the best way

September 14 [Wed], 2011, 2:18
just thought of the best way to propose to her after few years later...

Future Terry, if you see this... AniKL
Follow the plan please. Save up money and be rich before u marry her ah...

Dream from last night June 13th 2011

June 14 [Tue], 2011, 10:47
My dream I have experienced multiple worlds and dimensions.
How a world that you are living now would change so drastically even a slight bit of change has been made in the past.

It's our decision that we've made, that our parents made, and their parents made that brings us to a world that is today.

The dream started off as a blur. Then I saw 2 figures. Both of them are couples. Chester and Charlene is their names. They are facing some divorce issues in their life and somehow they encountered something supernatural that brought them to another dimension.

In that process they saw how their parents get to know each other and got married and thus then were born.
But what if... Their parents did not even meet each other at all? Then would Chester and Charlene even exist in this world today? What if Charlene's father married another woman. Then would Chester found another life partner? Or would he be a lonely man finding his one true love that never existed?

Those visions and possibilities are shown to them before they reach their destination.

Once they've reached their destination. They've arrived in a shopping centre with designer labels spelled in a different manner.

to be continued........

Kodak Professional Elite Chrome 100 (EBX 100).

February 26 [Fri], 2010, 2:57

Can you feel the LOVE of a lomographer?

年初一 2010

February 15 [Mon], 2010, 2:25
Its Chinese New Year!!! Year of the TIGER!
Wishing everyone be as strong as tiger~~~ woohoo~~~
and its Valentines day~~~

This year I am not so emo about Valentines day because.
My whole family is celebrating with me. And I receive angpows instead of chocolates and red hearts or ILYs.

Today woke up at 8 something.
bath lo.
then 9 something go to granddad's hse.
ate breakfast.
watched TV.
until the rest came along and all of my family members went to visit my granddad's sister...

Today was hot like hell.
but i dun care.
swt oni lohh.
till night
eat vegetarian
then go home
yamcha with tohseng in mamak
then go cc and l4d2.
the end liaoz


February 13 [Sat], 2010, 0:22
Lomography (LOMO) is the term for an approach to photography that emphasizes casual snapshots, sponteneity, ubiquity, randomness, and close-ups, rather than being concerned with the technicalities, aesthetics, and the conventional world of photography. The 'attitude' revolves around three key elements: the lomo camera, the lomographer, and the method of taking pictures.

Lomography promotes a creative lifestyle that is both expressive and experimental. This new approach to photography has gained followers all over the world,

I uses a lomocamera too. Its called the BlackBird, Fly camera from superheadz

These are the pics that I am proud of~~ =D

First Roll Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

Second Roll: Kodak Ultramax 400

Third Roll: Kodak Elite Chrome Professional 100

Fourth Roll: Kodak Ultramax 400


January 19 [Tue], 2010, 20:22
LOL. Firstly I would like to say that I am ashamed of myself la. Because I did not update much now. I will try to update more la. haha!

hmmm. This post is the OFFICIAL 2010 post for me.
HAHA! I know la its very late. Today its already 19th of January into the year 2010.
So. Happy New Year! woots~

The new sem started off on 4th of January.
I was shy at first la. Because new classmates and everything.. Wow.
The pressure.
But not bad la. Still can click in to the classmates.
So its ok with me.
The assignments are decent.
The workload became less adi lo..
Even I have to study 5 days. (Monday-Wednesday then Friday-Saturday)
But I think I can get a job to work part time la.

Now I am very into Lomography. I love the effects the Toy cameras do.
and thats one of the reason why I want to write this post and why I want to work la.
Its because that I wanna get another toy camera. This time its Diana F+. Because of the Instant+ back that is adaptable into the Diana F+'s body.
Making it like a polaroid and take lotsa pictures without processing already
and the body was interesting la. Feels like the kind of camera I can show to my children or grandchildren for the of lomography.

Hehe. But 1 full deluxe set cost RM1000.
Gonna work hard to earn this camera adi. haha.

My godsis came visit on the 9th.
Supposedly she was going to attend WindField College to study Nursing.
Its not exactly what she wants la. And she was very considerate also.
Thats why she chose WindField.
I went there to help and bring her family around lo.
I was very shocked la the truth is.
Because that her college sent her to a rotten dorm.
Its not that the college not good la. I am not sure. It looks very grand and nice.
And the way the lecturer spoke is also very good.
But I was very suspicious that why the living quarters are located in Old Klang Road.
Its friggin far.
and somemore that her hostel is very old and dirty la.
not to mention very deep inside Jalan Sepadu.
I was very darn worried lo if she stay there.
I will go there everyday to check on her because the place don't really look safe to me.

