Sebastian Vettel Alonso wrap station decided the championship

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 18:21
Lap 16, Webber's car parked through the track to exit the action from the team radio which is racing KERS system malfunction. Such ranking rose to No. 2 Alonso, Raikkonen, Massa rose to P4, P5 bit. The Hamilton racing tire degradation, WEITAI Rama as huge as three seconds the main Alonso 11 seconds, holiday mariners jersey felix. Alonso brought out of this track during the T19, his tires also declined.

19 laps, Hamilton and Alonso pits to modify tires in addition, Chinese soft tires for ones hard tire. Alonso to move tires on the right rear tire within the delay, a reduction around two seconds. Alonso to move tires delay to allow him in a hand-to-hand combat with Barton. 20 laps Vettel pit stop and use challenging tire, the station carries on lead. Raikkonen 24 lap positioned the hard tire, the precise rear wheel also delays inside the lack of about 3 seconds, cause he were not able to outbound time in front of Alonso. Massa first 26 laps pits to move tires out pressure Raikkonen before. Lap after the finishing overtaking Raikkonen beat Massa. As soon as first pit stop: Sebastian Vettel leading Hamilton to.5 seconds, could not stop Barton P3, 23 seconds behind Alonso P4, Ricardo failed to stop, Kimi Raikkonen, Massa P5-P7 bit.

Race war to half the situation is uncertain Brandon LaFell Nike Elite Jersey. Vettel and Hamilton prior to a competition races. Barton late pit stop strategy being ranked from the first three need defensive four of Alonso. Raikkonen, Massa and Sebastien Grosjean Around 10 secs from Alonso, they compete towards the first five. Pit stay in lap 25, Button finally because of the hard tire alteration of the soft tire, go back in behind Massa ranked P6. 38 laps, Massa force beyond Raikkonen, the rose 4 Alonso escort. The Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel commence the battle, two Hamilton tried frequently to overtake without success. Finally, with the first 42 laps, Hamilton utilize DRS beyond Vitel, rose towards the head position. Lap 46 Button beyond Raikkonen rose to No. 5.

Eventually, Hamilton, McLaren 2012F1 States stations victory, the 2007 Usa Grand Prix in Indianapolis to the winner is Hamilton. Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel the Ferrari Alonso third. Red Bull the constructors' championship on your year residing in advance. Sebastian Vettel usually takes the annual final race leading Alonso a 13-point advantage straight into the seven days following a Brazilian Grand Prix, the annual championship duel riders. It is composed by panthers 11.19.2012
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