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> Chapter 19: flooded the world! 10 minutes is very short, but for the base city of the Russian border, it seems as though over a century, the major base on the streets of the city, it is still a panic, cries thundered sound endless. Www QUAnbEN, com base city in the north of Russia, all the top has to carry the majority of the members hid in the ruins, and close space entry. Inside the ruins, scattered on the street, but not the slightest sound, the doldrums, oppressive atmosphere, such as large stones, piled up in the hearts of all. Whew! Whew! A Road, a trembling breathing, all face with horror, as if for fear of what alarmed, waiting for the final countdown. 9 points, 8 points, 7 points ...... relative to the entire remains of the dead, in the base outside the city, but has sounded Shanbengdelie raging sound, not yet entered the ruins,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket, such as a cat on hot bricks in a clueless panic, I heard a the numerous rapids roaring sound, are not looked up in horror. This one, as if choking. I saw the distant end of the world, a shining white straight line, gradually expanded to the overwhelming momentum coming fast and furious, waves up to baizhang, along the way too dilapidated buildings, have no doubt been washed away, and after spray Meet the black sè shadow, consternation, that the head Long whale! The head of Long whale played out in the waves rolled layers of floods, the impact over. Boom! Base of the city walls papered, the potential to Cuikulaxiu is to break through the sea water diffuse into the city, they flooded the entire base city in the blink of an eye, all the buildings destroyed. "Ah, ah ..." escape "all eyes wide open, such as crazy as turned desperately to escape, but the twinkling of an eye by the flood involved into become the inside Marine Mammals food. "Countdown to the end." Remains within the bell stopped. The remains of streets, silence, rì seem to see the end of the world. Base in China, the bright base city, officers on the street are in rapid retreat, prepared in advance, down at this juncture is not too panic, very early on, retreat into the ruins, leaving only a vestige entrance to observe outside. Tower of the base city, deserted streets waste paper floating in the sobbing wind volume. A ghost in Atlantis City zhōngyāng, bright temple vote shè the hung upside down over the city, the ghost is a flood from a distance rushing to destroy the appearance of the city, that stormy sea forces of nature, so that the all mind trembling, unable to feel no resistance. All see gripped silence, feel the heavy weight of the atmosphere breath, but to gas. A deserted bells, through loudspeakers, pass in the entire city, such as the death of the persistently urge to report the time of arrival of the flood. Silence! Silence! The world, in addition to this day off to destroy the great flood, all parts of the doldrums, drowsy behind the clouds, as if a pair of eyes watching this piece of land in indifference. City of Guangming base. All God sè of tension, watching the video transmission is placed in the base city of Russia, the floods have inundated several major Russian base city, destroying the video are becoming a blur, no signal. When flooded the world is a new era: Ice Age! The bell sounded ...... all silent prayer ... in the world's major regions, sea surge, breaking the coast, above sea level at the end of the country submerged, Ju-wei, human face of this world so small and humble. Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney Opera House in Australia, New York zìyóu Goddess of ... building on the entire continent, culture, have become a thing of the past, the great flood to destroy submerged deposited on the seabed. The bright base city streets, deserted, no shadows, about in Russia flooded after about half an hour, the roar of the flood, from a distance came quickly, earth-shattering, layers of whitecaps sweeping the absolute wonders of the world, The even Qiantang River cháo in front of pediatrics. Boom! City walls collapsed, seawater inflow comes in, the base city immediately flooded, destroying the blue waters rise, the the Baizhang towering walls were covered, the many Marine Mammals monster along the rapids, over a base city. Ye Chen heard the end of the final countdown, guess that should have been drowned out, he did not stay in this feeling, but summoned Xutian Guo told: "for all to maintain order, inventory of the the base city's population specific number. dispatch cronies to the barn inventory of food, they supervise, or otherwise give possession of the slightest White Dragon! "the Xu Tianguo know next to face the desperate, solemnly nodded and walked away. Subsequently, the entire ancient Wu Wenming into a rectification. Ye Chen came to his resting place, log in to the virtual battle tower, could not be delivered due to the isolation of the planes, making the communication signal, so only use the virtual battle tower. The manufacturing of the virtual world