian or feel stuffed .Fast running physical energy ,twenty minutes later ,Tian Nangong it in the air once again stood up ,at the nether Mundus salute that said : thank you for waiting ,now the younger generation is ready ,UGG Ansley,we can start a war is it right? ? Well ,now that you then we will begin .
Nether Mundus at Tian Nangong said flatly .Did not say more ,Nangong proud day crazy condensed vindictive ,and opened the two spirit of ring amplitude effect .Thunder wings and vindictive wings superimposed dual contrast, this Tian Nangong flying through the air speed to the extreme .
,there are two flexible ring ,there appears to be an artifact . Feel proud of Nangong day breath transform ,nether Mundus light saying : but even so ,you want me is impossible ,after all our strength difference between difference too far, even with the aid of the method of power ,you would not be able to break through the bottleneck of emperor of grade nine .
So you get the method supporting role and not before you the emperor eight strength of the warrior more . At this time because of the strength of the surge ,Nangong proud day for you also have a new perception .
Speed has more increase ,coupled with their thunder wing of the auxiliary and the spirit ring increase, Nangong proud now moving faster than the immediate nether mundus .Without wasting time to answer the nether Mundus words ,Tian Nangong side condensation energy one side has been towards nether Mundus rushed past, war officially opened .
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