Then the staff there was an OMG moment too.
The whole building is not available for guys to enter.
That is understandable because the whole building is for girls to stay la.
But the thing is. I saw guys underwear hanging outside the window.
So I aint sure is it a full girls dorm.
But its also old la.
I mean. Her room right.
Got a big hole on the ceiling and everything is unfurnished.
Not to mention there is not water.
No TV.
Heck, Even the lightbulb was spoiled.

So my mei went back to JB adi. and thats it that i can think of..
For now.


January 07 [Thu], 2010, 22:41
Ok firstly. This rant is about my sister. But this is just my side of the story. But I really wish that I can rant about this.

Ok. So Yesterday. There I was, eating dinner with my family.
She suddenly talks about the thing she promised me yesterday.
A pinky swore actually (To me, thats really a huge promise)
On buying iceskates for me
And yes, I am really really happy about it.
I even wrote I <3 my sister bla bla bla.
Then today was so freaking hot right.
and when i took a nap, i was very very grumpy.
I hit the fan angrily la.
then i slept.
when dinner time. she said about maybe not buying for me due to my attitude.
but its ok la.
i dun wan her money.
i earn myself la.

then she suddenly talk about the electronic dictionary
she told my dad how i did not let her to use while i send it to Everlyn.
The thing is that.
My parents bought the dictionary for my birthday when i was in form 1.
I stopped using it when form 4
3 years i din use adi.
and she nvr asked from me once.
I even have to charge it before i send because it was not used for so long
and so.
since no one use it. I send to Everlyn la. Since she was having her SPM that time.
The time I sent is on september.
and my sister having her PMRs around october.
If she really wants to use it, she might have asked for it months ago rather than a last minute thing.
and since she don't use it regularly.
so obviously my mindset is like.
Since you don't use it then i rather give to someone who uses it la.
so i sent it lo.

my sister accused me of not letting her to use.
and when i ask: "why when u want it u dun ask for it?"
she replied: "then why u dun ask whether i want to use it or not?"
its so blunt right?

its her studies la. not mine. she cant expect me to ask her what she need most of the time. my mind is not her mind. her mind is not my mind.
i cant think what she wants.

i am actually pissed that time la.


Thanks to Johnson~

December 30 [Wed], 2009, 19:43

a very cool site.
i saw it frm Johnson's facebook!

Christmas Eve Celebration@Poppy Collection, KL

December 25 [Fri], 2009, 5:15
Christmas eve clubbing is absolutely awesome!
Its my first time to club
and really its awesome!

I just got back.
Thanks to Eri for fetching me home.

Christmas eve.
My sister planed a BBQ party in our house.
And all her friends are invited to come.
Around 11 people.
The occasion was of course Christmas Eve Celebration and Celebration of taking PMR results.
2-in-1 scenario.

So the day started off as boring.
I woke up at around 12pm.
Online till 6-7pm something because all my friends have plans.
Then I solo prepare for the BBQ stuffs.
I hate it actually.
Because no one is there to help me.
and even the host(My sister) is not at home at the moment.
I do not blame anyone.
Just blame the metal wire thingy.
It stabbed into my leg and its freaking pain.
and now have an awful scar there.

My sister and her friends reach home at around 7.10+pm.
so they prepare and i just relax lo.

played and laughed in that party.
Then I prepare to bath
When I was leaving. Elise urge to go home.
So i send her home.
and came back.
Took a cab to LRT station
Get off at masjid jamek.
Took Putra to KLCC.
walk out.
Wun called.
met him.
and we went there together.
Then Pan Pan arrived with her friends.
Eri, Joey and Jasmine.
Joey forgot to bring her IC so creates quite an issue outside of the club
but i dunno how she got in.
I enter with Wun and YeeHang
Met Winnie and Carmen
had liquor.
dance in the dancefloor
and on the podium..
Dancing on the podium is fun. but there is an disadvantage
Which is the speaker is just on top of ur head. so music blasts.
hearing defected...
Seriously packed la there. but damn fun lar.

Too bad i am not drunk but rather hyper..
all ended at 3am.
continue on at mamak next door.
then hop onto eri's car to head home~

Regretted that I did not bring a camera there.
Photos from Steward Lan and YeeHang

Merry Christmas!

Everlyn Heng Khai Seen

December 22 [Tue], 2009, 20:15
It all started with "Hi miss, do you want my seat?" back at Kiwanis Key Leader Camp 2008 at Bob Homestay in Johor.

Started dropping notes to each other in camp after my first message. "Why so serious? Relax lah~"

At first I thought that when camp is over she will forget me and went on with her life.
but no~~ and i was glad la.
And so our friendship kicked start from there till now.
January 23th 2009 is the official date we started becoming godsibs.

She's a JB girl and I am a KL boy.
So we contacted through the internet and via phone.
Even the memories are just are not much.
But I am glad that we stayed godsibs for exactly one year.

Happy anniversary mei~
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