is rather special, even if it can also be connected in different planes. The Yanhuang city. Brush! A black man appeared out of nowhere, God sè coldly looked around one, see the empty streets, who thought at this time, I'm afraid there is no precipitation in the virtual world practice. Leaf morning meditation in the heart three times, quickly, around a white condensation into a pretty woman looks like, white as snow, like Limbo fairy is Aier Wei. "China base city?" Ye Chen asked. The Yi Erwei see the leaf morning, some joy, said: "base city everything is OK, light snow in rectifying you how to, no one hurt?" Chen nodded, thought for awhile, then the later construction of the virtual world format that to of Ai Erwei, said: "Today, the virtual world is a bridge of communication is the major base city, these things can be constructed in advance." Aier Wei Waizhaonaodai, said: "To create these martial arts clubs doing here?" Ye Chen shrug: "It flooded the world, 2023 will not fade us for a long time are not out hunting and fighting skills can not be abandoned, the virtual world is the only activity, or long-term close little remains, it will arouse the body's violent, irritable mood, such a situation to cause the base city. "Ai Erwei Tanshou:" Well, anyway, is some of the procedures, a piece of cake. "Ye Chen nodded and said: "I have something, the next to find you, this time, the base city would be more messy, you help Murong snow manage it." Ai Erwei forget, bright eyes water, Resentment looked at him and said : "every time a hurry, oh!" Ye Chen touched his nose, said: "This, next to accompany you busy recently." the Yi Erwei eyes light up, said: "Really? whiz! "As a robot,Nike Jordan After Game, she did not hear the leaves morning perfunctory words, could not help his face filled with happy smile, holding out little finger, said:" to pull the hook. "Ye Chen stunned, dumbfounding Road : "Do not pull the hook in your civilizations popular?" the Yi Erwei shook his head, laughing: "was not it, this is ice cloud sister to me." Ye Chen could not help think that waving a big hammer violence woman, frustrated, shook his head, hand hook was finished, they directly off the assembly line. Ye Chen left, Yi Erwei standing still, cocked his head and thought for a moment, suddenly eyes light up, glowing splendor, coursing and said: "With that thing comes out, he must be happy, Well, but that program design good trouble, woo ... "Time flies. Five days later, the bright base city rectify almost all personnel have been assigned house, settled down. The high-level meeting, Ye Chen ranked on the seats, below the major heads of departments, as well as senior officers of the barracks, everyone atmosphere could not breathe, gingerly than usual, and Xu Tianguo together a meeting to be bound by many. No way ... they can do this seat, naturally not like ordinary people, the blind worship of the people, as usual and Ye Chen did not too much exposure, do not understand his temper know this person xìng the grid weird do not believe in deities,Air Jordan 7 Sale, is by no means a truly merciful Lord, if annoyed, the other word, their seats should the main, or even life was not guaranteed. Xu Tianguo sitting next to the deputy position leaves morning, many of the documents handed leaf morning, as an assistant, intrinsic reports: staff statistics, a total of million people, of which ordinary civilian million, the sum of the members of the base of the city's major department million, the remaining is the major associations of people. "Ye Chen nodded slightly, add up to the base of the city's major department, accounted for half, which is not unusual, because more than 50 million people, including in all most ordinary people do welcome. As for the more than 30 million ordinary civilians, is moved to the city at the base, not a member of any force people to rely on their own labor hunt. Food, enough base city of 50 million people eat for how long? "Ye Chen asked things key. Xu Tianguo slightly pondered, said: "single crops, three meals a day, be able to eat for three months ......" two meals a day! "Ye Chen apathy Road. The Xu Tianguo nodded and said: "If meals can maintain four months, in addition to the rest of the bacon, fruit trees and other food processing, can maintain eight months." Ye Chen nodded, said: "From now on, the base city major high-rise are removed from the right to enjoy free food, food to you to keep, not to sell. "His words, the presence of many senior officials, God sè are some ugly, usually at the base of the city, can Free food and drink, and then relying on the identity of the day some of his Miss overnight, this chic rì sub is built on the strength, but now, even strength, disenfranchised! "President ..." a brawny want to openings. "Well?" Ye Chen looked up at him. This one falls into the eyes of this brawny, suddenly a cold body, the whole world seems to be in isolation, to the mouth, then students swallow into the hollow laugh or two, did not say. ro! ~! <
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